Privesecure Could Join Cardano And Monero To Enter The List Of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies As Buyers Express Huge Interest In Its Presale

Lack of privacy has become a huge issue in today’s time. People are using many digital platforms that take users’ data and share it without their consent. Major social media platforms and other websites have been found guilty of misusing users’ information. Data is essential and blockchain technology is offering solutions to secure it. Many people do not know the blockchain meaning. You have to understand what blockchain is and how it works if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies. Understand this technology and you will recognize platforms that are trying to deliver better security and data privacy.

Such projects use native tokens (cryptocurrencies) to raise funding. Those tokens can become the most valuable crypto assets in the coming years. Privesecure (PRSC), Cardano (ADA), and Monero (XMR) are three platforms trying to resolve issues that affect today’s users. Learn more about those projects to grab a golden investment opportunity.

Privesecure: Fostering an Impregnable Security Culture to Protect Users’ Data
Privesecure is a recently introduced open-source cloud storage platform. It has been developed to deliver exceptional security solutions for crypto investors and traders. Being an open-source platform, Privesecure invites the smartest developers to innovate and share ground-breaking security solutions. This platform can repurpose poorly underutilized computer storage to disrupt the cloud storage industry. It has managed to include key features of blockchain-based platforms, such as immutability, decentralization, and it offers owners full control over their assets.
Features that make Privesecure the best cloud storage solution provider:
Privesecure has developed technology to address issues plaguing the cloud storage industry. This technology can protect data in today’s distributed, complex, multi-cloud or hybrid computing environments. This platform has the means to recognize where particular information is stored. Thus, it can limit access and prevent high-risk behaviors before it is too late.

The following features make Privesecure a better alternative to other cloud storage solution-providing platforms:
• Highly sophisticated cyber security solutions
• Secure access control and authentication methods
• High level of availability
• Offering multiple servers to store data, which are spread across the globe
• End-to-end encryption
• Cutting-edge physical devices and infrastructure
• Advanced cloud monitoring features
• Instant data recovery

What is the Privesecure Token (PRSC)?
Privesecure has launched the PRSC Token to reward users, who store data for other users. Platform users will need the native token to access the most cutting-edge cloud storage solutions available in the market. Privesecure will offer 40,000,000 PRSC Tokens in total. Miners can gain hue incentives by accumulating more storage space. They can rent their secure storage space to Privesecure clients to gain fees and incentives in PRSC Tokens.

How to buy the Privesecure Token (PRSC)?
You can buy the Privesecure Token (PRSC) during the presale stage. Sign up now and use Ethereum tokens to buy PRSC Tokens during the 1st presale stage, you will gain a 10% instant bonus along with a 7% first-stage presale bonus. You can gain 5% extra coins during the second presale stage and 3% extra coins during the third presale stage. Besides, you can receive a $25 reward for referring the Privesecure token. Your friend/colleague must invest at least $50 to buy the PRSC Token. He will also earn a $25 reward with your referral.

Cardano: The Most Sustainable Proof-of-Stake Ouroboros Protocol
Ouroboros is the world’s leading peer-reviewed blockchain protocol. The Cardano blockchain is the first network to exploit this protocol and scale sustainably. This network does not compromise decentralization and security to gain the intended scalability. That feature makes it a top pick for developing decentralized applications and other decentralized platforms. Cardano aims to promote the development of more transparent global payment systems. It is redistributing power and control back into users’ hands. Therefore, it became a major alternative to the 2nd generation blockchain networks. The ADA Token is Cardano blockchain’s native cryptocurrency. This platform will maintain a total supply of 45 billion ADA Tokens. Users will need it to access Cardano’s features for dApp development and also for staking rewards. As per reports, the Cardano Token (ADA) has become the 7th largest crypto asset in terms of market capitalization. It has outpaced the XRP token with a $17.22 market cap.

Monero: A Privacy-Oriented Crypto Asset Enabling Complete Anonymity
Millions of people expressed interest in cryptocurrencies because these assets were promising complete anonymity. Users prefer crypto transactions to protect their identity, but many cryptocurrencies did not deliver what users wanted. Monero was one of the leading blockchain-based projects to facilitate truly anonymous crypto transactions. Monero disguises participants’ addresses when they make transactions. It hides transaction amounts and other details to hide users’ activities on the network. This platform has introduced the Monero Coin (XMR) to fund the development of the project and provide a safer alternative to popular cryptos. The XMR Coin has become one of the most valuable crypto assets since its launch. As per reports, the Monero Token was the most popular crypto asset on Cake Pay in August month. Cake Wallet is one of the most widely used cryptocurrency wallets in the world. It has been reported that users have used the XMR Token more than Bitcoin and LItecoin tokens. It strengthens the Monero Token’s position as one of the best crypto assets in today’s crypto industry.

Privesecure is a recently launched cryptocurrency compared to the more established Cardano and Monero platforms. However, it aims to disrupt the cloud storage industry that entertains many MNCs and millions of individual users. The PRSC Token may potentially deliver better returns than Cardano and Monero Tokens if Privesecure successfully delivers the privacy and security it has promised.

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