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Picture the following situation: you’re having problems with your teeth. It does not matter how many oral care products you use, or how many times you brush your teeth every single day, you’re still suffering from inflammation and decay.

Does this nightmarish scenario sound familiar to you?
If it does, you should know that it’s not your fault that your teeth are in such a precarious condition. A silent yet dangerous condition may be the real culprit behind all your dental issues. Fortunately, you can use FortBite to solve it.

What Is FortBite?
FortBite is a new oral strong-tooth supporting solution that even helps bring in digestive system balance. This entirely natural supplement promises to make your teeth strong and give you full gum support by improving the balance of your digestive system without causing any damage to you.

After many years of research, scientists have discovered that most of the problems in a person’s teeth happen due to “silent reflux”. The condition happens mostly during the night, and it allows the acids inside of you to reach your mouth, which destroys its natural protection. Over time, this is what will cause the degeneration of your mouth’s health.

However, this new formula is unique and can improve your health without changing your diet or expensive treatments. All that you need to do is to use it every day for a few weeks, and you’ll notice a huge difference in how resilient your teeth will become.
Unlike other cheap products, FortBite is produced in America, and it’s 100% natural, GMO-free, and made in a factory registered with the FDA. It even offers a 60-day guarantee, which will allow you some extra protection in case you don’t like it.

FortBite Benefits vs Side Effects
Now, let’s review some of the main benefits and possible side effects associated with FortBite:
● Using this will keep your teeth strong and resilient.
● Diminishes the chances of suffering from tooth problems caused by bacteria or toxins.
● It’s very useful against inflammation in the gums.
● Improves your whole digestive system and helps to keep acid reflux at bay.
● You can consider this a completely natural solution against oral decay.
● This can considerably improve your breath during the whole day.

Side effects:
There are no documented cases of healthy people suffering side effects when using FortBite.

How It Works
FortBite is packed with nutrients and active ingredients that give your teeth some additional protection at the same time that they calm down the acids in your stomach, making it less irritated.
But why focus so much on your stomach? According to many scientists, gastric reflux may not even be seen or felt by some people, but it’s one of the main reasons why your teeth are in such a sorry state right now. Recent studies prove that reflux is often caused by highly processed food and pollution, something that it’s hard to escape from.

What happens is that the reflux takes small yet relevant acid particles from your stomach up to your mouth. This acid then starts to corrode your teeth, making them vulnerable to the kind of bacteria that causes cavities. So, if you don’t treat the underlying condition, you’ll be more likely to become a victim of infections by bacteria or inflammation in your gums.

FortBite Main Ingredients
Inside each bottle of this new supplement, you will find eleven ingredients that can improve the health of your teeth:

Calcium Carbonate: This substance is widely used in the medical world because it neutralizes some acids that may increase your chances of having cavities. It also supports your gums and strengthens your dental health as a whole.

Bentonite Clay: By balancing your oral health with its strong antimicrobial properties, this solution will greatly reduce the risk of any infection inside your mouth.
Kaolin Clay: Mostly used to eliminate bad breath, the truth is that this substance is strong against bacteria because it has high dosages of calcium, magnesium, and zinc. So, it will make your teeth stronger and more resilient as time passes.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder: With strong probiotic properties, this ingredient was added to the formula because it’s fairly powerful in balancing how acidic your digestive system is, therefore stopping problems with reflux.
Clove Powder: If you use this strong antacid, your reflux will be considerably lower than normal. When utilizing it over time, the results will be long-lasting.

Peppermint Extract: This is an efficient substance to reduce the bacterial plaque that you may have in your teeth while cleaning your gums at the same time due to its anti-inflammatory powers. It’s also widely used to keep your breath fresh.

Ginger Powder: By acting on both fronts, minimizing the bacteria in your teeth at the same time that it maintains low acid levels in the gut, this is one of the best ingredients in the blend.

Lemon Peel Powder: While it may amaze some people that a part of lemon is used to keep your stomach acids in check, it’s true. The lemon peel increases the efficiency of your digestion, so your body doesn’t need to use so much acid to digest foods.

Myrrh: It offers you some support by giving you powerful antioxidants, which will reduce cellular damage inside your whole body, including your mouth.
Stevia: Mostly used to add some good taste to the powder, this is a completely natural sugar that does not harm your dental health in any possible way.

Xylitol: This helps to keep your mouth free from bacterial plaque, which will result in fewer cavities over time. Several oral supplements use ingredients such as this one, which attests to its efficiency.

FortBite Official Pricing
You can visit right now and get a few bottles of this solution and the best prices online. Each one will last for around a month and can be purchased for $69 or less. If you buy more units at the same time, the final price will decrease.
Check it out:
● Basic Package: One jar for $69.
● Good Value Package: Six jars for $49 each.
● Most Popular Package: Three jars for $59 each.

FortBite Bonuses
Anyone who purchases at least three jars of FortBite together will get two bonus ebooks: “How To Deep Clean Your Teeth Better Than The Dentist” and “Perfect Digestion No Matter What You Eat”.
The first one will teach you how to perform a top-tier dental cleaning at your own home with only cheap natural ingredients. The second, on the other hand, focuses on what foods you should be eating if you want to improve your digestion and deal with stomach pain and acid reflux.

FortBite Guarantee
All customers are eligible for refunds when buying on the website. You’ll get 60 days after the purchase to ask for your money if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever. The day count starts on the day they were shipped and all bottles (used or not) must be sent back for the offer to be valid.
Also, be sure to contact support via when you do it to warn the company that you wish to use the refund.

FortBite FAQ
Q: Is FortBite fully natural?

A: Yes, this solution uses only natural ingredients, including Kaolin Clay, Clove Powder, Peppermint Extract, Ginger Powder, Myrrh, Stevia, and others.

Q: Can people with cavities use FortBite?
A: Yes, but it does not magically cure cavities that you already have, only prevents new ones by fixing your gastric problems. If you are having this problem, your best course of action is to visit a dentist.

Q: Is FortBite safe?
A: Yes. This product has been designed for all ages and medical conditions, and it attacks the root causes of tooth decay in a natural and harmless way. Therefore, it does not have side effects like a product full of chemicals would have.

Q: How to use FortBite?
A: You should use this powder to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Normally, people do it before their breakfast or when they go to bed. Brushing your teeth normally is generally enough, and you should not use toothpaste together with this solution.

Q: Will FortBite be available forever?
A: We really don’t know about that, as it depends entirely on the manufacturer. The official website states that there is no guarantee that this will keep being produced forever. So, it’s best to buy it while you can, rather than miss your chance.

Q: Is FortBite based on scientific evidence?
A: Yes. This product was created by a whole team of specialists who worked in the health field for years. They understand the most recent research in the oral health field and picked special ingredients that were proven to be effective.

FortBite is a rather effective product for anyone who wants a real solution for dental decay, including problems such as cavities and gum inflammation. Using it for a few weeks will give your teeth additional protection, and your stomach will become less acidic, as well. So, you should not have any problems while using this.

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