How To Find High Quality Real Salvia Divinorum For Sale

Salvia divinorum, also known as the “Sage of the diviners”, is a little-known plant predominantly from Mexico, that can deliver an incredible psychedelic experience. But finding genuine Salvia divinorum for sale can be tough.

So what we’re going to do here is tell you everything you need to know about this incredible natural psychedelic. You’ll learn how to take it, learn about what Salvia divinorum extract is, and the different strengths you can buy. You’ll learn about dosage, safety, and also what its legal status in the USA is.

As well as all that, we will talk you through where to buy Salvias and find other legal psychedelics for sale, by telling you where I buy my Salvia and other psychedelic herbs from.

The Effects Of Salvia That Make It So Treasured By Some

Nearly 40% of the people surveyed on the effects of Salvia divinorum in a study said it was unique in the effects it produces. It was described as trance-like, transcendental, an altered state of consciousness, and is a deeply profound experience.

People using it described variations of the following key effects:

  • An altered state of consciousness
  • Uncontrollable laughter and happiness
  • Visual and mental confusion
  • Strong hallucinations
  • Feelings of traveling in time and space
  • Complete out-of-body experience

Its original indigenous use was primarily among the Mazatecs and other Mexican tribes. The Shaman of Mexico and even down through South America used Salvia to induce the trancelike state that would give them visions.

Salvinorin A is the unique psychotropic molecule in Salvia divinorum which gives it these incredible effects. Broadly, it’s effects are dissociative and hallucinogenic, in a similar way to magic mushrooms.

However, the effects of Salvia come on fast, and they can be overwhelming in a short space of time. Onset comes in as little as two minutes if it’s smoked or inhaled. That’s why dosage is critical.

The effects of Salvia don’t last long. They peak very quickly and then trail off. But what can frighten people is that they can be taken into a completely different world in their minds in just a few moments.

But many people swear by the effects of Salvia can create an ongoing mental calm after the event. It’s credited with musical and artistic visions and inspiration and inducing an altered state of perception and appreciation. Many claim that it leads to spiritual awakenings, an altered view of life, and improved insight into people and the world around them.

Is Salvia Divinorum Safe?

In its natural form, Salvia divinorum is relatively safe. Dried leaves that are then taken in any form can only contain a certain concentration of the psychotropic molecules that give the effects.

The problem is that most Salvia now is sold as Salvia divinorum extract. That’s where the concentration is far higher than occurs naturally.

High concentrations of Salvia have been described as showing “a more precipitous and terrifying face”. Now this will depend on your personal reaction, but it can lead you off into another world for half an hour or so, and depending on your mindset during what is triggered, it can be a terrifying ordeal.

This can lead to panic, and that’s where people hurt themselves. It’s always recommended that you do Salvia with somebody else there who’s not doing it. That way, if you get out of control, and are in danger of hurting yourself, they can stop you and calm you down.

But generally, as long as you use moderate doses of Salvia extracts, are in a good state of mind, and you do it infrequently, then the bad experiences and side effects of Salvia should be pretty much non-existent. However, these are the potential general side effects that you need to be aware of:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of motor skills
  • Poor physical coordination
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Nausea
  • Higher body temperature
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis
  • Panic attacks

Now as I say, those aren’t common, but they can occur to some degree in people taking Salvia, even if it’s not every time they take it.

My personal warning is that it is a powerful psychedelic. Especially when using Salvia divinorum extracts, the experience can be potent and at times disturbing. That’s not to say it’s a bad experience, because most of the time people feel like they are flying, happy, they have a vision that they simply can’t experience normally.

But this is a serious psychedelic that alters your state of mind for a short space of time and can have repercussions afterwards. Always have somebody with you, and always buy Salvia from a trusted source where you get guaranteed purity.

Legal Status Of Salvia In The USA

It may be a little surprising to know that Salvia is one of those legal psychedelics for sale. Despite the fact that it has an incredibly potent psychedelic effect, it is mostly legal to buy around the world.

However, that’s not the whole story, with countries like the UK, Germany, Italy, and quite a few states of America, having banned Salvia divinorum. It pays to look at the legality in your own location before purchasing it if you are worried about staying within the law.

In terms of the legal status of Salvia in the USA, strangely, it’s the eastern and central states where it’s mostly legal, and Western states where it’s mostly legal.

It’s a complex picture that I can’t explain to you here in the time we have. It’s not a simple case of legal or illegal. Different states have different scheduling and different nuances to those laws.

On top of that, in some states, it’s legal to sell it but not legal to buy it, and in others, it’s legal to sell it but not to grow it. It’s a confusing picture best looked at within the context of your own locality.

If you’d like a full breakdown of the highly complex state of the legality of Salvia in the USA, click here to look at the Wikipedia breakdown.

How To Take Salvia Divinorum

The first thing to understand is that Salvia is not a party drug. It’s not social, you won’t buzz and be the center of the party on this stuff. Quite the opposite in fact, it could give you a horrendous and confusing experience.

