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Now that we have the architectural plans finished, it’s time to focus on finishes! Here is the inspiration we’re using for a modern coastal farmhouse mood board in our new house.

Modern + Coastal + Farmhouse

You’re probably not surprised by the title of this post or the design direction we’re going for the renovation. (More on the renovation plans here.)

Whenever I tear pages out of a magazine or browse Pinterest, I am drawn to both coastal and farmhouse decor.

Coastal for its easy breezy white backdrop with cool muted blues and greens peppered with natural elements.

Farmhouse for its classic black and white palette with elements of rustic texture sprinkled throughout. (more on farmhouse here!)

Modern because I also like a clean, uncluttered, new feeling verses the antique dark house I grew up in 🙂

I really like a neutral backdrop with pops of color that I can change seasonally and/or when I get sick of them.

I want our home to feel classic and spa like.

Luckily Thomas and I have the SAME style, which is quite convenient! (You can see this in our porch renovation from a few years ago.)

When we share photos of what we like and dislike, we are always on the same page. (And we don’t always agree on everything in life, especially as two hard-headed people!)

Modern Coastal Farmhouse Mood Board

Barstools | Pendant light | Hardware | Baskets | Backsplash tile

White walls (YES!)

Some call it boring or cold, but I call it clean! I actually overheard a woman at the salon say “I could never paint my whole house white.” I laughed because that’s my goal!

Our entire house is gray right now – the exterior and all 3 floors of walls. I like gray (or the main floor is the color Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams) and I like it, but if we’re going to start over I want everything to be white. I’ve been known to paint a wall a color (like my first house) and then re-paint white!

White trim

This is a no-brainer to me 🙂

Black windows

Getting new windows is a huge priority for Thomas (along with making the house more air-tight in general). For this reno I’ve been talking about storage and space and all he can focus on is insulation and quality windows! As a custom builder, he looks way beyond the finishes. While we’re getting better windows and insulation, we’re switching to black!

Black hardware

Brushed gold is very on trend (see the first photo in the inspo gallery below!) but I fear it will get dated quickly, so we’re planning to go with classic black.

Natural wood hardwoods

The floors in our house are dark brown mixed with orange. I don’t hate them, but Thomas would like natural hardwood. Since we’re moving out and having to stain the floors in the addition, we’re going to do the whole first floor while we’re at it rather than trying to match a color we don’t love.

White inset cabinets

I am learning so much about houses! Inset cabinets have the drawers go into a cubby verses overlay cabinets have the fronts close onto the base. (Learn more here!) Almost all of my inspo photos have inset, so that’s what we’re hoping to get. We may mix in some color for the island, but I am just so color phobic for the long term that we’ll probably do white for the kitchen perimeter.

Marbled quartz counters

When I did the kitchen counters in my old house I did enough research on materials to know that quartz is the only way to go. It’s the most durable, and I can’t stand the thought of a blemish or stain on a counter. I have disliked the granite counters in our current kitchen since I moved in, but I never wanted to rip out something new. Now that they’re 7 years old, I can’t wait to get something much more my style. (And not the sparkles I put in in 2013 – haha).

White tile backsplash

This is a decision we’ve been rolling around. I hate to be boring with white subway tile again. But when I look at all the kitchens that catch my eye on Pinterest, they ALL have white backsplashes! We may try to get a little creative with the tile size or perhaps the installation pattern, but my eye just likes the organization of horizontal rectangles. TBD if we go with white or charcoal grout! That’s another huge debate. We want white, but our gut says go dark!

Accent paint color on the island in a coastal blue/green

Are you surprised there might be a splash of color!? I think the island is a great spot to do it, and lots of my pins have blue islands.

Kitchen Inspiration Photos

Here are photos and links to their creators that have been inspiration for us in our design!

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Bathroom Inspiration Photos

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There you have it! A huge round up of renovation preview!

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