Social Media And Political Propagandas Explained By Social Media Expert Ajeet Gunwant Parse

According to social media specialist Ajeet Gunwant Prase, social media is the fifth pillar of democracy. While describing social media’s future, he first described the current social media scenario. But, before we jump into that, let’s get an idea of ​​Ajeet Gunwant Parse. Ajeet Gunwant Parse is a social media expert who was born and raised in Nagpur, is always willing to share new and insightful information with us. Ajeet Gunwant Parse is a knowledgeable person who keeps up with the latest innovations in the social media industry. But that’s only one of his areas of expertise; he’s also passionate about sharing his views on the ongoings in social media.

Based on our conversation with Ajeet Gunwant Parse, he strongly feels social media is highly dominated by political agendas in the 21st century. Most of the time, political parties are seen either propagating their ideologies or circulating information about various incidents.

Ajeet Gunwant Parse goes on to elaborate how the use of social media for propaganda purposes can induce instability and atrocity in the general public’s eyes, and this can further divide the public who differ on political grounds. According to Ajeet Gunwant Parse, social media has enormous reach which is true, there are around 300 million new photos published to Facebook every day, while 6,000 Tweets are generated every second. 1 Weekly views on the most popular YouTube channels exceed 14 billion, rather than using social media to educate the general public, political parties only use social media for their own agenda.

General public gathers most of the news and important information through social media, says Ajeet Gunwant Parse, and when social media is your first source of gathering information, you definitely can’t base your facts around it, this is what most people fail to understand . One cannot blindly believe what they are being told on social media. Social media is not a place where you consume content and not verify the same, Ajeet Gunwant Parse explains.

When discussing the drawbacks of social media, Ajeet Gunwant Parse also emphasizes on how social media can also be a great help during times of crisis, an example of the same is COVID-19. Social media and its community really helped in amplifying the situation and need for some assistance during the catastrophe. People who didn’t know each other joined hands in helping and providing aid, that’s the good side of social media as well, if used properly for the right purpose.

Ajeet Gunwant Parse concluded by saying that its in the hand of the social media user how they want to utilize the platform and how they wish to consume content, but as a social media expert, he strongly recommends double checking the information one is receiving for their own good.

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