With the emergence of Spotify, musicians are finding that understanding how to increase their streams has become an increasingly vital skill. Spotify promotion may be a valuable resource for musicians looking to break into this extremely competitive sector. However, in order to optimize their numbers on this enormously successful music streaming service, musicians must know which are the best Spotify promotion services in the market.

This post will teach you all you need to know about using Spotify playlist placements to genuinely boost your streams, followers, and revenue so that you may succeed on Spotify.

A List of the Best Spotify Playlist Promotion Services

1. Playlist-Promotion.com

2. Top-40-Songs.com

3. SpotifyPromotions.net

4. 19th and 7th

5. Playlist Push

6. Submit Hub

A Guide to The Best Spotify Promotion Campaign

Genuine and Organic Playlists

Legitimate actions alert Spotify’s algorithms to your music, increasing the probability that it will be placed on algorithmic playlists such as New Music Friday or Discover Weekly.

However, while the number of plays and placements are significant, the playlists on which a song appears must be current and full of actual listeners. Some Spotify promotion services generate money by employing bot-filled playlists to increase the number of plays artificially.

However, an artist whose song is heard by 10,000 actual individuals or streamed on 10,000 legitimate computers will achieve true popularity sooner than one whose listener count is padded with fictitious figures. These actual listeners, not the paid or artificially created streams, are what matters to a musician.

Playlist Activity

A constantly streaming playlist is where artists wish to see their tracks. Instead of just ensuring that a track will be sent for consideration, the best Spotify promotion provider should guarantee that it will be included on an active playlist. A music marketing business should monitor playlist traffic and only place tracks on active playlists. Musicians spend a lot of money working with a marketer to get their music in front of a larger audience.

As an artist, you want Spotify marketing services that do not violate Spotify’s terms of service while also providing quality, organic, and genuine marketing for your music. What is the best organic Spotify promotion service? We searched the internet for reputable providers that do not violate Spotify’s terms and conditions and provide organic, legitimate marketing of your work. Investing in music promotion is worthwhile; musicians who believe in their craft and the music they release will recognize this.

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, let’s look into seven of the best organic Spotify promotion services:

Since 2015, this has been among the best Spotify promotion firms out there. It has provided genuine, organic, and legal Spotify marketing to independent and large artists. Playlist-Promotion, with connections to more than 50 million prospective listeners and more than 3,000 expertly curated music playlists, is in regular communication with curators and has been tracking the activity and growth of their music library for many years.

Because their purpose is to get your music noticed, they constantly monitor the playlist activity inside their network. They can also guarantee placements in practically every genre after listening to your music and confirming that it is a suitable match for their marketing services.

This Spotify promotion provider has been recognized by ABC News, Grammy, MTV News, Professional Audio Magazine, and many other renowned publications throughout their almost four decades of music marketing experience. BTS, Major Lazer, Bring Me The Horizon, Tiesto, French Montana, and Farid Bang are some of the major musicians with whom they have collaborated straight outside the Independent genre. Their idea is that no musician is too obscure or too well-known for them to market; they can assist all sorts of artists in finding the appropriate playlist.

They take pleasure in being swift, honest, and efficient and welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your work at any time. Contact them by phone or email to give them a go and experience for yourself!

You can find the Playlist-Promotion.com promotion packages here:


This organization, managed by Carolina Santos, focuses on the organic growth of its Spotify artists. Santos began by managing artists in Brazil and assisting with publishing the country’s official music rankings. She established her Top 40 rankings network in Brazil with influencers, representatives, curators, radio stations, and big labels from several nations. Santos began focusing on Spotify music marketing in 2017.

As a former music manager, Santos understands the need to cultivate a genuine fan base in order to broaden the market and events for performers. Using targeted campaigns and methods, she will promote your song to legitimate playlists that fit your musical genre. Top-40-Songs operates with meager costs, allowing musicians with little funds to reach a diverse audience and have their songs heard. Carolina’s music marketing service has helped over 400 independent artists advance their careers.

For more than 25 years, this music promotion organization has assisted musicians and partnered with more than 250 artists, demonstrating their honesty, hard work, and innovation. SpotifyPromotions.net, a part of Rock’n Retail, LLC & Web’n Retail, provides a variety of promotional packages to choose from. Package #1 is available to artists who wish to stretch out their financial contributions over a quarter year. Package #2, which may be used for as little as one month, is available to musicians looking for a lower commitment.

Their business focuses on effective playlist placement in order to provide track(s) with substantial exposure boosts across various playlists. SpotifyPromotions.net ensures musicians that their campaigns result from honest effort that always adheres to Spotify’s terms of service. Minimum guaranteed 2-month playlist placements, thorough weekly and monthly stats, post-placement advertising, eblasts to curators, collaborative and manual submissions and social media postings, and 12 weeks of service for all tiers are also included.

