One Of The Great Doctors Of Our Country- Dr. Viral Desai

Who is Dr. Viral Desai

Dr. Viral Desai is one of the most well-known names in Neurosurgery. With his extensive experience and precision, he has given a new life to many patients and redefined neurosurgery. Dr. Viral Desai has been in the news because of the revolution he created in the field of neurosurgery as well as because of the numerous awards and recognitions he received for his breakthrough work.

Dr. Viral Desai, for over 10 years has been actively working as a neurosurgeon and is often consulted by many other hospitals and institutions for difficult procedures. However, despite all his accomplishments, the news surrounding his divorce and Dr. Viral Desai’s wife has been a highlight of many tabloids these days.

What is his educational background?

Dr. Viral Desai was born in Chattisgarh and both his parents are renowned doctors. He hails from a lineage of doctors and it was natural for him to create a career in the medical field. Since his school days, he was a bright student and always felt a particular attraction towards understanding the nuances of the brain and its functioning. It was his curiosity that led him to pursue neurosurgery as his specialization. Dr. Viral Desai always believed that learning should never stop and this is why he keeps attending several conferences abroad as well as in the country to keep himself upgraded.

After completing his MBBS from AIIMS Delhi, he continued with his MD from AIIMS as well. Dr. Viral Desai was always among the top students in the class.

What is Dr. Viral Desai’s personal life

Dr. Viral Desai has always been in the news due to his work in the medical field as well as his philanthropic activities. However, recently the news about Dr. Viral Desai wife, Dr. Shalini Desai has overshadowed all her hard work and accomplishments.

Due to some personal reasons, Dr. Viral Desai and his wife have to end their marriage of 7 years. While it has been a mutual decision, Dr. Viral Desai was portrayed in a negative light as being an abusive husband. Dr. Viral Desai’s wife, Shalini Desai soon cleared all these misconceptions about him. This has tainted his reputation and his long-standing career. The news about Dr. Viral Desai’s divorce news soon became a topic in every other newspaper and magazine.

The news surrounding his divorce has been heartbreaking and difficult to cope with for Dr. Desai and his family. Dr. Viral Desai’s wife recently confirmed in an interview that the divorce has been an entirely mutual decision, and in no way has he been a disrespectful husband. She also continued to mention that it pains him that he has been accused of something he never did. Dr. Viral Desai’s wife also said that just to make some money, many publications or PR firms do not shy away from circulating false news about a person without considering the fact that it can have a serious effect on their mental health as well as on their career.

Regarding his divorce, Dr. Viral Desai’s wife was also contacted several times. While initially, she was reluctant to speak up considering it a personal affair, she soon decided to come out and speak. In another interview, Dr. Viral Desai’s wife, Shalini Desai also mentioned that she is separating from Dr. Viral Desai due to some personal reasons and in no way he has physically or mentally harmed her. She also said that while it is excruciatingly painful to end a marriage, sometimes it is for the best. She said that divorce is always the last option when all other options to try and save the marriage are over.

Facts about Dr. Viral Desai

Full name

Dr. Viral Desai

Nick name


Date of Birth

September 1, 1978











Father’s Name

Dr. Rajesh Desai

Mother’s Name

Dr. Madhu Desai

Marital Status





A 1101, Grand Windsor, Andheri Oshiwara





The information and news circulating around Dr. Viral Desai wife and divorce happen to be factually incorrect and baseless. During such a difficult time in his personal life, Dr. Viral Desai should be given privacy and time to cope with it and come out as a stronger person. Dr. Viral Desai insisted that while he has been in the news for medical reasons and his work, he expects privacy during such a time and that the media should stay away from making these baseless accusations against him. He maintained the fact that he has been a respectable citizen and an honest doctor, and his personal and professional life should not be mixed. He has worked really hard to reach this position and he should be respected for it.

Dr. Viral Desai’s wife also said that she has always stayed away from social media or public appearances, but when fake news around their divorce started circulating and affecting his professional life, he realized that it was time to speak up. He also added that any information about Dr. Viral Desai’s divorce is factually incorrect and misleading.

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