Metabolic Factor Review (2022)– New Information That Will Surprise You!

The Metabolic Factor is an advanced weight loss program to help people struggling with obesity and weight management. It is created by Dr. Jonny Bowden, suggesting easy-to-follow strategies, tips, and schemes for weight loss. The doctor recommends focusing on a certain risk factor, a hormone called IGF-1 in the metabolically active tissue (MAT), to control fat burning. 

So how does this program help? Are there people who have tried and checked these strategies suggested by Dr. Bowden, or all of this is a suggestive approach? Read this Metabolic Factor review and find out the truth behind its promises. 

What is The Metabolic Factor?

The Metabolic Factor is a digital program with eBooks suggesting how to lose weight within the comfort of your house. The eBook series includes a general information guide on weight loss, a meal planner, weight loss food recipes, motivational messages, an email guide, a progress tracker, and an interaction with other members. 

All this is so expensive if you consider buying it individually, but as a bundle, it barely makes a difference in your monthly expenses. Although the program is digital, if a customer prefers hard copies, the company can arrange them and send them to the customer’s address. 

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As mentioned before, this product is created by Dr. Jonny Bowden, who has a doctorate in Nutrition and has studied health, fitness, and psychology previously. He is a certified nutritionist also featured in different articles, blogs, and other publications. Many of you might have seen him on TV, too, in The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors talking about weight loss. 

This program is his effort to summarize his professional knowledge and help it into a useful and practical product. Everything written in these guidebooks is based on scientifically proven facts and offers a realistic weight loss, with no false hopes and long-term side effects. 

Weight Loss With The Metabolic Factor Guide 

The Metabolic Factor guidebook explains how people often misinterpret weight loss and put themselves into a long, frustrating commitment that they fail to continue over weeks. Dr. Bowden has targeted a different approach, which is the role of metabolically active tissue, also called MAT, to control a special hormone called IGF-1.

The IGF-1 hormone is also famous as a fat-burning hormone because of its direct involvement in metabolism. Optimizing this hormone can activate a smart fat-burning process that uses less than 5% of the body yet burns up to 56% of the daily calories. It may sound strange, but this type of weight loss is neither lethargic nor induces a weakness. In fact, the body shows no such sign that will make you regret the decision to follow this weight loss approach . Some additional benefits of IGF-1- induced weight loss include anti-aging benefits, cellular rejuvenation, and high immunity. 

The Metabolic Factor is a dietary guide for 22 days. During these days, you will be eating the foods suggested by Dr. Bowden, followed by lifestyle changes, habits, and activities he advises for faster weight loss. Usually, weight loss can take three to six months, but this program shows visible results within 22 days. If the progress seems slow or you want to lose more weight, continue following the program for more time. There are no side effects, risks, or long-term concerns involved, and the results will never come back unless you start eating uncontrollably.  

What Makes Metabolic Factor So Helpful?

The Metabolic Factor is not the only weight loss help offered by a weight loss expert; there are plenty of them available already. However, this program is better than many other programs offering similar benefits, which may or not be true and helpful for you. For example, most diet plans work on lowering appetite , raising body temperature, or tricking the body into weight loss, using stimulants. These approaches are helpful but to a certain extent only. People who want to look good once for a big event may find this crash weight loss plan helpful, but they are never recommended for long-term use. 

The problem with weight loss plans is that they are not practical because no one can eat diet food forever or work out for the whole life. Products that offer weight loss without diet or exercise are most probably fake because there is no way you can achieve it. The Metabolic Factor does not specifically restrict you on something; in fact, it makes weight loss easier. It suggests easy-to-cook recipes, food choices, daily movements, tips, and tricks to lose and maintain weight. It is a lifestyle-changing thing, not just a timely solution for obesity. 

 For this same reason, the results achieved from the Metabolic Factor guide books and coaching from Dr. Bowden last much longer than any fat diet or exercise plan. It specifically targets the metabolically active tissue, which is a smart way of triggering weight loss instead of forcing thermogenesis or lowering appetite. With this strategy, the body is able to burn more calories than usual, and you may also burn them while the body is at rest. That is how the net calorie burn is much more than any other weight loss plan but with much lesser effort than any of them.

According to Dr. Bowden, The Metabolic Factor differs from other weight loss plans because it does not base on willpower or self-motivation like the rest. It does not believe in resisting delicious foods and does not blame the user for eating his favorite food. Instead, it shifts the metabolism to a different way where it is more about how to use these calories from food than what to eat and what not to eat. No special diet or exercise is needed to get results from this program if you are following the guidelines shared by the company. You do not have to stop eating your favorite meals; it is just that you will eat a low-calorie and more healthier version of them. 

