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When it comes to body wellness, there is more than just physical health. People tend to equate fitness to diet and exercise, but there is much more to consider. Body wellness is about caring for yourself and your body, inside and out. If you want to get in shape but don’t know where to start, here is something for you. You may have heard or read about Beyond Body reviews. Beyond Body is a program that will help you get on track with healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Losing those excess pounds brings many benefits, but we know that the weight loss journey is not easy. Some weight loss programs would put you through rigorous workouts or subject you to starvation bouts which could deprive your body of the proper nutrients. You can set your mind at ease because Beyond Body helps you eliminate that extra weight without having to starve yourself.

When the subject is weight loss, there is no one-size-fits-all program. Every person is unique, has different body types, and lives different lifestyles. This review will cover the Beyond Body program’s various aspects.

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What is Beyond Body?

The Beyond Body program is a fitness and nutrition program designed to help you achieve your ideal body composition. The Beyond Body plan is based on the latest scientific research on nutrition and exercise tailored to your individual needs. The Beyond Body program is not a fad diet or quick fix; it is a sustainable approach to help people make healthier choices.

Beyond Body is the world’s first fully personalized wellness book. Beyond Body is your all-in-one and one-stop health shop, unlike many other fitness programs. It provides different services like nutrition counseling, personal training, and more- all designed to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Based on the latest scientific research on safety and effectiveness, Beyond Body provides tools and resources to help people lose weight, regain self-confidence, improve their health, and feel better about themselves.

Beyond Body, formerly Perfect Body’s DNA has sold over 200,000 unique and personalized books in 170 countries. Beyond Body was founded in July 2020 by UAB Kilo Grupé, a Lithuanian company.

How does Beyond Body work?

Many people do not realize that losing weight is not all about going on a diet. It takes more than a diet or a workout routine. So many short-term weight loss programs promise quick results within a few weeks. So often, these programs are unsuccessful. People start them and never keep up. Beyond Body provides a different approach focused on making long-term lifestyle changes. Here are some things Beyond Body claims to do:

· Helps you achieve long-term health transformation

The Beyond Body program starts with a short multiple-choice quiz about your lifestyle, background, and preferences; then, everything kicks off from there. The three-minute quiz will contain questions about your exercise and activity level, food preferences like your favorite and least favorite foods, health conditions, and information about your age and height. You will have to put in your current weight and your target weight.

· Provides personalized health and meal plans

Beyond Body will create a personalized health plan based on your answers. Then it makes a book for you containing over a thousand meal combinations, options using your favorite food and ingredients, and workout suggestions and tips suited to your lifestyle needs.

· Addresses your food allergies/intolerances

On the sign-up quiz, you will be asked if there are foods you are allergic to, like nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy products, etc. The book will address your food-sensitive allergies based on your answers to the quiz, so you won’t see any recipes on the meal plan with ingredients you are allergic to or intolerant to.

· Personalizes workout routines to address your problem areas

Your customized book will also come up with workout routines suitable for your health conditions and focus on your problem areas. When you take the quiz, click on the places you think you need to address. Possible problem areas include flabby arms, belly fat, saggy breasts, double chin, thick buttocks, or thick legs and thighs.

· Helps you form positive habits toward better health

Working behind the Beyond Body book to help you develop positive habits are health experts focused on improving your sleeping routine, eating healthy meals, lower stress, and improving your general health.

· Personal nutritionist and fitness coach at your beck and call

Many fitness programs pair you with a personal trainer, a coach, or a nutritionist. These programs work and are beneficial. However, a personal trainer can be expensive and may not fit everyone’s budget. Many people also start weight loss journeys through strenuous workouts and dieting, then stop and lose motivation.

Before Beyond Body prints your book, a nutritionist will review it and give it a final look to ensure everything is geared to help you achieve your goals. Think of it as having a personal coach and nutritionist, not in person but in the form of a personalized book.

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The sign-up process

Signing up for Beyond Body is simple, fast, and easy. Just answer a three-minute, multiple-choice quiz. The quiz is important because your preferences and answers determine how your book will come out.

After answering the quiz, you can personalize your book. Choose your favorite color and type in your name or whatever name you want to appear on the book cover. You can preview the cover, and if you’re happy with it, provide your email address, and that’s all there is to it. Wait for an email notification as soon as your book is ready, usually within 24 hours. If you want a copy of the hardcover, you may have to wait up to 14 days, depending on your shipping address.

What is included in the book?

Your copy of Beyond Body book will contain over 300 pages with hundreds of unique food combinations and workout plans. About 99 percent of the book content meets your answers to the quiz.

