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Cousin Weekend

My sister and her family came to visit us over Labor Day Weekend. We had such a nice time hanging out. And the cousins ​​played nonstop!

I love that they are all the age where they can play real games. Four is a great number because if one isn’t feeling a game, there is another to play with.

Even big Mazen wasn’t too old for lots of make believe. Here he is carrying Prince Ali to the palace!

Mom & Dad were there too

Mom and dad came up to meet us for the day on Saturday. They stayed at a hotel in Cville and did their own thing some of the time so we got to have “young people time” too 🙂

I had lunch with them on Friday while the boys were in school!

Friday Tacos

The Allens arrived on Friday just in time for dinner. We had margaritas and a cheese board for nibbling.

Taco Buffet

You should hear their conversations!


I took Matt to my favorite workout class on Saturday morning – he did great!!

Meanwhile Uncle Thomas made pancakes for all the kids.

We debated going to a park, the pool, or splash park, but the kids had so many toys at the house we kept the morning under scheduled.

Lunch at Kardinal Hall

For lunch we met the Donnes at Kardinal Hall. There is lots of space to spread out there!

I had the most delicious crispy quinoa salad with salmon.

And a beer!


SURPRISE Birthday!

Nona and I snuck out early so we could set up a surprise party for Mazen!! Since the cousins ​​and grandparents were here, we had a small family party. We set up a loose fishing themed party with some favors.

With cake of course!!!

I got gluten free for my sister from Caked Up Cville and everyone said it tasted as good as any cake they’d had. If you need a gluten free cake in Cville, Norkeita has you.

She was a beauty!

Mazen was the last car to leave for lunch and they “got delayed” taking the long way there, so everyone else was inside to say surprise (except for those in the car with him, of course).

Mazen was surprised, but he said he saw hints, such as our favorite cake baker in the driveway.

Nona and Grandpa gave Mazen a new Ugly Stick fishing rod with a fish balloon tied to the end.

Grammie and Pea got him a Lego and this fantastic Bald Head Island print with his BFF alligator on it! (Remember when they saw the monster on the golf course?!)

“Everybody say caaaaakkkeee”



Rest + Pool

After the party, we all rested until the dads took 3/4 kids to the pool. Let’s hear it for the dads!

Date Night

Mom and dad offered to babysit while us big kids went out to dinner. Let’s also hear it for grandparents; )

We got the toddlers to bed, and then headed out. We had hoped to get in to Mas but that fell through, so we went to Bang!

This was the only photo I took of the food – everything was great!

Sunday Hike

On Sunday morning we had breakfast and took everyone to the Monticello Trail for a hike.

Of course the highlight was playing on the giant poplar trunk.

Lunch + Rest

We went home and made salads and sandwiches for everyone’s lunch. And took a little rest to watch Aladdin for a bit.

North Garden

After rest, we caravanned to North Garden to Thomas’ parents’ house. They have a new zip line and a great sandbox.

Loving Cup

Nona and Grandpa watched the kids for a bit while we just went down the road for a wine tasting at Loving Cup.

Laura can only drink organic wines due to being super sensitive to wine ingredients, and so we were excited to take her to Virginia’s only organic winery.

Carl, the owner and winemaker, used to babysit Thomas! He greeted us and taught us all about organic winemaking. We bought bottles of the sparkling, Loving Cup White and Loving Cup Red.

Love these bug paintings!!

Brazos + IX Art Park

We headed back to town for an early dinner at Brazos Tacos!

This is such a great spot to take kids because they can play in the grass and IX Art Park after eating.

The cousins ​​had a fabulous time playing Aladdin some more, including Prince Ali’s arrival on elephants and going in and out of the “Cave of Wonder.”

Can’t wait for the next cousin weekend

Although realistically that will likely be Christmas!!

Emerson said “Mom and dad, I’d like to move here. It is so nice village.” HAHA! It IS a nice village and they should move here!

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