Lifestyle changes for expecting mothers for a smooth pregnancy


Lifestyle can have a huge influence on pregnancy. Living a healthy lifestyle is significant, but critical to maintain. A healthy lifestyle protects us from diseases as well as gives us sufficient energy. However, it’s even highly crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy or strive to conceive. A healthy lifestyle will aid in the normalcy of one’s pregnancy and the development of the child. It improves health and ensures that the child is getting the vitamins and minerals that it requires. Here’s what moms-to-be should keep in check during pregnancy.

Eye on weight: Gaining weight during pregnancy is a sign of normality. But gaining too much can create hindrances and even little weight leads to serious health problems. Pregnancy affects weight and maintaining it is one of the critical changes that take place in women’s appearance.

Healthy diet: During pregnancy, you’ll need to eat about 300-500 calories per day. Eat good and healthy food consisting of high nutrition value that helps the baby get the nutrition it needs for growth. A few more considerations that you have to keep in mind are: eating five-six times a day, never skipping breakfast, staying away from soft treats and meat, focusing on your drinking habits and saying no to alcohol and smoking. Include foods in your diet that are rich in iron, vitamin C, calcium, etc.

Physical activities: Exercising is a great way not only to stay in shape, but also in elevating mental health. Reducing stress levels is crucial for improving birth outcomes. Aiming for daily exercises such as jogging, walking, and stretching prepares your pelvic floor for delivery and recovery. Always seek your doctor’s guidance and draw up a workout routine. You should add 20-30 minutes of moderate cardio alongside strength training exercises two-three times a week for best results. After exercising, resting is also important. The expecting mother should get around seven to nine hours of sleep. Always try to sleep on your left side to improve blood circulation.

Check-up regime: Caring for your baby begins long before you become parents. Even though we have various doctors and clinics, getting a prior appointment is the best way to be stress-free. Women always follow a good health checkup routine on the journey because a regular checkup is a key factor in having a baby without any complications. Regular checkup regimes are the necessary precaution to protect your baby’s future.

(The writer is a Consultant, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Milann Fertility & Birthing Hospital, JP Nagar, Bangalore)

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