8 New Cryptocurrency Coin Launches To Invest In 2022

Only a small number of crypto projects contribute significant value for investors out of the thousands of crypto projects hosted by blockchain, with new chains and tokens launching practically every day. Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, IMPT, and Tamadoge are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Here are the top 8 new cryptocurrency coin launches to invest in 2022.

● Dash 2 Trade
● Calvary
● Tamadoge
● EstateX
● SushiSwap
● Interest Protocol
● Aave

1. Dash 2 Trade

Emerging cryptocurrency signals and analytics tool Dash 2 Trade seeks to assist investors in locating the finest trading opportunities. The platform is accessed via a D2T token. The site will essentially offer intelligence tools and give out crypto signals.

The cryptocurrency pair to trade, whether to place a buy or sell order, the advised entry price and the target take-profit and stop-loss levels, for example, will all be included in a typical crypto signal from Dash 2 Trade.

The signals are produced by a group of skilled traders who collaborate using cutting-edge tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The native digital token (D2T) of Dash 2 powers the commerce environment.

Owners of this ERC-20 token get access to the signals, tools, and other features of the Dash 2 Trade crypto analytics platform. It is hardly a surprise that the D2T token is quickly becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of 2022, given its cutting-edge tools.

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2. Calvary

Calvaria was created to raise awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Players will compete against each other using NFT cards. To win prizes, players must develop strategies and defeat their opponents. Players can make money selling their uncommon NFT collections if they have amassed enough.

In addition, competitions will be available in Calvaria, giving players more chances to acquire extra rewards. The RIA token, now available via presale, serves as this project’s primary medium of exchange.

Through the Calvaria platform’s cryptocurrency launch, investors may purchase RIA tokens and stake them to generate passive income. The eRIA, another digital token offered by Calvaria, can be used for in-game purchases. The Ethereum-based coins RIA and eRIA will both eventually be listed on exchanges.

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The following cryptocurrency launch on our list is IMPT, a project built to protect the environment by lowering carbon emissions. Over 10,000 retailers have joined forces with the platform and agreed to set aside a certain amount of their sales margin for environmental initiatives.

Customers who purchase from these merchants will receive IMPT tokens as a sales margin. Then, carbon credits can be purchased using these IMPT tokens. Investors can also purchase IMPT tokens directly from the site as an alternative. Investors can use their IMPT tokens to purchase carbon credits, which are available as NFTs.

Investors will then have the option of burning these NFT carbon credits or holding onto them while they wait for the price of carbon credits to rise. The owners of IMPT NFT can sell their credits for a profit if the price of carbon credits rises.

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4. Tomatoes

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu investments have boosted meme currencies since last year. The fact that meme coins are useless is one of their issues. Tamadoge elevates the idea of ​​the meme coin to a completely new level.

Tamadoge enables you to create and breed virtual animals known as “doges” that can also be used as NFTs. By taking on these animals, you can gain doges and TAMA tokens. Using the TAMA token, investors and gamers can participate in competitive gaming and profit from the crypto-gaming industry.

Tamadoge has one of the meme coin’s most aggressive growth plans. Tamadoge is still available for purchase for less than $1. Use Tamadoge to your advantage before it’s too late.

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5. EstateX

A new cryptocurrency called EstateX aims to make real estate investing easy, affordable, and available to everyone. Anyone can use this platform to start investing in real estate with just €100 and earn a passive income.

EstateX uses blockchain technology to generate fractionalized ownership of real estate investments to make this possible. The ESX coin serves as the foundation of the EstateX economy.

Owners of this governance token can choose which properties EstateX invests in. The platform also intends to expand the ESX token’s functionality to be used as a payment method in the future.

6. SushiSwap

In 2021, Automated Market Makers (AMMs), decentralized exchanges powered by smart contracts, took off. Although there are several AMMs, SushiSwap has the most promise. You can trade on a variety of blockchains with SushiSwap.

It’s a fantastic choice for staking cryptocurrency as well. Since every liquidity pool has a unique return, you can contrast them. SushiSwap has a lot of benefits over Uniswap and PancakeSwap. SushiSwap could be the most user-friendly of the three.

7. Interest Protocol

Built on the Ethereum network, Interest Protocol is a decentralized banking system. DeFi and fractional banking are combined, and depositors are given interest. The system uses a stablecoin called USDi, whose value is tied to USDC.

By making a USDC deposit into the Interest Protocol or by borrowing USDi, one can mine the USDi coin. This indicates that the platform’s services are adjustable to meet demand. The interest that borrowers pay is how the Interest Protocol makes money. All USDi holders then receive a portion of this income.

Additionally, interest is automatically accrued for individuals with USDi in their wallets. As a result, players won’t have to spend money on gas to stake and unstake their USDi coins.

8. Aave

Lending is simple and quick with Aave. On Aave, you can borrow and lend a variety of cryptocurrencies. Aave enables cryptocurrency deposits and interest payments. Aave has certain distinctive characteristics when compared to other lending processes.

The interest rates available to borrowers are fixed and variable. With Aave, you can also obtain FlashLoans without providing any security. Then it would be best if you reimbursed them.

Concluding Thoughts

These eight new cryptocurrencies are the ones to invest in 2022. Make sure to research cryptocurrencies before investing if you intend to do so. The #1 recommendation on our list is D2T. Calvaria, IMPT, and Tamadoge come after it. These are our top suggestions because they are excellent methods to start using cryptocurrency.

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