Keto Cheese Bread Loaf (Almond Flour Recipe) – Ditch The Carbs

Delicious cheesy keto cheese bread loaf (keto almond flour bread with cheese) is the perfect recipe for dipping in a hot soup on a cold night.

It only takes 5 minutes to prepare and is an easy yeast-free dough with a filling of garlic and green onions with cheesy flavor in every bite.

This simple low-carb cheese bread recipe is made from a cheesy Fat Head dough recipe (with a twist)!

Keto cheese loaf cooling a clear glass bread pan.
The best cheese bread recipe – made with mozzarella cheese and almond flour

Inspired by my keto dinner rolls recipe on this site, a slice of keto cheese loaf is perfect for dipping in a bowl of pumpkin soup with coconut milk.

The golden low-carb cheese bread is one of those easy keto recipes that everyone will love.

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What is keto bread?

Most bread recipes use wheat flour, all-purpose flour, or gluten-free flour. All are high starch flours so are avoided on the low-carb diet, keto diet, or high-protein low-carb diet.

Keto bread recipes typically use low-carb flour such as almond flour or coconut flour. Keto bread is naturally gluten-free and extremely low-carb.

EXPERT TIP: If you are new here, I recommend you discover how to use low-carb flours, and what’s the pros and cons of almond flour vs coconut flour (with almond flour conversion charts).

What is fat head dough?

Fat head dough is also called keto pizza dough or mozzarella dough. It is made with shredded mozzarella, cream cheese, and either almond flour or coconut flour.

It was first used to make the famous keto pizza crust, but it can also be used to make keto dinner rolls and even keto cinnamon rolls.

If you are an absolute beginner, you may want to see the supreme guide to making fat head dough even without a microwave. Can be made with almond flour or coconut flour EVEN WITHOUT a microwave PLUS 16 keto recipes to use it.

Keto cheese loaf ingredients

A keto cheese loaf uses regular ingredients similar to the other Fat Head dough recipes on this site. The main difference is the use of apple cider vinegar and psyllium husk in the dough.

The apple cider vinegar is used to activate the baking powder so the dough can rise and become light and fluffy. The psyllium husk is used to give the dough strength so that it can be braided.

labelled ingredients to make keto cheese bread
Simple ingredients to make plaited keto bread recipe

Please see the recipe card for exact quantities, recipe instructions, and nutrition facts.

  • almond flour – bleached almond flour gives a finer texture, or you can use almond meal for a grainier texture.
  • pre-shredded mozzarella cheese – always buy low-moisture pre-shredded mozzarella cheese. If you buy regular mozzarella that is stored in water, the cheese bread dough will be too wet and sticky.
  • egg – medium fresh egg.
  • apple cider vinegar
  • psyllium husk – powdered psyllium husk works best.
  • baking powder – do not use baking soda.
  • cream cheese – full-fat cream cheese is recommended for this cream cheese bread recipe.
  • green onions
  • garlic powder – or crushed garlic (minced garlic).
  • shredded cheddar cheese – adding extra shredded cheese is what makes this almond flour bread delicious.
  • shredded parmesan cheese
mockups of keto bread cookbook

How to make keto cheese bread recipe

Start by preheating your oven to 200C/400F.

Prepare your loaf pan by spraying it with cooking oil or brushing it with some melted butter. Cut a piece of baking parchment paper that is large enough to lift your loaf into the pan once it is braided (plaited).

egg and vinegar mixture in a medium bowl

First, mix the egg and apple cider vinegar together in a small bowl. Set this aside to use later.

Base ingredients for keto cheese loaf dough in a microwave safe bowl ready to be melted.

Next, combine the dry ingredients – mozzarella shredded cheese, almond flour, baking powder, and psyllium husk together in a large microwave-safe bowl. Place the cream cheese on top.

Egg mixture being mixed into cheese loaf dough.

Microwave the dough for 1 minute. Mix, then microwave again for 30 seconds. Remove from the microwave. Fold the wet ingredients – egg mixture into the dough while it is hot. Use a silicone spatula to knead into a ball.

a roll of yeast free dough

Form the yeast-free dough into a ball and roll it out between two sheets of baking parchment paper.

Keto cheese loaf cheese rolled out into a rectangle. Cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and green onions have been sprinkled over it.

Form the dough into a rectangular shape between two pieces of baking parchment paper. Sprinkle with green onions, garlic powder, cheddar, and parmesan cheese.

