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Dynamic, inventive, fun and effective. Personal Trainer Cecilia Murray is bringing the funk to FunKtional Fitness and her clients are falling in love with their life-changing results.

“No two clients are the same, therefore, they cannot be trained in the same way. People become bored easily so I get creative in order to keep them motivated and consistent, ”Murray told Lifestyle.

The fitness guru has always been a fan of the active life. She participated in all parts of the cadets during high school and her goal was to one day become a member of the Jamaica Constabulary or the Jamaica Defense Force; however, the height requirements stood in the way of those possibilities.

With those dreams crushed, she sought refuge in the gym. “I joined the gym to gain weight and never looked back,” and soon discovered an exciting avenue that would help others become the best version of themselves.

Murray’s typical day starts at 4 am and wraps at 11 pm, with a host of activities to tend to. Her itinerary includes rising from slumber, indulging in a light breakfast and then meeting the needs of clients virtually as well as face to face. By 8 am, this instructor gets in her leg of training, working out for an hour.


“Working out in the morning is better for me because my energy levels are at their highest but that’s not the case for everyone,” she mentions, advising that it is important to figure out what works for you, taking into consideration your schedule. A post-workout meal later, she is back to clients before having lunch and running errands at noon. Once she returns, she cooks and enjoys her fourth meal, resuming a combination of face to face and online training from 4:30 pm to 9 pm

There’s dinner at 9:15 pm, sans the carbohydrates. From there, house matters of meal and workout plans take place until bedtime at 11 pm “I work out every day (five days of hardcore and two days of light workout routines). Sessions are no less than an hour long. ”

The results Murray received from the gym were so significant that it brought along with it immense joy. She experienced that same happiness after watching her first client’s body transformation. The satisfaction expressed was all the motivation she needed to follow her calling.

FunKtional Fitness services offered face-to-face training, online training, a mix of face-to-face and online training, boot camp, pool aerobics and fitness and nutrition consultation. Nutrition should be practical and easily incorporated into your routine. “We do not encourage starving yourself,” she said, adding that the program focuses on holistic and sustainable lifestyle changes.

She discourages crash programs and instead encourages community and accountability platforms, where journeys and struggles are shared among everyone who wishes to utilize such platforms. Motivation is very important to the fitness journey. All programs are tailored to suit clients’ fitness levels, daily routines and medical and physical challenges. All clients are important and welcomed, no matter the age, fitness level, socio-economic class, color or sexual orientation.

So far, Murray is enjoying her career in fitness and entrepreneurship. “This is a wonderful career! I am so in love with it! It’s hands-on and versatile. I get to see my clients develop and practice healthy habits. I also observe their fitness levels improve day by day, and I watch them lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase energy levels and regain their self-confidence and self-esteem! Some return to wearing clothes they haven’t worn in ages as well as participating in physical activities they could only dream of doing before they started their fitness journey with me. Each client’s journey has been uniquely amazing, ”the chief executive officer of FunKtional Fitness shared with excitement.

Using a variation of weightlifting, plyometric work, tire and block work, as well as sprints to workout, it is very important for this wellness coach to be dynamic with each training program. It prevents plateauing and keeps her clients motivated, so she trains both in the gym as well as outdoors.

Among her offerings is post-natal fitness service. “Having a baby significantly changes a woman’s life and her body. Postpartum exercise programs will aid in weight loss and it helps to speed up the recovery period. ” With this healthy step, new mothers should notice improvement in physical appearance, through muscle tone and strength, better psychological health and increased fitness levels, which in turn make them less tired which also betters their coping mechanism.

Here is the Murray code: five health and fitness tips for newcomers or wellness returnees:

Challenge yourself but love yourself. You will not achieve your fitness goals overnight; it is a process.

Set smart, realistic goals and you will not fail. You will mess up from time to time but the important thing is that you pick yourself up and press on ahead.

It’s always easier to maintain than to restart. Surround yourself with people with similar goals and those that will hold you accountable.

What works for your friend or partner may not work for you. So choose your trainer and fitness program based on your personal goals.

Be strong, be disciplined, be consistent and be patient.


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