A customer review expresses exactly how we felt about SpotifyPromotions.net. “I’ve had six months of consistently excellent Spotify results at very affordable costs.” I’m so pleased to find a business I can rely on for outcomes after working with so many other companies in the past.”

4. 19th and 7th

Under the guidance of CEO Mike McManus, this music promotion organization comprises a group of music and media specialists that offer a full-service, one-stop shopping experience for musicians who desire Spotify marketing. McManus has worked in the music sector for many years and manages with a direct attitude and clear and reasonable expectations for musicians.

19th & 7th offers video and audio production services, as well as customized advertising campaigns. We strongly recommend 19th and 7th to increase your Spotify streams. While we cannot comment directly on their audio or video production skills, our experience working with their team makes us believe that they are a suitable option.

5. Playlist Push

This Spotify marketing service works with playlist owners, curators, and artists that want to gain more visibility on Spotify.

Their simplest campaigns for 20-30 curator nominations cost $280-$400, depending on the genre of music (not guaranteed placements). This system remains a bit of a risk for musicians because Playlist Push does not guarantee a particular amount of placements.

What makes this service special? With Playlist Push, musicians receive direct comments from curators who share greater insights as to why they placed songs on their playlists (or did not). This artist-curator interaction is especially beneficial for artists because they may discover what makes their songs appealing to playlist curators, how the decision-making procedure unfolds, and ultimately how to boost their chances of getting on future playlists.

However, based on the genre and possibly the quality of the music, we have received reports from customers with varying Playlist Push results. Some of our clients have attempted Playlist Push and admitted that their music was only featured on a few playlists, resulting in just a few hundred plays.

While they claim to deal with highly focused curators exclusively, several clients have reported that their music has been placed on dormant playlists. Overall, Playlist Push is widely considered to be among the real actors in the Spotify marketing field, and you can absolutely get lucky with it.

6. Submit Hub

This service allows musicians to submit their work directly to Spotify playlist curators, YouTube channels, and blogs. Artists acquire credits to pay for their song submissions after opening an account on Submit Hub. Because each curator determines their credit value, this service is suitable for all budgets.

We spent $600 in tokens and submitted a song to practically all curators in the song’s category because we are always seeking new playlist curators. Unfortunately, we discovered that curators denied over 80% of our placing requests, despite choosing a highly famous song that has charted in multiple countries. The denials could not be due to the song or its quality because it was also produced and mixed by a well-known studio that has worked with renowned singers such as Beyonce. We obtained just 11 playlist places. Eight of the playlist placements were bogus, three placements had a combined follower reach of over 6,000, and two playlists were dormant. Consequently, we were dissatisfied with Submit Hub’s service.

While our experience may be unique, we discovered that several Reddit users had similar results. Our experience left us with the impression that Submit Hub is uninterested in the curators on their site or the activeness of the playlists they utilize. We haven’t tried submitting music to YouTube channels or blogs, so we can’t provide feedback in those areas. Still, we believe that although the idea of ​​Submit Hub is intriguing, it lacks the attention other music promoters pay to curators and playlists. We believe Submit Hub has a lot of promise in the Spotify marketing area if they enhance their concept.

Services That Provide a Certain Number of Plays or Accept Every Music

Many service providers promise a certain amount of streams and followers; however, they usually use bots and stream farms. Organic Spotify marketing can never guarantee certain numbers because it depends entirely on the song’s performance.

These services can harm your Spotify account since artificial growth, fake playlists, and fake plays are against Spotify’s Terms of Service and may result in the removal of your song and account.

Every musician’s objective is to be heard, but whether your work is heard by 1000 real people or 1000 computers makes a tremendous difference. Fake providers entice you by offering streams for a low price. If you don’t have the money to conduct an organic Spotify campaign, save it until you can invest in a proper playlist promotion.

Also, be wary of providers who take any music. Curators that care for their playlists in order to gain listeners are quite picky about the music they accept. Because quality is important, a song with poor mixing will not be included on a playlist. Despite the fact that there are countless musical styles, some of which are entirely exclusive, it isn’t easy to have all genres or songs on a playlist.


Spotify is an immensely popular music-streaming site, so it’s no wonder that artists are always seeking ways to leverage it to boost their presence in the music industry.
The ideal method to get help with your Spotify account is to find the best Spotify promotion service to help you acquire more Spotify interaction naturally and organically.

We advise you not to waste your effort and resources on firms that will give you fake engagement. This method is soon fading and will not help your Spotify account in any way.

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