Keto cheese loaf dough rolled into a tube and cute down the middle into two pieces so that it can be twisted into a braided loaf.

Roll the cheese bread dough into a tube. Use a knife to cut the tube in half down the length. Press the two ends of the cut pieces together then twist two pieces around each other to make a braided loaf.

Place the plaited loaf into your oiled and lined bread pan, baking pan, or loaf pan. Bake the bread in the oven on a rack towards the top for 23-25 minutes until golden brown.

EXPERT TIP: Cut the baking parchment paper under the keto cheese loaf so that it will fit into your bread pan. Use the parchment paper to lift the dough and place it in your bread pan.

plaited keto cheese bread in a glass baking pan
Twist or braid the keto bread recipe before baking.

Recipe substitutions

If you need to make some recipe substitutions because of food allergies or you can’t buy certain ingredients where you live, these ingredients can be swapped.

Please only make 1 substitution so your cheese bread will taste as much like the keto cheese bread recipe as possible.

  • Apple cider vinegar – any vinegar will work. I use apple cider vinegar because of its mild flavor. Do not use balsamic vinegar which has added sugar and is too strongly flavored for a cheese loaf.
  • Psyllium husk – ground flaxseed can also be used as a binding agent.
  • Cheddar cheese – use any shredded cheese you prefer.
  • Almond flour – replace with a different nut or seed flour.

Coconut flour cannot be substituted for almond flour since coconut flour is significantly more absorbent.

baked golden brown keto cheese bread
Crispy and soft keto cream cheese bread recipe.

5 variations

Once you discover how easy it is to make your own homemade cheese loaf recipe, you can make all these delicious recipes by adding a few variations to the ingredients.

  • Herbed & Goat Cheese Bread– sprinkle chopped fresh herbs and goat cheese crumbled on the dough before rolling it up.
  • Spicy Cheese Bread – add sliced jalapenos into the center of the cheese bread before rolling up, and sprinkle with a little dried chilli on top for garnish.
  • BBQ & Bacon Cheese Bread – spread some keto BBQ sauce and crumbled bacon over the dough before rolling it up.
  • Keto Pizza Cheese Bread – along the center of the rolled dough, spread some sugar-free tomato paste, a few small pieces of chopped pepperoni, and some Italian seasoning.
  • Keto Cheesey Bread Muffins – do not braid the cheese bread, but instead, cut small slices of the rolled dough and place each one into an oiled muffin tin. Sprinkle some crispy bacon over the top and bake until golden. Allow them to cool before removing each muffin from the muffin pan.

See this Keto BBQ Sauce on my website! It’s one of the most popular keto recipes this month.

sliced almond flour bread with cheese
Keto almond flour bread with mozzarella cheese and garlic.


I used a microwave to quickly melt the cheese to make the keto cheese loaf dough. However, you can make the dough by melting the ingredients together in a saucepan on LOW heat. This will take more time, but it can be done. Be sure to stir constantly.

You will also need a rolling pin, baking parchment paper, and a bread pan to make this bread. I recommend a bread pan or a loaf pan because the size keeps the bread from spreading out while it bakes.

How to store keto bread

Any leftover low-carb keto bread should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. Low-carb bread is usually made with fresh ingredients (including cheese, cream cheese, and eggs) so will have a short expiry date. Low-carb bread needs to be kept refrigerated at all times.

To reheat the bread toast it in a toaster, toaster oven, or in the oven.

Keto bread can also be stored frozen for up to 3 months.

How to serve keto cheese bread

This keto cheese bread recipe can be served hot or cold. When serving straight out of the oven, place in a bread basket lined with a kitchen cloth or tea towel to help retain the heat and remove any steam.

You can cut each slice with a sharp bread knife or a pizza cutter.

Serve with garlic butter, a small bowl of extra virgin olive oil and rock salt, sour cream, or marinara sauce, for dipping.

How to braid bread

When braiding the dough lift one strand at a time and lay it over the other. Try to make the cut side face toward the top. A loose braid works best.

collage of how to make keto almond flour bread with cheese
How to make keto cheese bread (with almond flour)

Best keto bread recipes

If you are missing bread on your keto diet, these keto-friendly bread recipes are all quick and easy. Each one is family-friendly and made with simple ingredients.

Each of these keto-friendly recipes is gluten-free, grain-free, and low in carbs.

Crunchy cheesy keto garlic bread – the best garlic bread to serve as an appetizer or side dish.

