QBSSS8JS (2022 Claim Best Welcome Signup Bonus)

QBSSS8JS is KuCoin Affiliate Referral Code. Use this affiliate code to get a free sign-up bonus reward up to $510 in USDT for every new user. You can also share your own personal referral code with friends to claim bonus cashback and discounts on all their cryptocurrency trades.

Claim the KuCoin Affiliate Referral Bonus here.

KuCoin Affiliate Referral Code

How to Use KuCoin Affiliate Code for the Kucoin App?

1. Install the KuCoin application on your phone or use the affiliate/referral link above. (After installation, launch the new application) Valid on both Apple or Android devices.

2. Open the app after the installation

3. Click the user icon in the top left corner of the welcome screen.

4. Click Sign Up to register for a new KuCoin account.

5. Type in valid email address and use the OTP then confirm your email..

6. After entering your preferred password click next.

7. Paste into referral code section: QBSSS8JS for app to receive a $10 bonus (claim in the beginner rewards section).

8. You are now done and have successfully created your new KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange account.

You can follow the same format when creating an account on the web browser too, just visit the signup page and apply the KuCoin affiliate code.

Which Kucoin app affiliate or referral code is the best?

The affiliate referral code for the Kucoin app is QBSSS8JS. By using this code, you will receive a $10 sign-up bonus and up to an additional $500 in rewards. Earn trading fee commissions by sharing your unique code with your friends and family. QBSSS8JS is the best Kucoin referral code for 2022. This code is valid on both the app and web-based version of KuCoin.

KuCoin Referral and affiliate programs

Nearly all the cryptocurrency exchanges prior to KuCoin offered referral systems similar to that of KuCoin. Users would receive a small share of the revenue produced by referrals in exchange for introducing their colleagues, friends and family.

As of now, the Kucoin exchange has launched a brand-new referral program that operates in a completely unique way. The program lets all users invite new people to sign up, but rather than receiving cash rewards in exchange for their referrals; instead, they will receive KuCoin stars. After claiming, these reward stars are able to be exchanged for a wide selection of prizes, gifts and other rewards – which includes a huge reward of $1000 dollars to those who earn the top prize of 20000 stars!

With these referral codes, a user’s friends can sign up for the program and get big bonuses of their own. This allows everyone to claim more rewards, and also claim big discounts on their trading fees.

Recently, KuCoin has also introduced an upgraded affiliate program, allowing users to earn up to 55% commission on all their invitee’s crypto currency trades.

Affiliate Program of KuCoin

KuCoin members can now also participate in a much more traditional affiliate scheme in which they can refer or introduce other new users and claim commissions based on the volume of cryptocurrency which they trade every week.

Affiliates are eligible to receive commissions on their trading fees up to 55% of the trading costs. This allows for huge potential earnings by active affiliates. Also, what is unique to this program, is that KuCoin allows a ‘2nd level’ commission, offering an additional 5% in commissions. This program will also allow you to offer your referrals a customizable discount on their trading fees too.

You can start using the Kucoin referral program by following the steps below:

1. Launch the KuCoin app, then select menu

2. Select ‘Invite friends.

3. Here, you will be able to receive your unique Kucoin reference code.

With every successful referral, your invitees are able to claim $10 – $510 in rewards and you will be able to earn lucrative bonuses with the referral program – offering a wide variety of amazing rewards and prizes. The affiliate program at KuCoin also follows a similar method, via the affiliate section.

About the Kucoin platform

Starting 2017, Kucoin was founded around the time as one of the most famous other crypto exchanges which is Binance. You are able to earn up to 55% on each successful invitation you make to your friends to trade on KuCoin. The exchange offers margin, spot, derivatives, futures, and peer-to-peer (P2P) trading in addition to many other standard trading options. Users also have the choice of lending to be able to stake their cryptocurrency to receive bonuses, rewards and daily interest.

Claim KuCoin Referral Bonus today!

Today, you can receive the sign-up bonus by using the KuCoin affiliate/referral code: QBSSS8JS. For crypto traders and investors who want access to sophisticated and a wide array of tools as well as the ability to manage all of your cryptocurrency in one location, KuCoin is the ideal platform.

Kucoin Analysis

One of the few trading platforms that offers customers virtually total flexibility is Kucoin. Providing futures, margin and spot trading and the ability to lend, stake, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Active traders can keep tabs on their trades using the KuCoin app on their phone, and they can use KCS to gain special offers and reductions on trading commissions.

What are the KuCoin trading fees?

One of the most economical and least expensive cryptocurrency exchanges is KuCoin, which charges a maximum of just 0.1% of each trade. In contrast to competing cryptocurrency exchanges, it does not charge users monthly account fees and has substantially lower trade fees. Kucoin does not charge a fee for cryptocurrency deposits, unlike other crypto exchanges.

KuCoin offers unusually low trading costs compared to other cryptocurrencies, accounting for less than 0.1% of all transactions.


To claim the special new member bonus, enter the Kucoin affiliate referral code QBSSS8JS. Obtaining the sign-up bonus is quite simple, during account creation, simply enter the Kucoin app affiliate code QBSSS8JS. Only when creating a new account will allow you to apply the affiliate/referral code. Then visit the rewards section to see how to claim the amazing rewards.

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