How to Use Tech to Support Loved Ones in Tough Times

“Organizing events and receiving positive feedback from a loved one — even a response to an emoji — can make someone feel calmer, calmer, and more helpful during a crisis,” says Newcomer.

The user can then map out a calendar requesting help to get the most important support from family and friends. They can choose the amount of privacy they feel comfortable with and can make requests for food, transportation, transportation, transportation, child care, and pet care.

There are direct links to sites like GoFundMe to raise money; Food train to create a calendar to deliver food from friends or other people who want to help; and Shipt, which integrates the purchase of household items, household items, and other items.

There is also a free app (for iPhone and Android) with easy access to the destination. According to Newcomer, “everything just connects from the inner circle to the exit.”

Food train

Meal Train, manufactured from Burlington, Vermont, in 2010, plans to deliver food to a friend or neighbor after birth, surgery, or illness.

An online video takes a person to set up a page (usually a person’s friend or family in need of help) through the process. You can choose to cancel days when the recipient needs a well-prepared meal or foods such as milk, bread, and eggs — a method that would be helpful when my daughter needed snacks or milk and I was running to NICU.

The creator of Meal Train, Michael Laramee, says, “It’s hard to ask for help, and we naturally want to show the world that we are strong and courageous, so we refuse help. By saying yes to only one aid (your partner), you can let others help you. the most effective means. ”

Give InKind

Give InKind was created by Laura Malcolm and her husband James after the death of their daughter Layla and was designed to help others through difficult times.

This service gives you the opportunity, or organizer on your behalf, to request you for food, transportation, or child care, and also allows you to process your requests for assistance. You can also make a list of gift card requirements or other important items or collect donations through GoFundMe or PayPal.

There are options for setting up privacy preferences that indicate whether you accept calls, text, flowers, or guests. I would love this job early in my son’s life. It would have been easier to open my world slowly when my first thought was to push others away.

The site also makes it easy to integrate a link into the Amazon Wishlist or send a pre-designed gift box.

Withdraw Hands for Help

Lotsa Helping Hands executive director Matt McCabe explains that “our health care system does not survive without informal caregivers” or another way for them to integrate. “Our website is a tool to help people improve care,” he continues. “You’re sending a need, and some people can raise their hands and offer a job.”

As with other pages, there are good wishes, announcements, and photo galleries, but the most helpful is the maintenance calendar. Providers can easily identify tasks that have not been completed and that the caregiver has registered to complete. They can receive reminders in any way they want (email, text, etc.) to complete the project.

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