The best place to take Salvia is in an almost dark room. Make yourself comfortable, and have a friend present. Put on gentle calming music, or sit in silence. It doesn’t really matter because your mind is going to be filled with other things very shortly.

These are the ways that you can take Salvia divinorum:

  1. The traditional method (or believed to be as we simply don’t know) is to grind the Salvia leaves into a powder and drink it with liquid. This isn’t very efficient though, as it takes a lot of time, and isn’t very potent. If it’s to be believed, this method and potency is what the shamans got their visions from.
  2. A “quid” is a simple modern method. A bit like chewing tobacco, a tight wad of leaves is formed into a ball or tube. You then chew it really gently, one chew every 10 seconds or so. You’re not going to swallow anything though, and you want to try and concentrate the liquid and the quid under the tongue. This allows for sublingual absorption. As you start to drift away, you spit everything out. If you buy dried Salvia leaves, you can rehydrate them and create your own balls of Salvia to chew. Many people do this by mixing them with things like honey to sweeten the taste.
  3. Dried Salvia leaves can be smoked in a pipe or bong. You will need to smoke them hot, and inhale deeply. This isn’t a great method because hot air going into the lungs can be damaging. However, it is the most popular method. You have to smoke deeply and quickly because the psychoactive chemicals are absorbed quickly and produce an instant effect. My advice is always to use a bong because that will cool the smoke prior to inhalation.
  4. Some people vaporize Salvia divinorum. That is not something I would recommend. It can cause an incredibly intense hit of Salvia that is absolutely out of control. When people get into trouble using this stuff, I mean really in danger, it’s usually because they have vaporized it.
  5. You can now buy liquid tinctures of Salvia divinorum. This is dripped under the tongue and sublingually absorbed before swallowing. It’s potent, but not widely available. Some people also experiment by making their own tinctures. This is done by boiling the Salvia down to create a liquid that is rich in the extracted chemicals. However, this can be very hit and miss and requires a lot of leaves or powder.

Working Out The Right Salvia Dosage

One of the big problems with all the legal psychedelics for sale, and even the legal ones is working out what dose you should be using.

Not enough Salvia and you’re going to get a poor experience. Too much Salvia, and you are going to get into trouble, especially as a beginner.

What’s known as a threshold dose, the bare minimum you need to feel anything is around 200 mcg of Salvinorin A. The ceiling for extreme experiences is around a thousand milligrams, with most people being somewhere around the 500 mg mark.

The problem is that a lot of Salvia products out there don’t tell you what the concentration of Salvinorin A is. In that case, you just have to start with a small amount of extract powder and work up in very small amounts at a time, meaning you will need a micro-scale.

However, if you buy high-quality Salvia extract from a reputable supplier, then the amount of active compound in it will be known and stated.

To give you an idea though, an average 10x Salvia extract product will contain about 25 mg of Salvinorin A per gram of supplied extract powder. So you would need to take 4 g of powder to get 100 mg of Salvinorin A.

If you’re just going to use fresh or dried leaves, then it’s even more confusing. You’ll need around 30 g of fresh Salvia leaves. If you are using dried leaf product, you’ll need around 10 g to get the same dose.

Guide To Salvia Divinorum Extract

If you buy dried Salvia leaves, this is a concentration of one. You can then buy Salvia divinorum extract products. These are usually in multiples of 10x, 20x, 40x, and 60x.

Some retailers do sell up to 140x concentrated products. As an example of that concentration, it gives 140 mg per gram of powder. So just 5 g would be an incredibly strong dose.

Basically, it’s the concentration of leaves used to create the powder. The more leaves used, the higher the concentration, with it being stated as the equivalent of a certain amount of ounces/grams of standard leaf.

I think it’s important to say here that Salvia extracts are not like kratom extracts. Kratom is another legal psychedelic that can have fantastic effects, but they are a spectrum of effects, and they are nothing like the psychedelic high of Salvia.

Kratom extracts are far more potent, just like Salvia divinorum extract products are. But in terms of the effects you’ll get, with Salvia it’s almost instantaneous and mind altering, while with kratom it’s a deeply chilled-out feeling that takes away the pain, makes you feel happy, and calms you right down over several hours.

Where To Find Salvia Divinorum For Sale

So let’s finish this guide on Salvia divinorum by telling you where you can actually find 100% pure and safe to use Salvia divinorum for sale.

Deciding where to buy salvias is always problematic because there is so much junk out there. But this webstore not only sells Salvia, but they also have other legal psychedelics for sale as well, all high-quality, including exceptional quality kratom and kava.

SalviaExtract is a company formed in 2003 and they operate out of Idaho in the USA. They ship worldwide, and also throughout the USA, where Salvia is legal.

They sell Salvia different extract products from 10x all the way through to an incredible 140x strength. My advice would be to start with the basic 10x product because it’s better to use more powder and work up the dose than get caught out with a huge dose in a small amount of powder by misjudging.

The 10x product will cost you $57.95 for 6 g. At the other end of the scale, a single gram of the 140x Salvia extract will cost you $75.88.

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