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Here’s post 1 of 2 from our long weekend at Bald Head Island celebrating our two birthdays and Halloween!

40th on Bald Head Island

Six hours in the car with the kids was worth the trip to spend my birthday on Bald Head!

The boys both had fall break on the 27th and 28th, so we knew it was a great time to do a getaway! We didn’t realize how fun it would be to be on the island for Halloween – more on that in post 2 coming later this week!

Tdaddy took a little ferry nap

He is our hard-working driver!

Unfortunately this was our last warm afternoon!

After that it was overcast skies and windy days.

Fishing Dock

The boys headed straight out to the dock for fishing while I unpacked with a glass of vino.

Dinner at the Grille

We had reservations at the Bald Head Island Club’s “fancy” restaurant, The Grille.

Living his best life with crab dip!

I had a delicious starter salad

And amazing shrimp and grits!

The boys were on their best behavior

Especially with the promise of ice cream sundaes!

Turtle cheesecake for the grownups

Loved the golden white chocolate turtle for a turtle-friendly island!

Fit For A King

Mazen was thrilled to have a king bed for himself all weekend

Breakfasts + Lunches

We kept breakfast and lunch super simple with bagels, fruit, and sandwiches.

+ hummus, red pepper, pickle, cheese, lettuce, and turkey

Fishing All Morning

Mazen and Thomas maxed out the fishing all morning.

Birch did a little fishing, and we also took a walk to the market shops for excitement.

Afternoon at the Beach

It was warm enough for a beach visit to the point, but it was also super windy so we didn’t last long!

B changed into his suit just long enough to get soaking wet and cold, haha.

Playground time

After we were too wind-blown to stay at the beach, we headed to the club playground where the boys played a pirate game for an hour!

Last nap as a 3 year old

They were worn out. Birch and I watched Survivor and he fell asleep in my lap. I kissed his little cheek 100 times!

Dinner at Jules’ Salty Grub Pub

Best Steam Pot Ever

Mazen is very into seafood these days and wanted the giant steam pot for dinner. It was pricey, so he and Thomas split it. He was in heaven!!

I had trout with succotash that was very good as well.

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad is on the other side of the world and today is his birthday!! He’s in Nepal hiking (for the second time!) with a group of men from Hillsborough.

Here he is at Larke Pass!

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