Space Command’s Lt. Gen John Shaw Says Space Is ‘Under Threat’


What are the major risks?

Our main enemies are China and Russia, which have already shown a number of ways to keep our space technology at risk. We saw this in 2007, when China launched an anti-satellite missile that exploded one of their satellites. By the way, today we are still tracking thousands of garbage for those tests. This represents the threat to safety and mobility in the air. Not a good event.

And, recently, Russia did the same on November 15 last year, detonating one of their satellites. And now we have hundreds of pieces of trash we are looking for because of this. In addition, they continue to develop other skills: satellite and navigation signal jamming capabilities; directing ground-based energy that can be used to illuminate, disturb, or destroy satellites in the earth’s low-lying path, and so on.

So why are China and Russia doing this? Because they see the significance of space in modern warfare, and how our earthly powers depend on celestial powers. And they want to put them at risk, because they are afraid of the potential for our space economy.

Where did this new paper come from? It contains a large section, which covers historical, philosophical, and literary texts – it does not read as a dry military report.

Oh good, success! At least in your mind.

With the new United States Space Command in 2019, the president signed a memorandum of understanding that included: Well, you are now responsible for an area 100 miles above sea level, land and beyond. What you do with math, then it is a very big part. It is as if the whole universe except the earth and the atmosphere a little bit. That’s a lot. Now, of course, the right battle space is not that great. At least not yet.

When you as an army officer are given a role, it changes your mind a little bit. It not only gives power to the worldly areas outside the region; you are now responsible for the actions and risks and other risks that occur within the responsibility section. And it goes back to the old times. In ancient times, if a Roman Caesar assigned a task to one of his troops, he had to make sure that he knew what was going on in that area, set it down, and keep it safe. If he did not do so, he would probably be fired from his job or even worse.

Now that we have a physical role of responsibility, it means we need to understand what is going on there. We need to “keep an eye” on it. I put this in words, because we do this with robotic spacecraft.

I will also point out, as I do in the paper, that this is the first time in the history of the military that we have had an unspecified role in the maps on the site. Technically, etymologically, our AOR does not exist; not the lines written on the earth, nor the lines between the stars. That’s why I use the word “astrographic”.


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