Supontis Could Improve Interconnectivity On The Blockchain Much Like Cosmos And Polkadot

A common problem faced in cryptocurrency is that individual blockchain networks do not communicate with each other easily. This issue prevents crypto assets from being transferred over different networks. SUPONTIS aims to be the best project in terms of blockchain interconnectivity.

Blockchain is a hack proof system operated in cryptocurrency. Many tokens of projects exist on different types of blockchain networks consensus either on Bitcoin’s ($BTC) proof-of-work (PoW) or Ethereum’s ($ETH) proof-of-stake (PoS), and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

SUPONTIS wants to be the bridge that connects all blockchain networks. Despite their advantages, it is difficult for these blockchain networks to have a smooth interconnection over assets transfer between themselves. This article will consider beneficial ways SUPONTIS ($PON) can improve blockchain interconnectivity and how the project compares with COSMOS ($ATOM) and POLKADOT ($DOT).

SUPONTIS platform aims to revolutionize the way blockchain networks communicate with another network smoothly, where they can discuss and build exciting projects and use cases to benefit users and investors in the cryptocurrency market.
The heart of SUPONTIS is its native token, $PON. This token is operated on BNB SmartChain to allow faster transactions at low costs.
Consider the ways SUPONTIS ($PON) can improve Blockchain interconnectivity:
Cross-chain transfer of assets: Blockchain is home to thousands of crypto assets across different blockchain networks. SUPONTIS ($PON) builds a two-way mechanism that facilitates the easy transfer of assets from one initial chain to the final chain.

SUPONTIS supports easy interconnectivity between assets existing on Ethereum ($ETH), Tron ($TRX), BINANCE ($BNB) and Fantom ($FTM).
•Community-governed structure: SUPONTIS ($PON) operates a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure where operational decisions are made by the community of users holding $PON tokens. Members holding $PON tokens can decide the future of SUPONTIS and vote on incoming projects. Members with large $PON tokens can bring their proposal up via democratic voting.
• Staking rewards: to enhance the project’s integrity, SUPONTIS adopts the proof-of-stake consensus where members can lock in their $PON tokens to provide liquidity for crypto projects.
This initiative spurs users in the SUPONTIS Ecosystem to hold a large bag of $PON tokens in their wallets. Users can unstake at any time without any penalty. As a result, members enjoy passive income from staking.

SUPONTIS ($PON) aims to envelop all aspects of blockchain technology so users can benefit by accessing different use cases and networks. This project ensures improved cross-communication between users of various blockchain networks.

Developers call COSMOS the “internet of blockchain.” Cosmos allows users in different blockchain networks to interact and transact seamlessly. Cosmos solves Scalability problems where specific blockchain networks rely on Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus, which is slow and expensive. Cosmos allows these networks to leverage other networks’ capabilities, improving their use case. $ATOM is the native token of COSMOS

POLKADOT is a blockchain network that provides interoperability between users of different blockchain networks. Polkadot allows tokens and data transfer between networks to speed up the transaction process by using parachains and parathreads to unite the blockchain networks. $DOT is the native token of POLKADOT. $DOT tokens enable holders to become Validators of the Polkadot chain and stake their tokens to receive passive income.

SUPONTIS combines these two existing platforms’ operations and makes them better. Also, it allows users to interact freely, share data and tokens easily, and access other Web 3.0 technology to improve scalability and usability for members of different blockchains.

Final Thoughts: Supontis Could Be A Successful Future Endeavour
In cryptocurrency, having Bitcoin ($BTC) in your wallet and the need to spend Ethereum ($ETH) is a common scenario, and the transactions are complex.
This scenario is why blockchain bridges are needed; to allow for easy change of assets while retaining the value of such assets with low transaction fees.
Despite individual blockchain networks and their different consensus mechanisms, SUPONTIS is the SUPER BRIDGE to connect all blockchains.

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