Vishaal Rasquinha Shares His Elation On Winning Best Wedding Emcee Three Times In A Row

In the last few years, the integrity of wedding emcees has peaked, and Vishaal Rasquinha is one such name that is leaving a mark in the field with his spontaneity and high-octane persona. He is taking the extravagance of weddings to a higher level, and how? Vishaal Rasquinha not only hosted Vicky Kaushal-Katrina Kaif’s wedding but also bagged Platinum for Best Wedding Emcee at the WeddingSutra Influencer Award 2022 for three consecutive years. We got a chance to bump into a conversation with him and ask a few things.

You have won Best Male Emcee at the prestigious WeddingSutra Influencer Award 2022. How does it feel to win this title for three successive years?
It feels amazing to win this award three years in a row. From winning it for the first time to now, where I’m sitting here 3 years later with my 3rd award in my hand, I still have the same feeling that I want to be as driven and as motivated as possible to be the best emcee in the country.

How would you describe your journey from start to winning this big?
I started pivoting to weddings about 6 years ago when there wasn’t even a concept of a wedding emcee because someone from the family handled the entire situation. So I feel in retrospect that I, and a few other people, have really brought this entire industry or role to the forefront because today you can’t imagine a wedding without an emcee.

You have done an array of shows. Which part of your work do you love the most? Emceeing for other events or weddings
Apart from weddings, I really enjoy doing college festivals because I feel there is so much to do with a younger audience, plus it also helps me stay relevant. The vibe that a college festival can create is something that I have genuinely missed in the last two years of the pandemic.

How do you manage to remain afloat in this competitive industry?
There’s no hiding the fact that my industry is very competitive, and in a healthy way as all the competitors constantly push each other to elevate their game. For me, it is very important to focus on myself and the quality that I can provide to families and event planners. Hence, for me, the only competition can be myself, and if you have the quality that people would like, then you are going to stay and make it in this industry.

You have been a part of this field for years, so from your standpoint what is the primacy and future of emceeing?
So the future looks very interesting. I’m moving more into the global sphere and improving the role of a wedding emcee. A traditional wedding emcee would just say a few words, conduct the event and leave. The new age wedding emcee that I’m trying to do is now going to be involved with the family and be a part of it. He is also going to design entertainment. And I’m going to try and do this in different countries. Currently, I’m working with families in Dubai, Thailand, the US, Europe, and parts of Southeast Asia.

Do you have any solid pieces of advice to share with the emerging emcees?
Focus on what you have to offer and don’t focus on beating the competition. It’s very simple because I feel everyone gets lost in this rat race of beating each other and losing their sense of identity.

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