This type of weight loss plan has a high success rate because the body is not deprived of anything. It means the suggestions by Dr. Bowden cover both the physical and psychological side of weight loss and the results are easy to maintain for months and even years. Thousands of people have already experienced the expertise and guidance of Dr. Bowden, and with this new digital program, people from all parts of the world can now be a part of The Metabolic Factor family. 

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The Metabolic Factor Real Results 

The official website has many success stories to share, and you may also find before and after pictures of people after following The Metabolic Factor guide. These pictures speak for themselves, and you can see how these people live the best life and enjoy good health after losing unhealthy weight. There is no prescription or recommendation needed by any doctor unless there is an underlying medical condition that restricts you from trying certain foods or movements. If you are unsure whether these home-based weight loss plans suit you, feel free to discuss them with your doctor first. 

The Metabolic Factor has no side effects like other weight loss products. The body experiences no undesirable effects, including short-term and long-term effects. As no pills or capsules are involved, the chances of cross-reactions, allergies, and hypersensitivities are zero. Yet, this information is only helpful for people above 18 years, and no child or teenager should follow them. If you have an obese child, it is better to consult a pediatric dietician or a nutritionist to get help. Do not push your younger ones to diet as you do, which may affect their growth. 

Within 22 days of following the weight loss plan, the following results are expected. 

•    Visible weight loss from the stubborn body areas

•    Toned body with no saggy skin

•    No muscular pains, fatigue, or weakness 

•    Controlled cravings and appetite 

•    No more emotional eating (stress eating) 

•    Balanced hormones

•    Better sleep cycle 

•    Low-stress levels and better control of mood swings

•    Faster metabolism even for high carbohydrate foods 

•    No more meal planning or eating bland food 

•    Better immunity and overall health 

The best part of The Metabolic Factor weight loss plan is that you can even eat the foods prohibited in other weight loss diets. For example, you can even eat a burger, pizza, or sweet beverage without ruining your weight loss efforts, whereas no such thing is allowed in other diet plans. The whole program is focused on maximizing the body’s fat-burning capacity so that it can burn whatever the person eats and has no restraints on the fav foods. 

What Will You Get With The Metabolic Factor Order?

Under the new promotional offer, you will get the following guides to purchase The Metabolic Factor. 

IGF-1 Optimizer #1: Tasty Craving Killers

The first book will explain the three easiest snack recipes that help overcome cravings, especially the sugar rush. They also improve the optimization of IGF-1 and do not add much to grocery shopping. 


IGF-1 Optimizer #2: Daily Fat Burners

You will find simple ways and techniques that help in losing weight. If you are not into exercise, gym, or any other activity, these tips can still help the same, but without costing anything. It includes simple movements, postures, and daily activities that burn more calories and help the body maintain the daily calorie plan. 

IGF-1 Optimizer #3: Easy Sleep Enhancers

Next is help for sleep-related issues. You will get to know a simple 15-minute guide on how to induce deep sleep and make the body maintain hormonal levels that are usually released during sleep. A relaxing and comfortable sleep will boost IGF-1 optimization, helping the body burn more fat.


IGF-1 Optimizer #4: Quick Stress Relief

One of the biggest reasons people fail to proceed with the weight loss journey is because of the high-stress levels involved. They only see obesity as a physical issue, but the truth is that it has more psychological effects than any other thing. Stress management and planning can improve the hormones controlling fat burn, and the body will lose weight. For example, cortisol, a stress hormone, directly affects weight loss, and you can easily neutralize it by following certain techniques and home-based remedies. The best part is that these techniques take 3-4 minutes only, so they are easy to do for every user. 


IGF-1 Optimizer #5: Simple Detox

Finally, this last guide explains how to detox the body naturally. It may not be the same as a relaxing spa with immediate effects, but you will feel lighter, better, and in good shape within a few days. Toxin damage is one of the leading causes of slow metabolism, and without removing them, managing body weight can be frustrating and tricky. This book explains various ways to release these toxins from previous years. Not only will it quick start weight loss, but it will also maximize the natural fat burning without additional effort. 


Extra Gifts 

•    Gift #1: The Metabolic Factor 10-Minute Meals: The first book in this program is a meal planner explaining the simplest recipes you can make for losing or maintaining weight. People often think of diet food as bland and tasteless, but the truth is that you can still lose weight without compromising on the taste. The recipes included in this book are shakes, lasagna, pizza, muffins, and many more.  

•    Gift #2: The Metabolic Factor Quick Start Guide: This comprehensive guide is composed of 115 pages explaining how to lose weight in 22 days. This information can help understand the science behind natural fat burning. 

•    Gift #3: The Metabolic Factor Progress Tracker: no point in following any popular weight loss program or product when you cannot see results yourself. The program includes a performance tracker through which you can see how far you have reached in this weight loss journey. This tracker includes information on energy levels and expenditures, pain, inflammation, digestive signs, mood, stress, sleeping habits, and much more. 

