Jelenew appoints ex-Chanel designer Di Liu as creative director

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that more than 58% of female cyclists surveyed experienced genital numbness, hip pain, groin pain, and other physical discomforts while riding due to inappropriate pad construction. The three-section V-shaped cycling pad structure used in the Jelenew cycling pants may help women reduce or eliminate physical discomforts such as genital numbness, hip pain, and groin pain caused by cycling. It will ultimately break the cycling industry and female riders’ perception of professional cycling pants and lead a healthy and comfortable revolution for women cycling.

Di Liu revolutionarily implanted the advanced customized clothing technology -the moulage technique , 3D tailoring, and the concept of “multi-scene shuttle” into the development of professional cycling clothing. The cycling pants with an external pad have become the first professional cycling pants that can be worn daily, completely eliminating a series of problems such as hot private parts, embarrassing lines, bulging of private parts, camel toe, etc. The products developed and designed by Di Liu are still in the testing stage and have won unanimous praise from professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts.

Di Liu graduated from Esmod and IPLME in Paris, France, and studied advanced garment customization and luxury management. In 2016, he joined the core design team of Chanel Haute Couture and had made significant achievements in 3D tailoring, fabric reconstruction, and fashion trend analysis. In 2019, he joined the French fashion and culture magazine “ART ET MODE” as the editor-in-chief. He is good at applying art forms in design, bringing the advanced interpretation of functionalism to aesthetics.

Di Liu’s unique fashion perspective and sense of innovation make him an ideal candidate. Jelenew official said: As a designer with a distinct personality, Di Liu’s talent is evident.His passion for cycling, dedication to product design, and forward-looking perspectives on fashion trends fit perfectly with the values ​​of the Jelenew brand, further enriching the brand’s tonality.

“It’s my honor to join Jelenew on this new journey with a passionate team. Jelenew is a special brand born for women. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it focused on solving a series of clothing problems encountered by women in cycling. I am. proud to be part of such a brand with a strong sense of social responsibility. And there are a lot of talents here, and we are eagerly looking forward to building the “sweat life” of Jelenew with everyone. I look forward to contributing my creativity and experience and stepping into a new chapter with Jelenew. “Di Liu said earlier.

The cycling pants with an external pad developed by Di Liu subvert the built-in pad structure of traditional cycling pants. Its launch lays the foundation for the next chapter of the brand and promotes the advent of a new era in the cycling industry. This also highlights the pioneering perspective that Di Liu brings to Jelenew and the cycling industry.

Top haute couture talents have entered the cycling apparel industry. Looking forward to more surprises from Jelenew!


Jelenew is an American avant-garde female cycling brand.It creates the first cycling pants that are truly made for women in the world. It brings the groundbreaking combination of “Haute Couture and Sportswear”, and carefully designs each product with “luxury moulage technique” to provide a more refined sports experience and promote a healthy lifestyle for cyclists to enjoy elegant and stylish suburban cycling.

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