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Tune in for a new episode of things I’m digging! From the Netflix show we loved to my new purse!

Things I’m Digging

New Barstools

These barstools came from my sister! She passed them on to my mom who passed them on to me.

I previously had the same style of stools in white, which I bought when we moved into this house. I think this is a perfect example of when I got too obsessed with white and neutrals. They just blended in (which I think was the point at the time) but I like how the blue ones pop so much more!

Virgin Margs

Speaking of bars, I am not addicted to alcohol, but I am very much into the habit of having a drink at happy hour. Water and seltzer often just don’t curb the craving. Enter: virgin margaritas! When I was pregnant with Birch I sipped these all summer. The salted rim is key! And the jalapeño limeade plus a single pickled jalapeño brings great flavor. A slice of fresh lime completes it.

Bota Box Breeze

Also on the lower alcohol recs is this new find by Bota Box. The Breeze line is 8% alcohol, so it’s lower in both alcohol and calories compared to regular wine. Normally I don’t care for “watered down” drinks, but I think this still tastes pretty good!! Best of all it’s a lot cheaper than cans (which is why I bought it). A great summertime drink when you don’t want to get too dehydrated.

Modern & Chic

My stylish fashionista friend, Cindy, had this bag at the gym the other week. I have literally given away, donated, or worn out all of my larger purses. It was time for a new one!

I love that this one can be worn as a backpack, over the shoulder AND as a cross-body bag! The pockets are great, it can hold a water bottle and a laptop, and it’s not too heavy.

It came with the rainbow strap, and I added the muted pastel adjustable strap to my purchase. Love it! Check out all the colors and other similar bag designs.

Our Great National Parks

Thomas and I finished Ozark and started a new show that is the complete opposite (although the killer whale scene reminded me of something you’d see on Ozark!): Our Great National Parks. The show is narrated by Barack Obama and is one of THE BEST “nature shows” I have ever watched. Thomas and I frequently comment that we have no idea how the directors capture shots – both in closeness to the animals and the behaviors they manage to capture on film. I definitely recommend watching it.

A New Financial Wellness App: Stackin’

Sponsored by Stackin’

You guys know I love budgeting, but not everyone loves spreadsheets! And your relationship with money goes beyond math – it takes work like your interpersonal relationships too! But if your underlying relationship with money is broken, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to truly improve your financial well-being with a budget or spreadsheet alone. I’ve been hooked on the money podcast I Will Teach You To Be Rich and have loved listening to Ramit talk about money psychology, which runs deep, often back to childhood. So, I love the concept behind Stackin’!

Stackin’ is a new financial wellness app that digs deeper into your habits and behaviors to figure out WHY you make the money decisions you do and help you try to change those with behavioral change. Some of the features inside the app include a quiz to help you get clear on your relationship with money see where you’re spending and how it makes you FEEL, do daily therapy-based activities to help you shift your patterns, and even talk to a money coach to dive deeper into your core beliefs.

You can get access now with a 7-day free trial!

Beautycounter Minis

A great way to test drive some of Beautycounter’s MVP serums and moisturizers, these limited edition minis are refillable and great for travel or your gym bag. If you love what’s inside, you can buy the full size to refill the mini. They’re also made of sustainable glass. (If you want something really lightweight and TSA approved, check out the Countertime Carry On Set.) Best of all: you can get 30% off your first order (use the code cleanforall30), which puts this at a really great price point. Beautycounter also has a 60 day free return policy so there’s no risk in giving something a try!

New Glass Containers

I used to have all Pyrex food storage containers, but one by one they broke or got lost. We had reverted back to warped plastic Tupperware. So on Prime Day I bought this new glass set, and I’ve been really happy with it!! I wanted just two sizes to minimize lid confusion, and I needed them to stack neatly in my food storage drawer. These are lighter weight than you think, and so far we’ve loved the locking lids!

Favorite Electrolytes

Someone asked me recently what my favorite electrolytes are and my answer is Ultima! These have the best taste, and they are made with Stevia. I also like that they don’t have food dye colors (the red is from beet juice). I also give Nuun a thumbs up, but I don’t really care for the fizziness in my water bottle (it can explode!) so Ultima is my top choice.

MagicLinen Sheets

MagicLinen sent me a set of their linen sheets and shams and they are SO NICE! Why linen? You can read about the sustainability of linen here. I actually wasn’t aware it was such a great choice, but MagicLinen is a company putting the planet first while making your bed the coziest ever at the same time.

I’ve never actually slept in linen sheets before, but I’ve loved my MagicLinen duvet cover for years. The peachy sheet color coordinates so well with our blue duvet.

So how were they? I felt like I was sleeping in France! I DO think that the linen takes a minute to get used to. It’s got some texture to it and feels very natural vs. the more manufactured sheet feel. But I loved the weight of them, and I wasn’t hot at all. They were so cozy and have a really nice quality feel.

Lake Pajamas and Robes

Also on the cozy front, I’ve been wanting a set of Lake (omg I always type kale when I type lake!) PJs for ages. But the price point always held me back. But during their summer sale I bought a set and LOVE them!!! These would make such a great gift for anyone going through a hard time or as a Mother’s Day gift.

I also bought a new summer robe 40% off to replace the one I bought to be my hospital robe when Mazen was born (sob!) It had ripped, and so I replaced it. For reference I’m wearing a small in the PJs and a medium in the robe. I would not recommend sizing up – I could have worn a small in the robe too!

That’s a wrap!

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