Sahil Ali Hussain Redefines The Realm Of Entrepreneurship


We are all living in the era of digitization which has yet again redefined itself, making people use it daily. Everything is automated and web-centric, from recharging your mobile phones to ordering food. Just like this, no one can escape the absolute necessity of technology in their daily lives. We are so dependent on technology that it’s difficult to do anything without it. Sahil Ali Hussain is a young entrepreneur and the director of Costaforex technologies PVT Ltd., who automated trading software that is dominating the sector with persistent ideation and approach. Sahil Ali’s Costafx is a platform for commercial markets or currency pairs traders assisted by an automated robot configuration and has experts who manage trading accounts. The project has raised its net worth to more than INR 33 crores.

Technology is important because it is used in every aspect of life. Consider your everyday activities and the number of technological devices you use in a single day, and you’ll quickly see how crucial technology is to your use of your phone, TV, automobile, computer, and other electrical devices. With his enduring concepts and inventiveness, Sahil Ali Hussain establishes new financial markets or currency pairs. Sahil’s journey began when he was a teenager because he was born and raised in the small village of Nanded. He wasn’t hesitant to work in the profession because of his age or teenage appearance. He has now established the ideal example for pursuing one’s objectives without being intimidated by one’s age or doubting one’s capabilities.

His interest and tenacity led him to realize what was best for him—making a reputation for himself in the field. Sahil began by concentrating on the precise methods of formulating strategies that would lead to his achievement. After learning about the highs and lows of running a business, Sahil made the decision to experiment with his numerous technological talents and streamline trade. Sahil built the necessary contacts inside and outside the field by using social media and finance websites to channel his knowledge and stay current with industry developments. He was diligent and upbeat and learned about new technological developments like Blockchain, AI, and machine learning. He entered the emerging futuristic world, thanks to his skills in trading and finance.

Sahil’s initial steps are incomparable with the financial markets with artificial intelligence, and his currency pair robots made no glitches while converting GBP and USD, the two greatest currencies that are used across the globe. Following the success of his projects, Sahil Ali Hussain shared, “Believing in the key attributes of an operation is a thriving characteristic, and an honest entrepreneur must possess traits like loyalty, compassion, risk management, patience, and passion to tackle them. My focus always remains on training and guidance for the upcoming industry learners. It is introductory to managing these issues while rooting for the cause and resolving community hardships rather than just personal problems. I cling to the possibility of immense success and prosperity, which can be achieved only with hard work.”

Entrepreneurship makes you deal with new hardships and resurfaces a person’s purpose in life. Many aspire to become an entrepreneur to provide solutions to others’ problems but very few of them actually do it – making society a better place to live in. Sahil Ali Hussain has made it come true. He believes in working hard and never giving up on one’s dreams. He, along with his new innovative ideas, has always been interested in improving the financial and industrial ecosystem, making a difference, and pursuing his passions without interference.


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