Many consumers don’t just want to buy unique products and services—they want to buy unique products and services that are tailored to their exact needs and circumstances.

Hence the prevalence of product personalization in many sectors ranging from skincare to shoes to supplements and more.

And with supplements, the personalization pitch usually goes like this: 

You take a quiz that asks about your diet, exercise, and lifestyle, and then you get a “custom” protein or recovery powder or pack of vitamins or what have you.

It sounds snazzy, and at least a couple of companies have made a lot of money with this approach, but ultimately, as they say in Texas, it’s all hat and no cattle.

That is, the individualized supplements (especially sports supplements) currently on the market are no better than and often inferior to their well-formulated “generic” counterparts.

One reason for this is most well-formulated generic supplements simply can’t be meaningfully improved through superficial customization. In basically every case, you’d still wind up using most or all of the same ingredients and for the same reasons.

This is why I’ve turned down several offers from manufacturers to set up and launch lines of custom pills and powders. It’s just too fugazi.

But that gave me an idea:

Instead of making pseudo-personalized supplements, what if I created a special line of products for augmenting Legion’s supplements in very specific ways?

For example, what if I had something that you could add to my pre-workout Pulse for an even bigger boost in energy, focus, and mood? And what if I had something else that would provide even more power, strength, and endurance?

That way, you could build your own pre-workout “stack,” so to speak, based on your needs and preferences.

I liked the concept, customers liked the concept, and so my team and I made it happen.

Specifically, we just launched two new products—Energy Surge and Performance Surge—that were designed to be used . . .

  1. With a pre-workout supplement to make it even better, or;
  2. by themselves in the place of a pre-workout supplement or energy drink.

For example, if you’d like a stimulant-stiff pre-workout buzz with maximum focus and mood enhancement, then you’ll love our new Pre-Workout Energy Stack, which contains Energy Surge and Pulse.

If, however, you’re not a stim fiend but could go in for more power, strength, and stamina in your workouts, then you want our new Pre-Workout Performance Stack, which contains Performance Surge and Pulse.

And if you’re an absolute mad lad and want the full monty (basically everything I could ever want in a pre-workout supplement), then you can get all three products in our new Pre-Workout Energy & Performance Stack.

You can use these new Surges by themselves, too

Energy Surge is a clean, healthier alternative to many energy drinks, for instance; Performance Surge is a sturdy stim-free and itch-free (no beta-alanine) workout enhancer; and when combined, they make for an effective pre-workout supplement that’s quite unlike most other formulations on the market.

What’s more, both of the Surges are unflavored and lightly sweetened, so you can add them to just about anything without spoiling the taste.

For my part, here’s how I like to use them:

  1. My pre-workout “base” is now the Pre-Workout Performance Stack with stim-free Pulse (because I usually train in the afternoon and midday caffeine borks my sleep).
  2. If I happen to train earlier in the day and want a little zing, I add a serving or two of Energy Surge as well.
  3. If I can’t get my paws on some good espresso in the morning (my preferred source of jitter juice), I slurp down a couple servings of Energy Surge.

One of my favorite ingredients in Performance Surge is PeakATP®, which is chemically identical to the most basic form of cellular energy in the body and shown in research to improve blood flow during exercise, increase muscular endurance, and reduce perceived exertion.

While these new products aren’t “PRs in a bottle” and won’t add another plate or two to the bar, they will help you train harder, go longer, and finish stronger.

Here’s the link if you want to see for yourself:

Performance Surge

Energy Surge

Go for it!