Keto hamburger buns – finally, keto burger buns that won’t fall apart.

Keto banana bread – yes, you can make keto banana bread without bananas. A delicious sweet keto bread recipe that’s perfect hot, cold, or toasted with butter.

Keto almond flour bread – this almond flour bread recipe is the most popular low-carb bread recipe on the entire site. It is a simple one-bowl recipe that is perfect for slicing and toasting.

Mozzarella dough keto bagels – sprinkle some bagel seasoning over the top and this will become your favorite keto bread recipe for the whole family.


How many carbs are in a keto cheese loaf?

Each slice has 3.4g net carbs which definitely makes this cheese bread keto.

How do I store almond flour bread?

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Or store in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Can I use a bread machine?

This easy keto bread recipe does not need a bread machine or a food processor. In fact, you only actually need one large bowl to make this keto cheese bread.

Can you have cheese on keto?

Yes! Cheese is keto friendly. Use fresh cheese from the refrigerated section, not highly processed cheese found on the shelf.

Why is my dough wet?

If you have a wet mixture, you might not have used low moisture pre-shredded mozzarella or not mixed the ingredients properly. The psyllium husk needs time to absorb the moisture and to thicken.

If your dough is too wet, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of almond flour and mix.

Why is my dough dry?

All eggs vary so the egg you used may have had a large yolk with not much egg white which will have a final impact on how dry the bread dough is. Add 1 teaspoon of water at a time and mix.

What alternative flours can I use?

Almond flour is recommended but you can also try sunflower flour or pumpkin flour. The net carbs nutrition calories will all change so please calculate with which ingredients you actually used.

Why does the dough stick to my hands?

To stop the dough from sticking to your hands, lightly oil your hands with cooking spray or dampen your hands with a little water.

How to make a fluffy keto bread recipe?

Usually, a keto cream cheese keto bread dough is heavy because it is made with cheese and almond flour. This bread is light and fluffy because of the secret magic ingredients – baking powder, egg, and vinegar.

Can I make keto cream cheese bread with sour cream?

Yes, you can swap full-fat sour cream for cream cheese.

mockups of keto bread cookbook

📖 Recipe

Keto cheese loaf cooling a clear glass bread pan.

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Keto Cheese Loaf Recipe (Almond Flour Bread With Cheese)

Delicious cheesy keto cheese bread loaf (keto cheese bread) only takes 5 minutes to prepare and is an easy yeast-free dough. Filled with cheese, garlic, and green onions.

Servings: 8 servings

NET carbs: 3.4g

Prep Time 5 minutes

Cook Time 25 minutes

Total Time 30 minutes

Diet: Diabetic. Gluten Free. Vegetarian

Gluten Free. Grain free. Keto. LCHF. Low Carb. No Sugars. Wheat Free

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Adjust servings: 8 servings

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Keto cheese bread dough

  • Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F. In a small bowl mix the egg with the apple cider vinegar. Set aside until ready to use.
  • Combine the mozzarella cheese, psyllium husk, baking powder, and almond flour together in a large microwave save bowl. Place the cream cheese on top of the mixture.

  • Place the bowl in the microwave and heat on HIGH for 1 minute. Remove the bowl and stir the dough with a silicone spatula. Then place it back in the microwave and microwave it for another 30 seconds.

  • Remove from the microwave and fold the egg mixture into the dough while it is hot until it forms a ball using the spatula.

Roll and braid the dough

  • Roll the dough out into a rectangle between two sheets of parchment paper. Remove the top layer of parchment. Sprinkle the dough with green onions, garlic powder, cheddar, and parmesan cheese.

  • Roll the dough into a tube. Cut the tube in half down the length. Press the two ends of the dough together then carefully twist the bread into a braided loaf.

  • Cut the parchment paper around the bread so that it will fit into your bread pan. Use the parchment paper to lift the bread and place it into the bread pan.

  • Bake the bread in the oven towards the top for 23-25 minutes at 200°C/400°F. Remove the bread, let it cool for a few minutes then slice and serve. Enjoy!

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Nutrition Facts

Keto Cheese Loaf Recipe (Almond Flour Bread With Cheese)

Serving Size


1 slice (makes 8 slices)

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value*

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.



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Approximate nutrition information is provided for convenience and as a courtesy only. For the most accurate nutritional data, use the actual ingredients and brands you used in your preferred nutrition calculator.

mockups of keto bread cookbook

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