Park District Breaks Ground on Fargo Parks Sports Complex


FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – The Fargo Parks Sports Complex is one step closer to becoming a reality for the Fargo community. On Thursday, May 5, the Fargo Park District together with the Fargo Park District Foundation and community partners broke ground at the facility’s future site.

“The Fargo Parks Sports Complex is the biggest project the Fargo Park District has ever undertaken. Once completed the 260,000 square foot building will address a critical need for more indoor recreation space, ”Dave Leker, Executive Director of the Fargo Park District said. “A vision like this is much bigger than the Fargo Park District and we are excited to get the project underway. Today was a big day for the Fargo Park District and our community. ”

The Fargo Park District’s vision for this destination facility is to provide a community space for a more active and healthier Fargo. More than 13,000 local kids will benefit from the project in its first year of operation. The project includes 1 full size indoor soccer turf field, 4 full sized basketball courts, administrative offices, multipurpose community space, an indoor 350-meter walking track and the new home to Sanford Power.

“At Sanford, our mission is to create total community health. For kids that means getting them involved in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s an important lesson to learn early on in life, shared Tiffany Lawrence, President and CEO, Sanford Fargo. “For adults, it’s about adding options for physical activity. That’s why Sanford is committed to this project and investing in health and wellness. ”

“The Fargo Park District mission is to improve the lifestyle of the community through a comprehensive system of parks and programs. This project is the logical next step towards achieving our mission and we could not be more excited to get the construction started. ” said Vicki Dawson, Fargo Park Board District President. “Let’s gooooooooooo!”

The Fargo Parks Sports Complex is not limited to sporting activities but is a facility with great potential for multiple kinds of events and programs. Once completed in 2024, the project will attract over 600,000 visitors annually.

“This highly impactful project is a testament to the power of public / private partnership,” said Mike Erickson, Fargo Park District Foundation Vice President. “Getting to today is a collective effort and we are thankful for the support of over 20 community-minded partners.”

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