Purple Heron To Expand Its Physical Presence By Launching Its First Hospital In The World Heritage City Jaipur


Purple Heron, aiming to become the world’s most advanced protocol-based medical science center, is all set to expand its physical presence in the “Pink City,” Jaipur. With the launch of its first hospital, the doctors envision to give 100 optimal functional years to every human life. Founded under the leadership of Dr. Ayushi Choudhary (MD) & Dr. Nitesh Lamoria. (M.Ch.), the hospital intends to establish the landscape of healthcare 2.0 with the conjecture of a patented 4 ‘R’ approach, namely Regeneration, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation & Research.

The first pillar which is Regeneration, uses inherent body mechanisms and ability to restore or establish normal function that has been damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital issues. Regenerative medicine aims to stimulate the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal tissues or organs through IV-stem cells, Intra-Articular stem cells, IV Nutraceuticals, Stem cells derived from bone marrow, Blood derived stem cells, Mesenchymal stem cells and Intra-organ.

The second is Reconstruction, where Purple Heron ensures to Reconstruct the complications that arise from diseases like Advanced Cancer & Trauma. Having the most advanced microscopes & interactive OT screens, the Purple Heron hospital provides the patients with the best treatment. The integrated efforts of various specialties come together to provide the patients with a comprehensive healthcare treatment.

Then comes the pillar of Rehabilitation, where different sets of interventions are designed to optimize functioning & enhance the overall ability to integrate you back into society.

Rehabilitation is a highly individual-centered approach, meaning that the approach and the interventions selected for each individual depends on their goals and preferences. Neurorehabilitation, Rheumatological Treatment & rehabilitation, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation are some of the examples of Rehabilitation technique.

And the last fourth ‘R,’ ie Research is the essential part of a medical science that utilizes world-class high-end technology to provide patients with the best treatment. To move forward in the future, Research plays a key role that provides patients with a holistic based medical treatment.

The goal of the hospital is to redefine the medical industry in India and set a revolutionary example for the world to follow. With the VR & AR enabled super microscopes, ultra modular OTs and interactive screens, ICU bed setups, a team of skilled plastic surgeons, super specialty doctors, and world-class medical equipments, the hospital is offering patients a holistic protocol-based medical treatment .

Purple Heron Hospital works on the principle of 4Rs where we vision to decompartmentalize the medical science the way it is perceived by the patients. We view the body as a whole system that works together in harmony; we do not see the human body as a different department. Therefore, to help patients recover completely and achieve proper functionality, the team of doctors at Purple Heron makes every possible effort to give 100 optimal functional years to every human life.”

Purple Heron has become one of the most advanced Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Centers in India. With the aim to revolutionize the medical industry, the team of specialized doctors make their best effort and introduce the most advanced VR & AR-enabled super microscopes at the heart of their medical treatments.

Recognizing the importance of new-age treatment protocols, the doctors are leveraging a line of super-speciality devices and high-end technologies that are to be introduced for the very first time in India. By optimizing Hepa filters with advanced modular OTs, Purple Heron is making an attempt to minimize the rate of infection and indiscriminate antibiotic use.

Dr. Ayushi Choudhary (MD) and Dr. Nitesh Lamoria (M.Ch.) is working to create the world’s first advanced cosmetic, laser, and aesthetic center in India under one roof. ‘HERA & HEBE’ optimizes the best-in-class FDA-approved technology and well-structured procedures to change the way healthcare is perceived, starting from India, and eventually across the world in the coming future. Some of their exceptional services include Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Fat Reduction, Breast Surgery, HD Body Contouring, Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery, Non-Invasive Procedure, Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Rehab SX blocks, Neuro & Rheumatologic, Rehab CT guided, Hand Surgery, Microsurgery, Reconstructive Surgery, and Regeneration Medicine Department Services.


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