Time Got So Much Weirder. The World Needs a New Lexicon


Friends, we need it updating the calendar. Our age begins for no reason, based on the “sun,” which people no longer see. And for months, they are a deception, a way to keep farmers farming and monks melting. Those people did not have social networking sites; had no media and vellum. Weeks, days, hours, minutes — especially minutes — are just some of the joys of the astronomical universe. With the global awareness we enjoy here, we need to create and change for the better. I’m making new words.

Demic: The length of the plague; split to be waveswhich also divides into prepanic and fear. (Some think that a after fear part, but nothing has happened.) Examples: “I will get a job after the demise.” “We need to eat dinner while we’re ready.”

Loopmas: A happy time surrounding the random release of Apple’s new gadgets. Instead of “vacation”.

Meals: Instead of “week”; means the amount of time required to watch streaming videos in full. The period formerly known as Friday night until Sunday morning is eating welland the period formerly known as Sunday morning until Monday morning is grief-stricken. “Babe, fear is on the rise. Why don’t you come and visit me? ” Alcohol abuse is possible tubes, the most recognizable state in which you participate in culture at 1.25X, 1.5X, or 2.0X. “I went through really hard and finished both seasons.”

Demoquadrennial: The period of the electoral process, equivalent to 48 months on the old calendar, from office to election. Each demoquad is divided into short periods known as of course, this. “With the revelations in Washington yesterday, this demoquad has entered its ninth history.”

Lightmode / darkmode: The new “day” is “night,” but it is no longer associated with the 24-hour solar cycle. One can join at any time. “I’m going to bed – have a good way to light up!” “It was a long journey from lightmode into darkness.” The switch between the two is they cool down: “Its appearance is very dark before it disappears.”

Push: Promotion of “hour”; increases each time new information or updates are pushed to your phone. This allows you to easily reflect the type of day called: “It was a long way to light, and I was hungry for the sixth time and pushed for drinks.” Or: “Push 12 straight and I’m ready to control myself.”


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