Revealing the fitness secrets of Tom Cruise

Revealing the fitness secrets of Tom Cruise

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Dr. Akanksha Saxena

Jul 01, 2022, 05:10 pm
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Revealing the fitness secrets of Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is one of the fittest actors in Hollywood. (Photo credit: Flickr)

Tom Cruise is one of the most celebrated and good-looking actors in Hollywood who is not only known for his great action performances but also for his impressive physical health.

Even at the age of 59, the Mission Impossible star has maintained his physique and looks extremely fit, and healthy.

If you are curious about his workout and fitness secrets, then continue reading!

Here is what our expert says

  • Tom Cruise is an adventure enthusiast and is known to perform some of his own stunts for the movies.
  • He takes a calorie-restricted diet which is rich in proteins, antioxidants, and fiber. He has reduced his daily intake of red meat.
  • His workout routine is a good mix of weight training, cardio indoors, and outdoor activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, and spelunking.

Cruise is a fan of adventure sports

Cruise loves adventure sports and incorporates a variety of different activities in his fitness regime apart from hitting the treadmill and doing weighted workouts.

He regularly switches between cardio and strength activities like caving, kayaking, rock climbing, and fencing to maintain his balance and flexibility.

He also performs his own stunts to take his fitness regime to a whole new level.

Cruise works out five days a week

Cruise works out five days weekly where he uses three days for weight training and cardio and the remaining days for outdoor activities.

On day one, he does chest, triceps, and shoulders and practices an outdoor activity on day two.

Day three is for the back, biceps, and traps, and day four is dedicated to an activity.

Day five is for legs and abs.

He sticks to 1,200 calories per day

Cruise avoids junk food and loves snacking on nuts and freeze-dried organic blueberries when hungry.

He rarely indulges in cheat meals and consumes a maximum of 1,200 calories per day along with a few carbs.

This diet routine was devised by David Beckham.

Cruise strictly avoids sugar and his diet comprises egg whites, grilled chicken, oatmeal, fish, whey protein, vegetables, and other healthy foods.

He relies upon a lot of supplements

Cruise consumes around 15 macro meals daily which are prepared by his personal chefs.

Since he follows a low-calorie diet, Cruise includes a lot of health supplements in his everyday routine to stay healthy and fit.

He relies upon health supplements like multivitamins, magnesium, omega-3, and vitamin B-12 along with vitamin D, calcium, whey protein, potassium, and folic acid to fuel his gains.

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