Secret Facts Behind PrimeGENIX Cortisync Supplement Revealed!

Cortisync is a dietary supplement that can only be bought online at

The supplement, made by PrimeGENIX, is meant to bring cortisol levels back into balance in as little as two weeks. The formula can also improve physical performance, give people more strength and energy, improve the way their metabolism works, and help them concentrate.

Cortisync uses a mix of natural ingredients to keep cortisol in check. Users do not have to use prescription drugs to deal with stress. Instead, they can use plant-based ingredients, vitamins, and mineral supplements.

Each bottle of Cortisync costs $69.


Cortisync has seven active ingredients. Each of them can help with cortisol, stress, and adrenal health. By helping the adrenal glands work well, these adaptogens may be able to bring cortisol levels back to normal, which can help control one’s stress response.

Here is what the official website says about all of the adaptogens in Cortisync and how they work:

Sensory: Sensoril is one of the parts of Cortisync that has the most scientific evidence behind it. Multiple clinical trials have shown that the patented ingredient helps with stress response, cortisol management, and other things. Studies show that Sensoril can help with sleep, cortisol levels, and more. The company that made Sensoril took ashwagandha, used a special process to concentrate it, and then boiled it down to make the Sensoril formula. Today, Sensoril is found in a lot of supplements because it is very good at reducing stress. Sensoril boosts the natural compounds in ashwagandha that lower cortisol, which helps support a number of benefits.

Holy basil: It is a leafy green plant that was once used to improve health and wellness all over the body. It is now valued for its ability to reduce stress. Studies show that holy basil can help control metabolic stress, protect against adrenal fatigue, and balance cortisol levels in other ways.

L-Theanine: L-theanine is a chemical found in plants with calming and anti-anxiety effects. L-theanine is a natural part of green tea. It may cancel out some of the bad effects of caffeine. It gets through the blood-brain barrier to boost alpha wave activity. This has anti-aging effects and protects against cognitive decline that comes with age, among other benefits.

Lemon balm: Many sleep aids and natural ways to feel calm contain lemon balm extract. Modern studies have shown that lemon balm can help with mood, brain function, feeling calm, and being alert. It is linked to a calm state of alertness. It doesn’t make people jittery and hyper like caffeine, and it doesn’t put them to sleep like melatonin. Instead, it calms users and improves focus and energy without the side effects of stimulants.

Lychee: It is a popular fruit that has been grown in tropical areas for hundreds of years. PrimeGENIX says that lychee is a “cortisol-balancing super fruit” because it has micronutrients like vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, and K, as well as other minerals that are good for health.

Magnolia: This tree grows all over the world, and it has medicinal properties. Today, scientists have found that magnolia’s active ingredients make it easier to fall asleep and relax. Some studies have even found that magnolia can help people feel less stressed.

Rhodiola Rosea: It is one of the adaptogens that has been studied the most. Studies show that Rhodiola can help people feel less overwhelmed when things are stressful.

PrimeGENIX says that each of the ingredients in Cortisync has been shown to help reduce cortisol by a large amount on its own. If all seven ingredients are taken together, the benefits increase.

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Cortisync is made up of a mix of herbs and plants that help the body adapt. Adaptogens are natural substances that help the body deal with physical and mental stress.

By taking two Cortisync capsules every day, users give their bodies a lot of natural ingredients that can help keep cortisol in check and support other benefits. According to PrimeGENIX, the ingredients in Cortisync have been shown in clinical studies to start balancing cortisol in 2 weeks.

Cortisync could bring their cortisol levels back into the normal range if they are too high. This is what the official website says. People have high cortisol levels because of stressful things in their lives, things in their environment, and other problems. After a few weeks of use, Cortisync can help balance cortisol.


PrimeGENIX says that Cortisync can help with the following things:

  • Begins balancing cortisol in 2 weeks

  • Boost strength and energy and strength

  • Improve the body’s working

  • Reduce hunger

  • Improve brain health and metabolism

Cortisync also provides these benefits with a formula that is 100% natural, comes from clinically tested ingredients, and is recommended by doctors.