For a sneak peek, the Beyond Body E-book and hardcover will include the following:

Personalized, flexible meal plan

The Beyond Body book will contain a personalized 28-day meal plan tailored to your individual dietary needs and preferences. The meal plan is created from your answers to the quiz, considering your unique food preferences, nutritional needs, and current lifestyle. A meal plan is an excellent way to ensure you eat the right foods for your individual dietary needs. Everyone has different nutritional needs, so it makes sense that not all of us should be eating the same things.

Each suggested meal comes with substitutes and alternatives, so you will have choices with whatever works for you. In summary, the flexible meal plan will allow you to cook and eat foods you like and develop the habit of eating a balanced and healthy diet after 28 days.

Guides for 30-minute meal preparation

Not everybody can cook or has the patience to try. In these modern times, when everyone is busy and always in a hurry, time for food preparation is a luxury. The Beyond Body book will help you by providing guides for 30-minute meal preparations so you won’t miss out on your nutritional needs.

Exercise and Workout Plan

The Beyond Body book will include a 28-day exercise and workout plan tailored to fit your lifestyle, fitness level, and physical limitations based on your answers to the quiz.

Working out is not only good for your physical health but also your mental and emotional well-being. Exercise releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects. In addition to the endorphins, working out also reduces stress and anxiety. It is one way to clear your mind and improve your focus.

Other contents of the book include:

  • Tips on how to navigate peer pressure
  • Guide to having a glowing skin
  • Tips for dealing with health conditions
  • Mindfulness techniques aimed to improve your mental health
  • Weight loss techniques
  • Strategies for forming and developing new habits
  • Recovery suggestions

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Level up with the Assistant App

A Beyond Body E-Book or a physical copy of the book can help you on your journey toward a healthier and better life. But here is more good news. You can accelerate your results by downloading the Beyond Body Assistant app.

What will the assistant app do? The app will assist your health goals with just a few taps on your mobile phone. Here’s how it works.

  • Keeps you on track with your diet. You’ll get a *buzz* from the app to remind you it’s time to prepare your next meal. Never miss a healthy bite.
  • Customize your plan as you wish throughout your journey.
  • No more guessing about what ingredients you need. The grocery list in the Assistant app will help you buy what you need for the next meals you plan to prepare.
  • Track your daily water intake, so you will know how much more water you need to drink for the day to meet your daily requirements.
  • Fast progress results. You can key in your weight weekly; a chart will show your results.
  • Help you create meals from scratch or tweak your existing meal plan with just a few taps on the app.
  • Access your app from any mobile device
  • A more sustainable and quicker way to reach a healthy weight

The best part of the Assistant app is it helps you focus and keep you on track toward your weight loss and fitness goals.

Is Beyond Body worth it?

You may have already tried hundreds of products promising to help you reach your health and fitness goals, but all of those are just too hard to follow, or nothing worked. Don’t be discouraged, and don’t give up. The journey to a healthy lifestyle is challenging.

For this review, we looked at what the program offers and whether it’s worth signing up for. Beyond Body won’t change your habits, but it will help you to improve them. The program is definitely worth checking out if you are serious about getting in shape. The unique approach Beyond Body uses designed with tools and guidance to help you along the way to reach your health goals.

If you want to make changes and plan to adopt a healthier and better lifestyle, Beyond Body is worth a try. Many customers reported noticeable weight loss and health improvements after a few weeks. Then again, as we pointed out earlier, every individual is different. While some people may notice results fast, others may have to keep working on them to see results later.

Beyond Body Pros and Cons


  • Access to 28 days meal plan with flexible ingredients and suggestions for substitutes and alternatives
  • Online or physical books available
  • Option for Assistant app to help you lose weight 33 percent faster
  • The app to track your weight loss progress
  • No dramatic changes to your eating habits or lifestyle are needed
  • Easy-to-follow workout guides with pictures and instructions.
  • No equipment needed
  • It can help you focus on long-term success.
  • Access to a personal nutritionist for a low fee
  • Offers international for a copy of the hardcover book
  • Available for both men and women
  • PDF format readable on all devices
  • Health advice from a clinical nutritionist
  • Uses smart health analytics
  • Affordable
  • Cancel-anytime subscription


  • It does not come with video instructions for the workout sessions, only pictures
  • You have to answer a 3-minute quiz
  • Does not provide a complete list of recipes, just alternatives for basic meal ideas.
  • It does not provide a grocery list for the meal menus
  • You can’t track your progress with the e-Book option
  • You have to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to monitor your progress on the app
  • The product is new, and there are limited customer reviews and feedback to vouch for its effectiveness

Customer reviews and success stories

Although the company is new, the program appears to work. We combed through some of the Beyond Body reviews from different websites. We found the Beyond Body program has received many reviews and testimonials from happy customers who narrated their success stories. The customers also sent before and after photos to support their stories and encourage others.

