Lack of healthy lifestyle in Punjab’s kids, says Senior Cardiologist


According to senior interventional cardiologist Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor, the children of Punjab lacked the healthy lifestyle necessary for an honest person heart.
In a study conducted by him, he examined 3,200 children from the age bracket of 5 to 18 through a questionnaire-based assessment of parameters that affected cardiovascular health, children got a cardiovascular score based on their response to BMI, physical activity time, bed and sleep time hours, dietary habits and nicotine exposure.

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The maximum mark to be attained on CVH was 100, subjects were advised lifestyle changes supported their scores.

“A score but 40 was categorized as concerning, children during this needed intense lifestyle modifications starting as early as possible. A score between 70 and 100 was healthy, whereas children scoring between 40 and 70 need moderate lifestyle movements,”
As a result, 24% of the study population had a CVH of but 40 scores, 68% featured within the 40 to 70 score category, and only 8% matched the standards for healthy cardiovascular health. Dr. Kapoor urged parents to facilitate modifications in lifestyle.
“Obesity is seen to be prevalent in 38 percent of the entire study population, inadequate sleep was in 3% but improper bedtime hours were noted within the routine of 75% of the children. The body features a 24-hour internal clock, called biological time, that helps regulate physical and mental functioning. Further, he also added “Early or late bedtimes could also be more likely to disrupt the body clock with adverse consequences for cardiovascular health,”
“Most people don’t give some thought to the risk factors during childhood but I think it is essential that we all start doing that. Because it’s probably way easier to prevent the development of cardiac risk factors than to try and get rid of them once they’ve developed. So, the question is what is often done,” he said.
“It all starts with healthy eating, an honest one is a diet where half the food is vegetables and fruits, 1/4 is a lean protein, and 1/4 is a whole grain, with a side of dairy.”
People should practice a diet as it provides the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to form one’s body healthy and fit.
“Another vital step is to keep the children moving. Whether it’s through a formal sports class or just playing at a park, physical activity should be worked into a family’s schedule. But the activity should be age-appropriate and aligned with the child’s interests,” he said
Let’s have a look at some harmful effects of an unhealthy lifestyle:
• Person may get obesity
• Higher chances of heart diseases, including coronary arteries disease and heart attack
• May get High vital sign
• High cholesterol
• Stroke
• Metabolic syndrome
• Type 2 diabetes
• Certain cancers, including colon, breast, and uterine cancers
• Osteoporosis and falls
• Increased feelings of depression and anxiety
• In girls, there are higher chances to possess PCOS due to an unhealthy lifestyle.


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