Restaurateur-Entrepreneur Vishal Karia Shares His Thoughts on the Competitive Food Industry


Vishal Karia is a renowned restaurateur who has worked hard to achieve the success he enjoys today. Vishal has always been a visionary and wanted to do big things. It was not his style to do a regular 9-5 job. He hustled and worked beyond hours to build a successful career in the restaurant industry. Today, he is associated as a co-partner of various eateries and restaurants in Mumbai.

Some of the eateries where Vishal Karia is a partner are NomNom, Estella, Silver Beach Cafe, Epitome, South Bombay Bar and many more. When asked what made him interested in the restaurant industry, Vishal reveals, “I knew that I won’t be able to do a regular job. I have nothing against stable jobs. But it would not make me happy.”

He adds, “So during my college days, I decided that I will rather focus on working for myself. I see the food industry as a forever profitable business. As a food lover myself who loves to visit new eateries, it wasn’t tough to make up my mind to venture into this field.”

Even though the food industry is quite busy as so many people love eating outside, it’s also competitive. When Vishal Faria was asked how he deals with severe competition, the Restaurateur added, “Every industry is competitive. It depends on an individual if they want to focus on the competition or the growth of their venture. If my eateries serve good food, treat the customers with care and respect and give positive vibes, nothing can stop it from growing.”

Vishal believes people should invest more time in perfecting their business than seeing what their competitors are doing. He adds, “A healthy competition is necessary; otherwise people will become lazy and not try to do better themselves. However, these competitors will come and go. Others sometimes see you as their major competitor and want to be like you. So the best thing one can do is keep doing their job honestly, and the results will always be in their favor.”


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