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Here’s a list of my Beautycounter makeup favorites and my everyday five-minute makeup routine!

While I often write about Beautycounter skincare, the makeup is just as luxurious!

I am not a makeup diva, and that is exactly why you should read this post. Because anybody can wear these shades and look natural and put together in five minutes without needing contouring skills or feeling like you’re going to leave the goop behind when you hug and kiss your kids.

Sustainable, Safe, and Inclusive

I used to use whatever makeup I got as a free sample or found at Target. I can vouch that Beautycounter’s makeup is a step above: sustainable, safe, and inclusive.

There is a big focus on sustainability with refillable blush compacts and glass foundation packaging that can be recycled.

Ingredients are always chosen to be safe and with a humane supply chain path (see below about mica and vanilla), and shades are created to be inclusive to all skin as well.

The Skin Twin Foundation now has 27 shades from fair to deep and the concealer shade range was just expanded to 20.

skin twin foundation by beautycounter in hands

Here are my makeup favorites!

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My Everyday Beautycounter Makeup

Here’s what I put on everyday when I’m working from home or running errands with the kids.

  • Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer in shade Light. I put this on everyday when I get out of bed. It’s a little moisture, a little sheer coverage, and a little SPF all in one. I LOVE the scent of Dew Skin! (Here’s my review of the Beautycounter foundations.)
  • Creamy Concealer in shade Light 1. Designed to disappear and made with knotgrass extract, a naturally derived ingredient known for reducing the appearance of fine lines and revealing smoother, firmer skin.
  • Cream Blush. I love the dewy look of cream blush, and this one is easy to paint on and blend in with my fingertips. Cream blush replaced the Satin Powder Blush while the powders get a talc-free makeover. You can use it on your lips too!
  • Think Big Mascara – This is Beautycounter’s new mascara and I’m in love! The brush is fantastic and grabs each and every lash. It’s jet black and gives that bold lash look without clumping. Read my review here.
  • Sheer Lipstick – I love the shade Lily! These go on like chapstick and have a hint of vanilla essence. I am not a lipstick person because I find I just smudge it all over things (like my kids cheeks!), So this is the perfect sheer look + feel.

Beautycounter lip gloss

And here are the products I add on when I’m going all out!

When I’m going to an event, need to be camera or Zoom ready, or am meeting up with friends, I’ll add these in for extra layers and staying power.

  • Priming Serum – This gel-serum multitasker has 4,000 encapsulated jojoba ester bubbles that create the perfect hydrated finish for makeup application.
  • Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation – I wear shade 310. I was not previously a foundation girl, but this foundation has hyaluronic acid and melts into skin. It has a bit more coverage than the Dew Skin, and it goes on very smoothly for a consistent skin tone.
  • Brow Gel in shade Light- It has taken me a while to get into brows. But if all the pros say they are important, then they must be! I tried a pencil, which I like, but the Gel is where it’s at. It’s like a little mascara wand for your brows, and I DO think I look more ‘put together’ when I wear it.
  • Cream Shadows – These are so easy to use! Like applying lipgloss to your lids. I love Luster for everyday with Haze blended together for a smokey eye look.
  • Color Intense Lipstick + Beyond Gloss – My favorite shade of the Color Intense is Backstage! I also have Garden Party (hot pink!) For party nights, Brunch (neutral pink) for day time events, and 9 To 5 (the boldest) for formal events. I like these all with gloss on top!
  • Mattifying Powder – This is something I normally would have thought was kind of pointless, but I actually like it so much! I saw a few other people using it and decided to order it with some product credits I earned, and I’m so glad I did! It’s great for summertime and has so many uses: drying a sweaty face, absorbing oil, setting makeup. I use it at the beginning and end of my makeup to prime + set.

Beautycounter mascara

Why is Beautycounter makeup safer?

In the words of Gregg Renfrew, “The entire beauty industry has been built on secrets and we’re trying to un-do that.”

Beautycounter is a B Corporation (putting people and planet before profit) and has the highest standards for ingredient safety around.

Many of the products are verified by the Environmental Working Groupand there is a big focus on sustainable packaging and supply chain transparency for both human rights and safety concerns.

Mica and Vanilla

Mica and vanilla are ingredients that are widely used in the beauty industry (and many other industries for that matter). Sadly most mica in the world is a product of child labor. It’s so, so sad. The vanilla industry is known for human rights issues like child labor, wage theft, and unsafe working conditions.

Beautycounter decided to do something about it. Take a minute to watch this short documentary about how Beautycounter is taking a stand for the entire mica industry. And read more about vanilla sourcing here.

When you shop with Beautycounter, know that all of the mica and vanilla used are certified child labor free.

Heavy Metals

Many lipsticks on the market today contain ingredients you definitely want to avoid including heavy metals, such as lead, nickel, and chromium.

“Lipstick is especially alarming because you could ingest it and there’s no safe level of exposure to metals like lead. Plus, it’s something you can apply multiple times per day over many decades, so the metals can build up in your body. ”
-Margie Kelly of the Breast Cancer Fund and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

We all know lead is something to be avoided, right? It’s no longer in paint, in gasoline, in pencils – and yet it can be found in makeup. In 2012, the FDA found that 400 shades of popular lipstick contained lead. This neurotoxin can lead to negative health outcomes for adults and children alike, but children with developing brains are more susceptible to lead-induced harm.

Beautycounter tests the ingredients used in its color cosmetics and finished cosmetic products obsessively — multiple times — before they go to market. Learn more here.

beautycounter concealer wand on hand

Beautycounter Flawless in Five

When I’m getting ready in the morning I only have about 5 minutes to do my makeup before I’m due down to make breakfast and get the kids out the door on time. The Flawless in Five makeup set is ideal for applying the basics in 5 minutes or less.

Flawless in Five is the best way to overhaul your makeup bag with cleaner options. The makeup set comes with six safer products, and you can pick your own shades and types.

Flawless In Five Choices
  • Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation or Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer
  • Creamy concealer
  • Brilliant Brow Gel
  • Think Big All-In-One Mascara
  • Cheeky Clean Cream Blush
  • Beyond Gloss

beautycounter flawless in five graphic

Is The Beautycounter Flawless In Five Worth It?

YES because you’ll save 22% compared to buying everything individually. If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, this is the way to purchase Beautycounter makeup. The Flawless in Five set is $ 211 with a value of $ 271 if you bought everything a la carte.

Want recommendations?

If you’d like any help sorting through the products, feel free to drop your email in this little form and I will personally email you back!

kath holding all the beautycounter makeup choices

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