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Zoe Bray-Cotton, the founder of Yoga Burn, recently released a new supplement for weight loss, improved immunity, and healthy digestion while still consuming your favorite meals. She also claims that it all begins with a tea add-on that can help whiten teeth. She also maintains that an overwhelming number of metabolism boosters are only one-dimensional, ultimately calling them useless. Naturally, this led Zoe to partner with Digital Health Solutions Inc. to launch the one-of-a-kind Tea Ignite. Here is everything we currently know about this add-on.

What is Yoga Burn Tea Ignite?
Tea Ignite is a 100% natural patented formula that is thought to boost metabolism, energy levels, and fat-burning processes. This tasteless, simple-to-dissolve supplement is made to pair flawlessly with any tea, hot or cold. After the well-known Coffee Ignite, this is Yoga Burn’s second release. Although both produce the same final result, they differ in terms of their ingredients and beverage bases. As it turns out, tea is the only liquid that will activate all of the Tea Ignite ingredients. Failure to take it as directed may prevent the tea from encouraging fat-burning. To better understand the Tea Ignite mechanism, let’s take a moment to reflect in more detail.

How does Yoga Burn Tea Ignite work?
Tea Ignite concentrates on the metabolism, as the introduction implies. Metabolism is the chemical process that takes place inside each cell. In turn, the energy required for survival is produced to carry out functions like movement, growth, and general development. Its two-step process sets this dietary supplement apart from other metabolism boosters. Specifically, it contains ingredients that enhance the speed and efficiency of our metabolism.

Zoe uses the metaphor of a burner to describe how a fast metabolism is essential for keeping a lean body. The more calories and fat you burn, the faster your metabolism functions and the hotter the burner gets. Many people don’t realize that speed alone doesn’t depict our metabolism as its whole. It could be wonderful to see a fire blazing swiftly, as in the burner’s case, but what if it goes out too soon? Temperatures must stay at record highs to sustain the fire. This is where efficiency enters the picture since it allows us to determine how hot the burner is.

Ultimately, Zoe thinks a burner needs to be fast and have temperatures that are pretty high. In the context of human metabolism, ensuring that it is quick and continuously working ensures the breakdown of fat storage. Otherwise, people run the risk of having their bodies store fat instead. This brings us to yet another critical point in this review: the ingredient list.

What ingredients are inside Yoga Burn Tea Ignite?
Each serving of Tea Ignite contains a 400mg-proprietary blend of the following essential ingredients:

Green Tea Leaf Extract
Green tea leaf extract is a concentrated beverage produced from dried Camellia sinensis green tea leaves. Due to its potent antioxidant levels, it has been proven to generate modest weight loss results, improve cholesterol and blood pressure levels and maybe reduce acne and help with aging skin. People should also anticipate an energy increase since green tea contains some caffeine. Green tea may speed up metabolism due to its high catechin content; however, data on this is mixed.

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green coffee bean extract is prepared from raw coffee beans. They have thus far generated interest due to their ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and their source of chlorogenic acids (CGA) may be capable of protecting the liver and heart from harm. Although certain studies have shown a decrease in body weight, body mass index, and body fat, these findings are allegedly the result of high CGA concentrations. Although the outcome is greatly dependent on CGA, this ingredient inhibits fat absorption and activates fat metabolism in the liver.

L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative which carries fatty acids into the mitochondria of each cell to make energy. Given its theoretical role, several supplement manufacturers now incorporate amino acids in their products that enhance metabolism, but the human body is too complex to guarantee L-carnitine’s effectiveness. More studies are required to prove its value because the number of conflicting findings keeps rising, especially among the younger, more active population. Research on L-carnitine has revealed it to be helpful for obese or elderly persons.

L-theanine is the second amino acid to be approved for use in Tea Ignite. This ingredient, mainly derived from green and black teas, is frequently used to reduce stress and anxiety. In combination with coffee, it might provide people with more energy. Because it reduces stress, it might result in better sleep and clearer thinking. Therefore, L-theanine is an integral ingredient because it has been shown that high cortisol levels are associated with dysfunctional metabolism. Finally, a 2022 study that evaluated the influence of L-theanine on lipid metabolism and its involvement in regulating bile acids found that the amino acid promotes fat burning and regulates bile acids through modulating the gut flora.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q – Is Yoga Burn Tea Ignite safe?

