Nature And Mankind Should All Live – Dr. Yasam Ayavefe

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe is an accomplished and acclaimed international businessman, who comes from an accomplished educational background. He began his academic journey at the University of Kyrgyzstan, pursuing a degree in International Relations and Affairs as well as a degree in Computer Engineering. After that, Dr. Ayavefe obtained his doctorate degree in Economic Studies at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.

Dr. Ayavefe is the founder and chairman of Milaya Capital Limited – a vibrant London-based venture capital firm. Milaya Capital has branches in London, Greece, and Milaya Dubai. Milaya is a young and dynamic company that continues to expand and grow its global reach. Amongst his many accomplishments, his philanthropic nature has led him to have a true passion for our environment.

This remarkable man realizes the pandemic’s impact on our environment and is genuinely apologetic. Dr. Yasam Ayavefe explains, “Mankind must return to nature. For the first time, the pandemic that threatens the whole world has revealed that man has betrayed nature and must quickly make amends for his betrayal. The Covid-19 pandemic entered our lives so that the balance of the world has been turned upside down in politics, economics, health, and sports. Due to the epidemic, borders were closed, flights canceled, and commercial activities suspended. In addition, Covid has questioned the existence and future of institutions such as the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, and the World Health Organization.”

Questions are being raised globally about when economic globalization will end; at this point, there are no solid answers, however, there are several avenues we can implement.

A definite answer to most questions posed by the pandemic is answered simply by Dr. Ayavefe, “Mankind must return to nature. For the first time, this danger threatening the whole world has revealed that man has betrayed nature and must quickly make amends for his betrayal. With this epidemic, it has been revealed that agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural lands, pastures, plateaus, and wetlands have become as crucial in the future as in the past.
This crisis has made us ponder just how human is a human being. It has made us think that humanity will be officially destroyed without nature. Therefore, the first thing the post-Covid world should perceive is to return to nature immediately. The world’s developed countries have a lot to work on in this regard. And perhaps the most essential mission falls on businesspeople. The business community should now make investments for a cleaner nature. The way to keep a person alive is through nature.”

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe explains an organization he is very involved in, The Green Climate Fund. Climate change is a situation that occurs due to the release of carbon on our earth. With the increasing production, a straightforward project that is both resistant to changing climatic conditions and reduces the adverse effects that arise is being implemented.

“The Green Climate Fund, an international organization, working on this issue, plays a role in transferring financial resources from developed countries to developing countries. There are many strategies used to combat climate change. The concepts of energy efficiency, recycling, green energy, or alternative energy are concepts that we are familiar with. Besides these strategies, some projects can be carried out in all parts of society for the socio-ecological system we are in to be less affected by climate changes, adapt to other changes that may occur in the future, and renew itself if not enough.”
He is adamant that the Green Climate Fund should be known to all people and that public participation in the Fund should be fully supported. If the public participates in these projects, the yield will increase at a far more rapid level.
“We must replicate these projects by coordinating multiple social, economic, technological, and political factors. The main objective is to resist climate change and establish systems that can renew themselves by minimizing the effects of climate change.
In addition to energy efficiency, projects to increase the resilience of communities to climate change -especially agriculture, water, and local communities- should also stand out. In these projects aimed at increasing resilience to climate change, governments, regulatory and supervisory agencies aim to create more effective and lasting solutions to climate change and infrastructure that provides a better understanding of the functioning of environmental interactions.”
We highly appreciate Dr. Yasam Ayavefe’s insight and care on how to recover from the damage to our environment. We thank him for his time and knowledge and for introducing us to avenues that will benefit nature and Mankind.

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