5 Beautycounter Must Haves For Your Night Routine

Uplevel your PM skincare routine with these 5 Beautycounter must haves. Hydrated skin is only a sleep away!

Truth be told, even on my sleepiest nights, my PM skincare routine trumps my AM routine any day.

While I love vitamin C serum and tinted moisturizer in the morning, it’s those extra minutes and luxuriously thick night creams that just do it for me. My clean beauty products make my skin feel pampered and nourished for a good night’s sleep ahead.

Whether it’s morning or night, my skincare and makeup routine consists mostly of Beautycounter’s clean beauty products because they are honestly the best I’ve found; not only have they improved my skin tone and texture, but they are uber clean, with many of the products being verified by the Environmental Working Group for the utmost safety.

Now props to you if you already have a skincare routine both morning and night ā€“ you’re on the right track. If they are identical, however, you may want to reconsider.

In the morningyou want to prep and protect (SPF!) your skin for the day ahead.

At night, even if you have the most finicky skin type, it’s all about treating with active ingredients and moisturizing. Gone are the days of stripping your skin with astringent toners and using oil-free moisturizer, okay? šŸ™‚

Here you’ll find my full nightly skincare routine using Beautycounter products, but today I’m sharing 5 Beautycounter must haves that you can use to upgrade your PM skincare routine.

5 Beautycounter Must Haves For Your Night Routine

1. Overnight Resurfacing Peel

Hands down, I think everyone should have this product in their nighttime skincare arsenal. I love the Peel’s lemony smell, and it goes on so smoothly. It will tingle for about 5-10 minutes after putting it on which is one of the ways I know it’s actually working.

The peel has 15 acids that resurface your skin without causing irritation. 9 of the 15 acids in the peel are resurfacing acids that work to renew the skin by removing dead skin cells (like breaking down the top layer of the skin), and the other 6 are soothing acids that rehydrate and replenish the skin.

Your skin does not actually peel or flake off ā€“ the goal is to smooth skin, lift away dark spots, and shrink lines, pores, and scars while leaving skin brighter and glowing.

While the peel sinks in for 3 minutes, floss and brush your teeth!

Tip: Use its sister product, the All Bright C Serum (with two forms of vitamin C!), in the morning.

2. Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream

As the product name indicates, this thicker moisturizer is intended for PM use. It’s lighter daytime counterpart, is the best-seller Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, which is also a must-have!

If you have sensitive or combination skin, this overnight cream is for you. With two forms of hyaluronic acid, it provides rich, intense moisture to amplify the skin’s nightly repair process.

3. Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream

The Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream is the most luxurious night cream I’ve ever used as it intensely hydrates my skin while not being heavy or oily.

In fact, I’d say it’s my favorite product from the entire Countertime skincare collection (the anti-aging skincare regimen I’ve been using for more than two years).

The Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream is like a thick, whipped butter. As soon as you apply it, your skin instantly feels nourished. I apply it every night after my treatment serums (either the Overnight Resurfacing Peel or Radiance Serum) ā€“ it’s the ultimate moisturizer for dry skin.

Not only does it feel great, but it contains safe ingredients, like Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine Rose, that have comparable benefits to retinol to help combat fine lines and wrinkles.

Tip: Try it in a mini size for 1/3 of the price!

Beautycounter Supreme Cream |  Beautycounter Products For Dry Skin

4. Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream

You can certainly use eye cream both morning and night, but I definitely recommend finishing off your nightly routine with one. I personally love the Countertime eye cream best (read my eye cream review here).

My experience with eye creams is that you definitely aren’t going to see results within a day. It’s more of a long-term support that maintains the health of the eye of the area so that the skin doesn’t get worse.

When I notice the biggest difference in an eye cream is when I stop using it. Leave it home for a week when I travel or run out before a restock and I’m doing a double take in the mirror ā€“ “I’m looking tired today.” And then I remember that I’ve been without eye cream for several days.

Lightly pat around the eye area using your ring finger until fully absorbed. It’s recommended to apply eye cream after serums and before moisturizers or face oils.

5. Brightening Facial Oil

Catching the theme here? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The Brightening Oil’s goal is to leave skin bright, radiant and glowing.

I put a few drops into my hand and press it into my skin rather than rub. I use it a few times a week, either not with my other products or after moisturizing. It’s great for winter and dry weather.

Tip: Check out this post for How To Apply Skincare Products In The Right Order.

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If you have any questions or need help choosing a product, feel free to fill out this form and I’ll email you with personalized recommendations!

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