Want To Improve Heart Health At 50? Here’s What You Should Know

As we grow older, our body’s ability to follow functions diminishes. Here are the things you need to keep in mind if you want to better your heart’s health after turning 50.

Want To Improve Heart Health At 50?  Heres What You Should Know

Eating a healthy diet and working out daily makes the heart better

As we grow old our body’s ability to heal and function properly diminishes. Hence, it is our responsibility to take conscious steps towards preserving our body’s abilities. Although some changes caused by age are unavoidable, we can, however, lessen the effects of growing old. We can successfully do so by making active changes in our lifestyle. These changes can be implemented at any age. Especially if you have turned 50, you must keep these tips in mind to better your heart’s health.

Here are ways through which you can better your heart health after turning 50:

  1. Talk to a doctor: Regular checkups and tests with the doctor can help you navigate exactly what your body requires and needs to avoid. This helps you plan a diet that meets your body’s needs perfectly. This is especially necessary as a lack or excess of something in the body cannot always be dealt with smoothly as we grow older.
  2. Eat right: Eating a healthy balanced diet is a key to a healthy heart as well as a healthy body and mind. To maintain a good heart health try incorporating these foods into your diet:

  • Avoid processed foods
  • Try inculcating a rainbow diet in your routine to maximize fruit and vegetable intake
  • Eat protein-rich foods such as dairy products, poultry, seafood, soybeans, etc.
  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar
  • Avoid unhealthy fats such as butter, cream, etc.
  • Incorporate whole grains such as oats, brown rice, etc. into your diet

  1. Study your body: One cannot always visit the doctor to check statistics like blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, etc. Hence, as you turn 50, it is advised to keep the necessary peices of equipments at home to record these parameters. Keeping a journal of these parameters can also help you navigate the changes in your body caused by various foods and activities.
  2. Exercise: Exercising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, no matter what age group you belong to. As you turn 50, it is important to take measures to maintain your heart’s health. A daily workout routine can positively impact the heart in various ways. You can lower high blood pressure, blood sugar, and various other heart-related abnormalities solely by working out on a daily basis. Here are some exercises and things to keep in mind if you want to improve your heart’s health:

  • Try yoga, some of the poses that might help are Pranayamas, Balasana
  • Breathing exercises through different workout regimes such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, etc.
  • Warm-up before and after working out to smoothen the transition for your heart
  • Hydrate, drink ample water before during, and post-workout
  • Take breaks, do not overwork the heart

  1. Quit smoking and drinking: Smoking and drinking negatively affects the body no matter what age you are. However, as you grow old, your body’s ability to cope with smoking and drinking decreases. Smoking worsens the lung’s capacity which further affects the heart. In addition to this, smoking causes the weakening of all the body’s organs. Drinking causes damage to the liver and may also increase the risks for various heart-related diseases such as blood pressure, and arrhythmias, to name a few.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle means a healthy heart, no matter how old you are. In addition to this, you must be more careful of what you put in your body and how often you exercise. Eating healthy and exercising every day is the key to a long life and a healthy heart.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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