Scientific Evidence for Cortisync

Cortisync’s makers point to dozens of studies that show how well the formula works to keep cortisol in balance and help reduce stress.

Cortisync is recommended by Dr. Kaleb Redden, the team doctor for PrimeGENIX and a doctor who specializes in sports medicine. Dr. Redden is an expert on exercise and nutrition, so he knows how dangerous it is to have too much cortisol in the body. Today, Dr. Redden says that Cortisync is a good way to control cortisol levels.

Sensoril is one of the parts of Cortisync that has the most scientific evidence behind it. It is a secret formula that has been patented. It is made from an adaptogenic herb. In one study that was mentioned on the Cortisync websiteSensoril did a much better job of reducing stress than a placebo.

In a separate study on Sensoril, the compound cut stress from everyday life by 62.2%. The people in the study took 500 mg of Sensoril and then did squats and bench presses to put themselves under stress. Stress levels were 62.2% lower for people in the Sensoril group than for people in the placebo group.

A third study that PrimeGENIX cites shows that Sensoril can also help people sleep better. In one study, people who took either 125 mg of Sensoril or a placebo had much better sleep. When the participants woke up, they felt physically and mentally refreshed, recharged, and renewed.

Holy basil, the second adaptogen in the Cortisync formula, has also been shown to help people deal with stress in human studies. Human basil, which is also called tulsi, has been shown to reduce stress by 31.6% to 39% in a number of studies. In other studies, holy basil has been linked to a better mood, less inflammation, and other benefits.

L-theanine is another ingredient in Cortisync that helps with stress. Studies show that L-theanine can help with anxiety, symptoms of stress, and cognitive function. In this 2019 study published in Nutrients, for example, researchers found that healthy adults who took L-theanine for four weeks had less stress and better cognitive function.

Overall, Cortisync is a mix of stress-relieving ingredients that have been shown to help with anxiety, the body’s response to stress, and other benefits. The formula uses well-known and popular ingredients to help the body deal with physical and mental stress. This could make it easier for the body to control cortisol levels.

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Cortisync costs $59.95 per bottle, but when people buy 3 or 6 bottles, the price goes down.

Here is how the prices work:

  • $59.95 plus shipping for one month’s worth

  • Supply for three months: $169.95 plus shipping

  • Supply for six months: $319.95 plus Free USA Shipping

Each bottle of Cortisync has enough for one month’s worth of use (60 capsules or 30 servings). To help keep cortisol levels in check, users should take two capsules every day.

Refund Policy

Cortisync comes with a money-back guarantee that lasts for 67 days. Within 67 days of purchase, buyers can ask for a full refund with no questions asked.

If they are not happy with Cortisync for any reason, or if it did not help with their stress, they can get a full refund within 67 days of buying it.


Will CortiSync® make users feel sleepy?

No. In fact, CortiSync® is made to fight fatigue and keep users going all day.

My blood sugar is high. Can CortiSync® help?

Yes. In fact, the ingredients in CortiSync® can help keep blood sugar at a healthy level and help keep blood pressure at a healthy level.

Why is CortiSync® better than other supplements?

CortiSync® is better than other options for more than one reason. First, the formula is made with a cortisol-lowering ingredient that has been tested in twelve clinical studies with people. It also has seven different adaptogens that make this a one-of-a-kind formula. It is simple to use. Results are fast. And the formula is made of only natural ingredients and has no harmful side effects. Plus, each ingredient is backed by great research. And that’s why doctors recommend this formula as a safe way to lower cortisol and reduce stress.

Are there any side effects of Cortisync?

The ingredients in CortiSync® have been tested in many clinical studies, both on people and animals, and they have not caused any harmful side effects. In fact, the scientific community says that each ingredient in the formula is “well tolerated.”

Why does CortiSync® come with a good guarantee?

The company is so sure that CortiSync® will help people live a much better life that it offers a refund if buyers are not happy with it.


PrimeGENIX made Cortisync with natural ingredients to help people deal with stress.

Two capsules of the product are to be taken every day. This balances cortisol levels and helps improve health in many ways.

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