•    Gift #4: Metabolic Motivation Emails: The problem with most weight loss programs is that they do not care for you after selling the product, but the Metabolic Factor is not like this. Every buyer will receive a motivational email daily with new insights on making weight loss happen. It will continue for 22 days, which is also the duration of this program. 

•    Gift #5: Weekly Coaching Calls with Dr. Bowden: lastly, all buyers of The Metabolic Factor can avail of four direct coaching calls from Dr. Bowden himself. He has already helped thousands of people with weight loss, costing hundreds of dollars per session. However, there is no additional fee for these coaching calls, so this opportunity is definitely worth something.

Where To Buy The Metabolic Factor? Is It Affordable? 

The only way to purchase this guide is through the official website. You may not find it anywhere, including on Amazon, eBay, and other online sources. 

The price of the Metabolic Factor is $37.00 only, and it is for the digital version only. If you want these audiobooks, you have to pay $9.95 more and get an audible copy that you may play in the car or phone. Here is the complete pricing breakup; choose any that you find best. 

Price of digital version: $37.00

Price of print + digital version: $37.00

Price of audiobook: $37.00 + $9.95 

Refund Policy

The company offers a 60-day money-back offer on all orders of The Metabolic Factors. Under this offer, the customers have a right to get their money back if they do not see any change in their weight. There is no loss, and the company returns 100% money without asking questions. 

The time to use this offer is 60-days only, and no requests after passing this time will be accepted. Make sure you are purchasing this weight loss guide using the official link. Do not trust the random websites, sellers, or shops you may see online; only trust the official website with your money.

Information About The Company 

The Metabolic Factor is a product by Natural Health Sherpa, LLC. It is a publishing company based in Wilmington, North Carolina. This company is a partner to Dr. Bowden for publishing this weight loss guide.

The company has an active customer support team; contact the team using the following sources. 


Online Chat:

Phone: 800-316-8556

In the past, the Natural Health Sherpa has launched various health and fitness-related products, including weight loss books, exercise guides, and supplements. You can also get the details on the previous products on the official website.  

Pros And Cons Of The Metabolic Factor Program For Weight Loss

Here is a list of the best and worst things about this program. Give the following a reading before deciding on it. 


•    It is created by a doctor with a specialization in fitness and weight loss. Dr. Bowden is a famous name, and he has a lot of fan-following already. There are no chances this program will not help you unless you do not comply with the instructions. 

•    Everything this program suggests makes sense, as it uses simple science to explain this IGF-1-linked weight loss. There are no high talks and fancy promises, everything included in these guidebooks is very simple to understand, which naturally builds trust in this information. 

•    There is no way this program can be a scam, so you will not lose any money. Unlike other weight loss programs that are a major rip-off and start asking for more money later, The Metabolic Factor has no hidden charges, and you only pay a one-time price. 

•    Everyone can follow these weight loss instructions. Unlike other popular diets, i.e., keto, which is not recommended for high cholesterol, heart, and hypertensive patients, everyone can follow the low-calorie weight loss suggested by Dr. Bowden. 

•    The price is very affordable and even costs less than a monthly gym subscription or a meal delivery service. You do not have to do any special grocery shopping, and the dietary suggestions are very simple already. In fact, no special cooking expertise is required to make these diet foods, and even a first-timer can follow these recipes suggested by the program. 


•    The results may vary for every user, and there is no ‘standard’ weight loss; all of them will see. The metabolism is different for every person, and there is no way two people will experience the same results, so comparing results is useless here. 

•    This type of weight loss is not recommended for malnutrition patients, people with digestive disorders, and stress disorders linked with food. If you see yourself in such a position, it is better to consult a doctor and get a customized weight loss plan according to your goals.

•    The only way to sign up for this program is online. Even if you want the physical copies of these guidebooks, you still have to place an order online. These books are not available at any bookstore, nor can you place an order on the phone. Visit the official website and pay in advance. You get a digital subscription or hard or audio copies of these books. 

The Metabolic Factor Reviews- Conclusion 

To conclude, the metabolic factor by Dr. Jonny Bowden is an informational guide on how to lose weight smartly, without much effort. This program uses real scientific data on planning metabolic boosts by acting upon a hormone called IGF-1, helping the body improve the fat-burning process and use the maximum calories from food, leaving nothing behind. 

The results may vary in different users, and according to the user reviews, you can lose up to 2.5 lbs per week if you follow the instructions completely. Most people are happy and satisfied with their progress, which means the new users will experience these benefits too. If the program seems ineffective or fails to help in any way, you can get a full refund from the company without bearing any loss. For more details and information, visit the official website

Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook editorial.


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