A – The maker is confident that Tea Ignite is safe to consume because it is made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility, placing a high value on sanitary and exact standards. Furthermore, it has been tested by thousands of women with no adverse effects documented and is entirely made of natural ingredients. Tea Ignite is not intended for persons under 18 or pregnant or nursing mothers. Finally, it is best to consult a healthcare specialist beforehand for people who have been treated for or diagnosed with any medical condition.

Q – What distinguishes Yoga Burn Tea Ignite from competing products?
A – Tea Ignite stands out from rival products thanks to these features:
● Being free from fillers, preservatives, and artificial colors
● Supposedly has zero side effects
● Has been tested in third-party laboratories
● It is of the highest quality, purity, and potency
● It is tasteless and dissolves instantly, ensuring that a cup of tea remains the way it should

Q – What other ingredients does Yoga Burn Tea Ignite contain?
A – Other ingredients inside Yoga Burn Tea Ignite include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Chromium.

Q – How should I consume Yoga Burn Tea Ignite?
A – Individuals are instructed to add one stick of Tea Ignite to their preferred tea, hot or cold, daily. The contents must be stirred until completely dissolved before drinking.

Q – Can other drinks be used as the foundation for Yoga Burn Tea Ignite?
A – The ingredients inside the Tea Ignite proprietary blend are intended to work together with tea to create a fat-burning environment. This is not to say that it won’t work with other drinks, but results will vary if the base is neither a hot nor a cold tea.

Q – When will Yoga Burn Tea Ignite shipments be delivered?
A – Tea Ignite shipments will be delivered within 5 to 7 business days in the continental United States and up to 15 business days for international orders.

Q – Is Yoga Burn Tea Ignite covered by a refund policy?
A – Yes, Tea Ignite has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If this tea addition does not live up to the hype, customer support must be contacted at to request a full purchase price refund.

Purchasing Yoga Burn Tea Ignite
The best way to order Yoga Burn Tea Ignite is from the official website. To encourage bulk orders, Zoe and her team have finalized the following price breakdown for each Tea Ignite pouch (includes 30 days’ worth of supply):
● Buy one pouch of Yoga BurnTea Ignite pouch for $69
● Buy three pouches of Yoga Burn Tea Ignite for $59 each
● Buy six pouches of Yoga Burn Tea Ignite for $49 each

For those who purchase 6 Tea Ignite pouches at a time, this team will offer one bag of Coffee Ignite at no extra charge. Both Tea Ignite and Coffee Ignite, as was previously mentioned, work to increase the speed and effectiveness of our metabolisms; but one is designed for tea and the other for coffee.

Every Yoga Burn order comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service at

About the Creators
Let’s start with Zoey Bray-Cotton, a yoga enthusiast and personal trainer. She founded Yoga Burn to encourage women to get fit through the practice of meditation and free and open movement. Her decision to collaborate with Digital Health Solutions Inc. to create yoga-fitness programs to help women lead healthier lives was natural, given that she has incorporated yoga into her life for decades and has come to appreciate its value. It is crucial to remember that all we know about Digital Health Solutions Inc. at the time of writing is their significant contribution to bringing Yoga Burn to life. Regarding Tea Ignite, Zoe wants to provide the most practical assistance to women with a slowed metabolism. Tea and coffee are regularly consumed, making this addition a simple one to remember.

Final Thoughts
Women should understand from the analysis above that Tea Ignite is a tea additive believed to increase metabolic speed and efficiency, which could result in several health benefits combined. This is the third project that Zoe and Digital Health Solution Inc. have worked on together, and Coffee Ignite is quite similar to Tea Ignite. That foundation and ingredients make the difference, as has been said several times throughout this review. While Tea Ignite might work best for tea drinkers, Coffee Ignite is likely to deliver the best effects for coffee drinkers. Our findings indicate that the main ingredients, for the most part, have an impact on weight loss and metabolic function, with some requiring additional investigation.
Visit the official website to order your supply of Yoga Burn Tea Ignite today!

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