Weight loss surgery could reduce risks of developing deadly health conditions


Millions of Americans struggle with obesity. Having too much body fat can lead to a number of potentially deadly health conditions. And a recent study suggests weight loss surgery may help lower some of those risks.

Heart disease, stroke, Type-2 diabetes, and some cancers are leading causes of early, preventable death in the US

Not to mention, they are all conditions facing millions of Americans who are obese.

Dr. Amgad Mentias, a cardiologist with Cleveland Clinic says, “a lot of patients with obesity try several things to lose weight. Lifestyle modifications, various medications, and the success rate is limited. ”

A study published in the Journal of The American College of Cardiology studied Medicare beneficiaries who were obese and underwent weight-loss surgery.

Researchers found the surgery was linked to a significantly lower risk of heart attack, new-onset heart failure, stroke, and even death.


“There is evidence”, says Mentias, “that the effects of obesity on our body are reversible when patients undergo metabolic surgery, when they lose weight and keep it off and live a healthy lifestyle.”

The results were consistent among all patients studied, whether the person had diabetes or not.

And age was not a factor: Even those between the ages of 65 and 75 saw benefits from weight-loss surgery. However, it’s often deemed inappropriate for that age group.

“They have an option and this option is safe and also very effective in reducing their weight and also in reducing their future risk of having adverse cardiovascular outcomes”, says Mentias.

Researchers say keeping weight off through a healthy lifestyle after Bariatric surgery is key to lowering health risks.

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