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A bit of life lately with all of our summer fun!

Summer Fun ’98

Growing up, my friend Lydia’s family had a giant camcorder. The kind that sat on your shoulder and was the size of a shoe box. We would spend hours recording our days, and the most “famous” of our VHS tapes has the label “SUMMER FUN ’98!” (I wish I had an easy way to digitize this video and put it on YouTube!) When I think of summertime as a teen, I think of that video!

4th Of July

We had a chill 4th at the pool.

Remember a summer of 2020 when we had to reserve a 12 × 12 square of pool three days in advance and only swim with our immediate family? This was such a change from that – there were 1,000 people splashing around on Monday! I’ve never seen it so crowded.

There were lots of kids activities and music for the adults. Plus a drum circle!

I had a couple of these Rose Waters. I don’t really care for hard seltzers (too sweet!) But this blend of rosé and sparkling water still tastes like wine. It’s only 4.9% – ideal for a hot day. If you prefer your summer water to taste 100% like wine, Summer Water is the best! Get a case of minis.

This recipe is coming to KERF soon – vegetarian Taco Pasta Salad! It was great for a summer picnic.

Summer Food

I also think of fresh food in the summertime !! Tomatoes, corn, berries, peaches, watermelon, ice cream cones. We’ve been soaking it all up!

Love me some Kohr Brothers!

Frozen Berry Smoothie Bowls

The Best Salad Dressing

I’ve mentioned before that there are very few bottled salad dressings that I like. But THIS ONE is excellent! The label says “it’s just like you would make at home” and I can vouch that the flavor is very similar to anything I’d make in a mason jar. I found it at Whole Foods, but it’s on Amazon too.

Dinners On The Porch

We’ve been continuing on our Blue Apron subscription and enjoying so many great dinners on the porch. Still doing the “cook every other night” cadence.

Caraway Pans

You’d think this pan would never recover from that black char, but it all came off with soap and a sponge! (See my Caraway review here.)

Dropps Is 30% Off Site-Wide

I’ve been obsessed with Dropps this year for all of my home things – laundry pods, dishwasher pods, hand soap (their Jasmine Honeysuckle foaming soap pods smell INCREDIBLE!)

And now this Revitalizing Mist. It’s like Febreeze without all the fragrance, and you can use it to freshen things (shoes, closets) or air (ahem toilet rooms).

Dropps is celebrating Plastic Free July by offering 30% off their entire collection of sustainable household essentials in a continued effort to reduce single-use plastic waste and promote eco-friendly alternatives.

Use code NOJUGS this month for 30% off. I’ll be restocking everything!

Ben Rector Concert

Back in June, I went with my friends Lynsie and Meg to see Ben Rector – for the 4th time !! He is the BEST !!

Meg and I shared a hotel room at the Watermark Hotel, which was fabulous. Lynsie works for Starr Hill Brewery and has stayed at this hotel a lot as they’ve opened a new Biergarten in Tysons Corner.

Drinks to kick off girls’ night!

We had dinner at Wren inside the hotel and it was fabulous. We shared a bunch of small plates.

Starr Hill Biergarten

The Biergarten was very cool – open air with beautiful views!

Obsessed with the art on their cans!

Lynsie about to have her FIFTH baby – her first girl!

I didn’t get any pics of the show (just Instagram Stories videos) but we had so much fun! TOO MUCH FUN – I can’t drink like I used to; )

Lauren’s 40th Bday Dinner

A few months ahead of me, Lauren turned 40! I took her out for her bday to celebrate at Passiflora. We both wore our most floral dresses!

Ancho Chile Marg !!

Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Naturally the most birthday appropriate dessert on the mall!

Blackberry Thief

Birch led me into the neighbors yard to a ‘secret’ blackberry bush on “their farm” to eat one. (He and Thomas had been there the day before). He insisted we were eating raspberries because they weren’t ripe yet and hadn’t turned black. It was quite hilarious!

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