Why These 5 Cryptos Will Give You More 20x Gains Than XRP In 2022

It’s the last quarter of the year and there are a lot of actions going on in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Not only is Q4 a good time to invest, but it is also another good period to analyze the performance of coins. These analyzes and enlightenments are, therefore, necessary as they serve as a guide for new and existing investors towards the new year. In this article, we have made an expert’s pick of 5 cryptos that will give you more than 20x gains than XRP in 2022.

5 cryptos that will give you more than 20x gains than XRP in 2022.

Now that you know how to analyze the performance of a coin, here is the real deal. In no particular order, below is a list of 5 cryptos that will give you 20x more gains than XRP in 2022:

● Tamadoge
● Wonderland Crypto.
● Fantom (FTM)
● Cosmos (ATOM)


IMPT, also called IMPT token, is an environment-friendly crypto project. It uses the carbon credit, generated from environmental activities. The meme coin is, however, yet to be launched. The presale only began on the 3rd of October 2023. The total sales volume of this green cryptocurrency has been increasing over time since it was open for investors. At the moment, the current price of IMPT is $0.02841.


Tamadog is a meme coin. It was launched on the 29th of September 2022. The crypto-gaming project was created by Tamadoge Inc. It uses a play-to-win pattern where gamers nurture monsters from infancy to growth and use them to wage war against themselves. When a player wins, the Tamadoge coin is given as a reward. These tokens can then be used to unlock other features that can make them earn more.

Meanwhile, not only gamers can hold TAMA. You can also buy and hold the coin as an investor. Tama Doge is the best-selling crypto-gaming project around this Q4. At the moment, the current price of the TamaDoge is US$0.03572.

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Wonderland crypto

The Wonderland Crypto came on board in September 2021. It was created by one of the blockchain industry’s finest and renowned Web 3 developers, Daniel Sesta, and another group of members of the Defi community. Defi represents Decentralized Finance.

Wonderland is a MIM (Magic Internet Money) token. It is integrated with Avalanche and native to the Ethereum blockchain. At the moment, the current price of Wonderland Crypto is US$17.05.

Phantom (FTM)

Fantom, also called FTM, was developed off the Ethereum blockchain framework. It was launched in 2018. FTM is a meme coin well suited for the Web 3.0 economy’s rapid expansion. It was created to assist developers in launching Dapps in a dependable, affordable, safe, and quick environment. It is one of the best-performing altcoins to look out for this last quarter of the year. At the moment, the current price of the TamaDoge is USD 0.204926.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos is also one of the fastest-rising cryptocurrencies this season. It can facilitate the free movement of data across Dapps. This action makes it easy for holders to connect with other blockchains. It was launched on the 13th of March 2019. Like Tamadoge and FTM above, Cosmos (also ATOM) is correspondingly a mem coin. At the moment, the current price of the Cosmos (ATOM) coin is $11.8.

A Simple DIY guide on how to analyze the performance of a coin or cryptocurrency before investing.

As the case is for every other investment, it is important to analyze the future of a crypto project before putting your funds into it. However, from an overview, many prospective blockchain investors shy away from investing because they have little to no knowledge about the domain. Most significantly, they want to know what indicators they can use to measure the performance of a coin. As a result, we have mapped out a simple do-it-yourself guide on how to do this.
First, you need to get basic information about the project. For instance, the name of the company, its founders, and the foundational idea behind the creation of the project should be checked. To do this, the company’s website and all its social media pages will be a good place to gather this information. Other sources for this validation include top crypto and general business review websites.

Secondly, you should also consider the selling price of the coin. This is an important step to take because you can compare your findings with the price of other coins. When you do this, you are sure not to fall victim to scams. Ideally, checking the price is a very significant action because scammers take advantage of the fact that not many people have much knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Some other signs to look out for at this stage include excessive pricing and irregular pricing on crypto exchange platforms.

Sequentially, the price-per-day chart of a coin is another way to analyze its performance. Many people will say it is the most effective of all models to use. This is because it gives you an overview of the average benchmark price per day since the presale period to date. You can also tell if the coin will experience a breakout or not. A breakout refers to when there is a rightward trend or movement on a chart. When a coin is said to be ready for a breakout, it means that investors are sure to make big gains with it in due course.

Another way to check the performance of a cryptocurrency is through the total sales volume. The total sales volume refers to the number of purchases made by people in a day. This is also accessible on the price-per-day chart. When you check the total sales volume, you will discover whether or not there is an upward trend in the buy-out margin of the coin. This will help shape your decision on whether you should buy a crypto project or not.

Lastly, you should also analyze the user experience. By user experience, we mean the customers’ perspective on the performance of the coin. To achieve this, check the trending hashtags about the coin and read through the reviews thoroughly. You should also use your discerning ability in this case. Social media platforms as well as forum websites are good places to carry out this analysis.
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Is Q4 a good time to buy and hold crypto?

Yes, Q4 is a good time to buy and hold crypto. During this period, there is enough data to analyze the performance of many cryptocurrencies. You can build wealth by holding units or bulk of cryptocurrencies, and plan for the next bull run in 2023.

Which green crypto is the best this Q4?

Most significantly, IMPT tokens are the best green crypto this Q4. Green crypto is a term used to refer to green cryptocurrencies. Green cryptocurrencies are environmentally friendly crypto projects. That is to say, they bridge the gap between the blockchain industry and man’s immediate environment.

Additional information.

It is the last quarter of the year and a lot of people are seeking to build wealth with cryptocurrencies. You can build wealth with IMPT tokens. Click here to buy IMPT tokens now that it is still selling fast. Likewise, if you want to make money from a crypto-gaming framework, you can click the LINK. Tamadoge, the best-selling crypto gaming project, is also another wholesome way to build wealth. Cheers to prosperity!


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