Beyond Body reviews and feedback is essential because they are written by customers who have used the products. Many rely on reviews from those with first-hand experience before making a purchase. Feedback also introduces a product to those who haven’t heard about it in the first place.

Beyond Body has over 55,000 followers on Instagram, posting regular inspiring, helpful tips. More comments and reviews are on the Beyond Body official Facebook Page which has 36,899 followers. Newsweek and Health Insider, two premier news magazines, both featured Beyond Body with in-depth reviews about the program.

Beyond Body Website reviews

We looked at some reviews Beyond Body’s customers left on the company website. Here are some of the reviews:

A customer said that after finding this personalized book, she learned to stabilize her cravings and regain her self-esteem. She continues to lose pounds weekly and couldn’t have done it without Beyond Body.

Another woman wrote Beyond Body is one of the best diet books because the information inside explains every little detail and how it all works.

And yet another customer left a review to say that she has been fighting obesity all her life but having a personalized book made everything so much easier. She said, “she doesn’t feel she’s on a diet, but the pounds are dropping crazy fast.”

Reddit reviews

There are not a lot of Beyond Body reviews Reddit yet, but many customers who left feedback in the Reddit forums said they were happy with the book. Many said they found the meal plans easy to prepare and workout routines helpful.

There are issues and negative feedback, too. Still, those were mainly about the technical side, like problems accessing the Assistant app.

Trust Pilot reviews

Beyond Body reviews on TrustPilot got an average of 4.2/stars from 2,927 reviews.

We included some excerpts from reviews and feedback from the customers who left five-star ratings on Trustpilot.

“I highly suggest this book. It met my personal needs, and I am down 92 lbs. I am 52 and type 2 diabetic.”

“I’ve had problems losing weight. Beyond Body has taught me portion control and the types of food I should eat.”

“I highly recommend this book. It’s not all about how to lose weight but also about being healthy.”

“Beyond Body has been life-changing. It allowed me to feel my best and taught me what food to eat with my gluten allergy. I lost 10 pounds and planned to continue with the plan.”

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Who is Beyond Body for?

Beyond Body is a program based on the principle that everyone can make positive changes to their health and fitness, regardless of where they’re starting. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your overall health, Beyond Body can help you achieve your goals. The program is designed to help customers and provide them with solutions that are specifically tailored to their age, body type, age, and preferences.

How much does Beyond Body cost?

Beyond Body program has three options. First is the Beyond Body Assistant app.

  • One-month plan- $33.00
  • 3-month plan- $18.00 per month
  • 6-month plan- $13.50 per plan (the recommended best value)

The second option is to order a Beyond Body hardcover book which you can avail of for a discounted price of $60.00, but you can buy it for $29.99 if you purchase the Body Assistant App. Shipping for the hardcover book is free.

The third option is the Beyond Body E-Book, which costs $35.00 (discounted price), but it is free if you with the Assistant app or with the hardcover book.

You can also buy all three options at the same time. Considering the cost of workout and dieting programs, we found that Beyond Body is a bargain.

Is it legit?

Beyond Body is legit. This program is aimed specifically at an individual’s overall health, unlike other weight loss programs that recommend strenuous workouts and starving yourself to go on a diet until you lose pounds.

Where can I buy Beyond Body?

Every Beyond Body book is personal and customized. You can purchase the E-Book and hardcover book from their official website.

Am I required to exercise and work out?

Your copy of Beyond Body book provides health and fitness routines tailored to your specific needs. However, the workout routines are your guide and are not a mandatory part of the program.

Does Beyond Body ship the hardcover book internationally?

Yes, the eBook is available within 24 hours around the world. Beyond Body can ship physical copies of the hardcover book, although there may be some limitations.

Is there a Return/Refund Policy?

There are no refunds for the book because each one is personalized for the individual who ordered it. Take your time to decide before you place an order. However, if the product you received was defective, you might get a partial or full refund, depending on the issue. Email them at hellow@beyondbody.me to resolve the issue.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If you are unhappy with the Beyond Body book, email the support team at hello@beyondbody.me, and they will try to find a solution.

Final Words

Often, a new diet fad or weight loss program comes out in the market, with many claiming miracle transformations. Everyone is unique, so a weight loss program that works for some may not work for everybody. People with a lot of fat tissue and slow metabolism and who live primarily sedentary lifestyles will require a longer time to lose weight than those who exercise frequently.

Beyond Body is not one of those supplements or diet pills that cut corners to make you lose weight. Follow the tips in the book as it’s written because it’s customized for you. We found that you don’t have to make drastic life changes with Beyond Body. Beyond Body’s personalized approach makes the journey towards a healthy weight and a better you less daunting. It’s all about developing sustainable healthy habits.

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