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Here’s the recap of our visit to Hillsborough – complete with a brewery, a spa, and a trip to urgent care!

As I mentioned yesterday, Birch and I came down to Hillsborough (my hometown) to spend half a week with my parents. We had a relaxing time, minus a little illness!

Birch trolley bag

Thomas stayed in Cville to work (and have some nice relaxing time of his own) and Mazen went to Palm Springs with his dad!

Mazen in Palm Springs

Our Visit to Hillsborough

We had two glorious days of 80 degree sunshine and two days of freezing cold torrential rain!

Our Visit to Hillsborough

Bright Penny Brewing

Birch and I arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and we headed to Bright Penny Brewing in Mebane for dinner.

Bright Penny Brewing | Visit to Hillsborough

We had so much amazing food!

From their house-made deviled eggs to salad, pizza, buffalo chicken dip, and beer. Plus a giant pretzel. I think the beer cheese was my favorite part!

house-made deviled eggs buffalo chicken dip pizza focus Bright Penny Brewing dinner Bright Penny Brewing salad

kids animal puzzle

mom and son

Dessert Surprise

Mom: I’m not going to stock up on desserts so we can make healthy choices.

Also mom handing me half a cupcake:

half a cupcake


Two mornings in a row (the sunny ones!) I walked to Cup-a-Joe for the best coffee and muffin routine! I knocked out some work while Birch played all the games with Grammie and Pea!

Cup-a-Joe coffee and muffin

Museum of Life And Science

On our second sunny day we went to the Museum of Life and Science – you saw that yesterday!

Herb Chicken

Mom made her famous herb chicken for dinner with roasted cauliflower, pineapple, and rice.

herb chicken for dinner with roasted cauliflower, pineapple, and rice.

herb chicken for dinner

Everyone was tired!

Birch sleeping | Visit to Hillsborough

Down For The Count

Birch woke up at 6am on Thursday saying that his ear hurt. He has only had one ear infection his whole life, so we watched him closely all morning.

By 10 am he was writhing in nausea, poor buddy! He hasn’t thrown up in his life yet (KNOCK ON WOOD) so he didn’t know what was happening. He finally fell asleep after some Tylenol kicked in.

sick Birch

Mom brought me fruit salad with yogurt for lunch while B napped.

fruit salad with yogurt | Visit to Hillsborough

We scheduled an urgent care visit and had a good experience at Indy Care in Hillsborough. They did a car side visit, and he came back positive for strep throat and ear infection! Interesting because Emerson also had strep throat this week (but the cousins ​​were not around each other.)

Indy Care car side visit | Visit to Hillsborough

After one dose of antibiotics, B was feeling so much better.

Birch feeling better and playing | Visit to Hillsborough

The grownups had a Blue Apron recipe for dinner – fettuccine with sausage and spinach plus salad.

fettuccine with sausage and spinach plus salad

Smiles again

smiley Birch | Visit to Hillsborough

Dessert night two LOL

Apple cake and whipped cream!

Apple cake and whipped cream

Friday: Spa Day

Birch was MUCH better on Friday! Good thing because I had a little spa morning planned at Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat. I had a magical time getting a massage and facial – they have such a nice space with a SAUNA!!!

B and Grammie played “ear infection” with Churton!

B and Grammie played "ear infection" with Churton

And played with our old dollhouse!

old dollhouse huge old dollhouse

Leftovers for lunch

Leftovers for lunch | Visit to Hillsborough

It rained and rained all day, so we did a lot of lounging around.

lounging around at home

I had a can of Surely for happy hour!

Surely for happy hour

Radius Pizza

We headed to Radius Pizza for dinner. Love this spot!

Radius Pizza with grandparents | Visit to Hillsborough

Radius Pizza salad | Visit to Hillsborough Radius Pizza for dinner | Visit to Hillsborough

2x desserts!

Lemon cake and key lime pie!

Lemon cake and key lime pie

Thanks to Grammie and Pea for hosting us! Birch was so sad to drive home.

Visit to Hillsborough


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