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I recently updated my under the sink storage containers. Here are some tips on finding the best ones for the deep, dark area under your sink!

*Please sing this post to the tune of “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid. Sing it with me: Under the Sink, Under the Sink, darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from meeeee*

Under The Sink Storage

I wish I had taken a before pic of our under the sink storage situation because it was nonexistent. I had the white wire basket filled with all kinds of things, a mix of bottles loosely lined up in rows in the middle, and an old dishwasher container storing pods of a different brand.

For literally years I have wanted a lazy susan turntable in there and every time I added one to my Amazon cart I convinced myself that I could use a DIY organization solution and should save the money.

I was wrong. There is NOTHING like a lazy susan to solve all of your problems!!

The Lazy Susan

I ordered this set of Susans and am very happy! I really wanted one with dividers, and this does the job great for our sponges, extra dish soap, counter spray and more. The dividers are even adjustable. We use Branch Basics for counter spray and Dropps and dawn for soap.

I’ve been using these natural scrubbers as sponges for a few months now and love them. They don’t hold water like a sponge so they don’t get so stinky. They’re made from 100% plant-based fibers and are compostable when you want to replace one. I’m using the second, smaller lazy susan in the bathroom under the sink storing extra soap bottles.

Dishwasher Pods In Glass

I also upgraded the dishwasher pods to a very fancy oversized glass canister that I’ve had for years. The twin canister is down in my laundry room doing the same job as the laundry pods. I don’t use the lid on either one – for easy reaching in!


Dropps dishwasher pods are great!! They’re a good price (especially if you catch a sale or subscribe), are dye-free, come in compostable packaging, and have no problem getting the gunk off of our dishes.

Use the code KATH25 for 25% off for new customers or KATH15 for 15% off for existing.

Overflow Cleaning Supplies

And finally we have some overflow supplies that our cleaning ladies use when they come. These go into this nice wire basket. While I’d prefer all green things, I let them use what they prefer and know works well (Pledge, floor cleaner, etc) and stick to our greener ones for everyday use.

The After

The result is SO MUCH BETTER! Also quite a bit prettier. Although no photo with pipes and a garbage disposal could ever be considered “pretty.” We store Who Gives A Crap paper towels in the back and have the bulk of our stash down in the basement. Love their paper towels made of bamboo and sugarcane!

Amazing New Toilet Paper!

Speaking of Who Gives A Crap, I had to share these amazing new toilet paper rolls! How CUTE is that sloth! I can’t even think about using that roll. The limited-edition earth box has 24 printed paper rolls in the box of 48 that have fun facts on them. Perfect for kids bathrooms!

We’ve been using WGAC for years since I did a post with them. I love that I only have to restock twice a year! Each box comes with 48 rolls and they are made from recycled bamboo, come in carbon neutral shipping, and 50% of profits are donated. Great company!

Where We Store Them

Our kids bathroom vanity has this great drawer. (The vanity is the Moro 30? Vanity at Pottery Barn that we installed last year). The rolls fit perfectly inside! Birch loves to come open the drawer and stare at all the pretty photos.

I might have to order a second box to make them last twice as long!!

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