WhatsApp Communities Add New End-to-End Encryption Chat Features

It’s more than that For 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most popular end-to-end communication system in the world. The company says that throughout the Covid-19 epidemic users are increasingly communicating on the platform – coming together to address the challenges from child rearing and schooling to mutual support and political reform. In response, WhatsApp announced Thursday that it is launching a new feature, known as “Communities,” which allows the app to run like a software developer, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. In addition to existing DMs and group chats, users will be able to group small group groups together under a group or common theme.

Locations should be stored in a separate tab from the WhatsApp default page and will provide a way to configure different options. The teams will also have updates for managers to be able to send messages to the whole team and add and remove small groups. WhatsApp says it is starting a beta test for Regions now, with the help of iOS and Android, to find the entry before completing the feature.

“We’ve been using Communities on our own over the last few months since we’ve set up everything, and it has helped us find the things we know we need and more,” says Will Cathcart, chief executive of WhatsApp Meta. “But I think it would be very useful for us to have other areas around the world that are facing a variety of challenges and implementing them, because we will find answers that fit better with more needs than just response. What we get from our team.”

End-to-end communication services such as WhatsApp provide users with privacy and security because the platforms are designed so that the companies that run them cannot access the content and messages of users. This means that, abusive and illegal connections also receive the same security, a problem that has plagued WhatsApp and other platforms. The company has tried to reduce the spread of disinformation by using tools such as delivery limits and reporting methods to address the problem in different ways. With Communities, Cathcart says, there is a potential for advancing these issues by empowering managers who better understand their organizations or groups and forming groups that can show they are more aggressive.

Users will be invited to join the community – they can not just search for open channels, free for all, as they are on the job like the Telegraph. And Cathcart claims that WhatsApp is expanding its reach to other regions, so that previously sent messages can be sent to one group at a time.

WhatsApp already has “metadata” related to user messages – things like account name, IP address, and timeline for each message. Similarly, Domains will be stored from end to end but allow WhatsApp to view metadata and more of how the Group is structured.

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