Is cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Safe & Legit? Read Before Order

In the past few years, we have seen a rise in varieties of health conditions that have sprung up due to the pollution created by us humans ourselves. We have started to live in such a competitive world that it has directly taken a heavy toll on mental health as well and this has resulted in several mental illness conditions as well.

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We humans have slowly begun to realize the danger that we have created for ourselves in terms of environment and in terms of a Health as well. In the past couple of years, we have seen an urge develop among humans to go all natural and eco-friendly. This way of living doesn’t just apply to the clothes we wear or the food we eat or the lifestyle habits we follow but also when it comes to taking care of our health. We all know the saying that health is wealth and there is nothing above or below it.

Even doctors who are the torchbearers of health among us humans have started subscribing natural medicines to their patients to treat illnesses that can be easily treated using medicinal herbs rather than switching to antibiotics. And among natural medicines, if there’s anything that has gained popularity at a crazy notch then it has to be the use of CBD oil. Although CBD oil is not legal in many countries across the world, all those countries where it is legal, they have started developing more CBD products to treat different ailments like headache, anxiety problems, etc. CBD oil does not have any psychoactive element like THC and its popularity is increasing day by day only because of its medicinal value. There are so many people including healthcare providers and scientists who agree that CBD oil is very safe to use for both adults and children alike. In the year 2017, the world health organization (WHO) also recognized that CBD is very safe to use because of its medicinal effect that it has shown on various health conditions.


Why Choose CBD Oil?

Let’s keep this one too simple, CBD can be used by everyone except those people who have very severe health conditions. Even research has confirmed that there are several advantages that CBD oil provides us with that extent right from finding relief from social anxiety to even promoting diseases like rheumatoid disease. Research says that it also acts as an alternative treatment for ailments like complicated sclerosis, epilepsy, psychological disorders, chronic pain, and even PTSD. There are several studies that have found out that CBD oil is a really good treatment for social anxiety and is also an anxiety calmer. So, if there is any anxiety disorder that runs in the blood of your family or if you simply fear being judged by someone or society then we recommend that you make sure to try CBD oil so that you will get over that consciousness and even depression . We introduce to a CBD tincture oil which is affordable and comes in various ranges of potency to meet your requirements. Read on to know more.

A Brief About CBDMD CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oils are considered to be a predominant product for the manufacturers as this product has a very simple take on the CBD administration. Moreover, CBD oils are very easy to prepare, and it allows the customers for simple, consistent and very accurate following of dosage. CBD oils are known to naturally preserve the CBD component, thereby the Degradation is slow over time, and it also increases the shelf life of the oil.

The CBDMD CBD oil tincture drops contain a formula of hybrid broad spectrum. If you’re wondering what this means – it simply means that the manufacturing company makes use of a CBD isolate to manufacture these oils. These isolates are known to be lighter on the pocket, it allows the manufacturer to accurately and carefully control the potency of the oils. This product is without THC and the oils are considered to be broad-spectrum because most of the vital cannabinoids are included in its formula.

The ingredients used in making this product can be divided into two areas:

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: This includes an entire clan of flavonoids, cannabinoids, and also terpenes while ensuring that all of these components are within the legal limits of THC.

MCT Oil: This is an oil which is derived from coconuts or palm kernels.

The flavors: these are essential oils only!


  • It comes with a very good potency range
  • It is THC free – one hundred percent non-psychoactive
  • Yeah it comes at an affordable price for great quality and strength
  • It is vegan and also gluten-free
  • And it is tested by a third party lab for consistency and quality


  • It contains synthetically replicated terpene and cannabinoid ratios

About CBDMD Company

The CBDMD company is an American one and takes pride in providing quality products at affordable prices to the customers in the market. They focus on making the product accessible to those people who really need it and also focus on producing products that our THC free to ensure that its sales does not get affected.

How To Use CBDMD CBD Oil Tincture

If you have decided to start using CBD tincture oil, we recommend that you take one serving which is half a drop every morning and evening for the duration of 30 days and closely monitor how you are feeling with its consumption. If you feel that the desired results have not been met, you can choose to gradually adjust your servings.

For immediate results:

  • You can fill the drop up to 1 ml
  • And then squeeze it out under your tongue
  • Don’t forget to hold it in for at least 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing it

Some alternative methods:

  • Squeeze it directly inside your mouth and swallow immediately
  • You can choose to mix it into your drink
  • Yeah you can also add it in your favorite recipe in the place of any oil

Please note that this oil can be consumed by individuals who are 21 years of age and above.

CBD Potency

The CBDMD CBD oil tincture drops contain a potency that ranges anywhere between 10 mg/mL to 250 mg/mL. This potency is simply considered to be ultra-potent according to some CBD experts. The potency offered by this company is considered to be unmatched. The company offers a range of potencies, therefore, no matter what your dosage requirement is, there is a bottle or a product for you.

Hemp Source

The CBDMD company sources its hemp from Colorado and Kentucky – these are the two states which are popularly known for producing the top quality hemp when it comes to the United States. The hemp used by them is organically produced. Yet the process followed is extremely slow, however, they are yet to achieve official certifications to prove that it is organic.

Product Variants/Flavors

The CBDMD offers a good degree of customization and variations with their CBD tincture oil drops. You can pick from various bottle sizes such as 30 mL, 60 mL. The next step involves picking the right potency. For example, the 30 mL bottle is available in the options of 300, 1500, 750, 5000, 3000, and 7500 mg options whereas the 60 mL is available in 1500 and 1000 mg options.

The final step would be to pick a flavor or you could opt for unflavored as well. The flavor options are: mint, natural, and berry for 30 ML bottles and orange for 60 ML bottles.

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Price of CBDMD CBD Oil Tincture

As mentioned earlier, the CBDMD company focuses on making its CBD products extremely affordable. Therefore, the CBD tincture oil of 300 mg 30 mL is priced at $0.12 per milligram which is approximately $36 for a 300 mg bottle. One important thing to note here is that the more the potency of the product increases, the cheaper the product will cost as the cost per milligram of CBD is reduced. The prices range from $30 for a 300 mg and go all the way up to $209.99 for a 7500 mg.

The company also offers a subscribe and save option which will help you save money and ensure that you receive the products at a very good price.

The Final Conclusion

We can definitely say that this product packs in a great amount of value. The fact that these oils are available in a wide range of potencies and also comes in different flavors, don’t you think that this seals the deal? These oils come in a heavenly combination of a CBD isolate and a full spectrum extract and is THC-free. We recommend this product highly for its range of options, high-value, and budget friendliness. The CBDMD’s oil tincture is a perfect product for beginners. Get rid of anxiety issues, mental health problems and relieve yourself from all the pain by saying yes to these CBD tincture oils. However, we highly recommend that you consult your physician or doctor before you decide to start using any type of CBD products.

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