Health is an essential parameter in life and often an overlooked factor in most of our lives. Especially in the case of women post having kids.

This mother’s day, let’s talk about how we can include small healthy habits to make our moms live a healthy life and make a healthier home.

Here are the five things to try:

Cook healthy meals

Mothers are in charge of the kitchen and the food we eat. However, with the changing times and so many new diets coming into the limelight, it would be refreshing to get inside the kitchen and cook with her. Experimenting with healthier food choices would be a great move to bring some beneficial change to the house.

Go for walks

In the morning before your office or after you come back home, going on a walk with your mother is a good idea for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy relationship. You can talk about your day and ask her about all she did. Walks are a good way of spending time with someone by having healthy conversations and indulging in some physical activity.

Make dancing a routine

Home is the most comfortable place in the whole world; it is a space to be yourself and not feel judged by others. To build a healthy lifestyle at home, you can make a dancing routine with your mother. It will be fun and also suitable for her health.

Get a gym membership together

If you think your mother spends too much time at home and lacks a social circle, you can help her build one by taking her to the gym. That way, she will break the monotonous routine and go out and also get her daily dose of fitness.

Spa day

With all the daily life stress and hustle, your body gets exhausted sometimes. It’s best to get some rest and not do anything. Once in a while, having such a day with your mother is a must. And having that day in a spa with some good massages would be even better. So, plan a spa day for your mom this weekend.

(Compiled by Vikas Jain, Director Anytime Fitness India)


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