How will the Ethereum Merge Affect the Adoption of Blockchain Solutions like Matic?


The Ethereum merge is completed, and if you’re in the know with crypto, you’ll already know that this will dramatically reduce the carbon emissions from a single transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

With 99.95% fewer carbon emissions per transaction, will this attract more institutional investment into the ETH token and drive enterprise adoption? Let’s find out.

Starbucks leads the Enterprise adoption of blockchain

The global coffee chain, Starbucks, has just announced a new NFT-based reward system for customers. The system, called Odyssey, will run on the Ethereum Layer-2 network, Matic and will help build the Starbucks community digitally and in person.

Starbucks consumers will be able to earn and buy these digital stamps unlocking new immersive caffeinated experiences. This stands as a testament to the real web3 and blockchain adoption that has been slowly culminating during the bear market.

Could this mark the beginning of web3 and blockchain adoption at an enterprise level? It would make a lot of sense. Blockchain technologies took a huge leap during the last cryptocurrency bull market as solutions to real issues became far more scalable.

Scalability has been the primary limitation in blockchain adoption for businesses and Layer-2 chains like Matic have made a tremendous impact on the capacity for businesses to adopt blockchain technology. As Starbucks has made evident, blockchain technology can reshape a business, giving customers a greater degree of connectivity with the business itself.

Will the Ethereum merge make Layer 2’s obsolete?

In short, no. Layer 2 blockchains like Matic will only be aided by the success of the Ethereum merge. As all ETH Layer 2 solutions are built on and for Ethereum, both the Layer 1 and its Layer 2 chains will move together in the same direction.

The best example of this is the carbon footprint reduction on the Matic network that will take effect following the merger. The Matic blockchain will produce 99.91% fewer carbon emissions so the benefits that the Ethereum main chain will realize will also be realized on its Layer 2 counterparts.

Big Eyes has its eyes on the prize

Despite being in a cryptocurrency bear market, the above information details a host of positive information and news about real cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. The success of the merger only strengthens cryptocurrency’s position in the financial sector.

Further adoption only drives further confidence in the cryptocurrency market which in turn drives more cash injections into cryptocurrency markets. A token that could take advantage of this is the Big Eyes coin.

If you’re up to date with crypto news, you’ll be aware of the newest Ethereum meme token that has taken flight. Phase 2 of its presale is just about to burn out meaning the number of tokens redeemable for 1 USDT will be reduced into phase 3.

Big Eyes has plans for an NFT collection inspired by its adorable cat-themed website. With the success of the merger, Ethereum NFTs could take up greater precedence against Solana NFTs. This could in turn make the Big Eyes project a very sound investment for the next bull market. With more upcoming announcements such as the rumored Big Eyes merchandise reveal, the Big Eyes community is only going to grow.

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