Press on with GEG, saving lives is the right thing to do


PETALING JAYA: Protecting the health of the population and saving lives is the right thing to do. Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) should press on with its plans to implement the Generational End Game (GEG).

Saying this, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Dr Koh Kar Chai pointed out that many have spoken and given their support for this move which if implemented will give untold relief to the healthcare system in the years to come.

“We understand that certain industry groups may be unhappy about the move but we believe it is time Malaysians prioritize health and embrace a healthy lifestyle,” he said in a statement today.

“Amidst claims of economic losses to the industry, one needs to understand that this is not about an immediate banning of smoking and vaping but about sparing future generations from the scourge caused by such practices.

“The country will gain economically by not having to bear the burden of people being afflicted with diseases associated with tobacco use and EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping product use-Associated Lung Injury).”

Koh said the whole idea behind GEG is to prevent addictions to these products. Addiction is a disease that is extremely difficult to treat and we in the medical profession believe that prevention is the best method, he added.

“We need to prevent early addiction by not allowing our young to pick up the unhealthy habit. We all know and can see for ourselves that kids even as young as 14 years old are experimenting with cigarettes and vaping products. By the time they hit their 20s, they could very well be addicted if not already so whilst in their teens.

“Even with the ban of sale of cigarettes to those 18 years and below, we were not able to prevent new generations from smoking. With proper implementation, enforcement and public support, we believe GEG will be effective in curbing a future of smokers and vapers,” he said.

On behalf of MMA, Koh urged parents to support GEG as treatment of serious illnesses caused by smoking or vaping will cause immense despair to the families concerned. It brings about unnecessary emotional and economic upheavals to families, he said

“To all MPs, don’t let the majority down. We believe, after going through two years of the pandemic, most Malaysians would agree, attaining and maintaining good health is of vital importance. Protect your health by supporting GEG. It can and will save lives,” Koh added.


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