Here’s part II of our Oak Island Beach Trip! See part I here.

Summer Fun on the Oak Island Beach Trip!

The fun continued all week. We were SO LUCKY with the weather. It was hot but not too hot (only one day was too hot) and we did not see a single drop of rain, much less a thunderstorm.


Thomas and Mazen did a lot of fishing!

They caught a few croaker – and one black fin shark !!

We saw another man catch one down the beach on a walk. And one afternoon there were about 100 people running in one direction – we thought someone was hurt – but it turns out a fisherman had caught a really big shark! It was about 3 feet. Mazen raced down to see it before it swam away.

Shark In The Waves

And then another time we were on the shore when a woman raced out of the ocean with her kids. She pointed at a shark swimming in the waves! I saw its fin and everything – it was at least 3 feet long. I doubt these guys look anything like Jaws, but I bet their bites still do some damage. Needless to say, I only swim when there is a big group with me.

We did a lot of sand activities after that; )

Swim Jammers

Birch started to get sand chafe (or seam rub) early on in the trip so we went out and found him some tight-fitting seamless shorts like these. How cute are his little legs in them !? They worked perfectly.

I loved my new beach hat and Cruz rashguard for beach walks! I went on two runs and walked every day for at least 45 minutes – my favorite pastime!

Mazen made himself a sandwich for lunch everyday – a first !!! Ham, cheese, lettuce, mayo, pickle.

Birch gained some independence when he learned that grownups like to read on the beach in the shade:)

The littles got lots of book time!

Taco Night

Peel n Eat Shrimp

Plus shrimp + mom’s famous mac and cheese.

BBQ Night

I brought this wine from Winc because of its label – appropriate!

Leftovers Night

And our on last night, we put everything on top of chips to make nachos!

Donuts For Breakfast

When we were little my dad would sneak out and bring home a dozen donuts one morning. We’d cut them into quarters so we could try as many flavors as we could! So Thomas and I carried on the tradition and picked up donuts from the shop a few blocks away. They were fantastic!


Donut day I was craving a big salad!

And another day I made a delicious vegetarian stack.

Our last day for lunch we had margs !!

Larbs and I took dad out for father’s day! I had coconut shrimp tacos as well.


I read the book Every Vow You Break in three days – it was SO GOOD! A page turner and easy to read. It reminded me a lot of Verity, which was the best book I read last year. I don’t normally love thrillers, but both of these were not really murdery. They were both head-scratching creepy plot-driven page turners. Both highly recommended for beach reading!

We also had a Wordle competition – Candace won by one 3!

And we played a few rounds of Splendor, our very favorite game.

That’s a wrap !!

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