9 Best Umbrellas (2022): Windproof, Cheap, Tiny, and ‘Unbreakable’

Pali information about umbrellas out there, and we always try a lot. Here are a few of our favorite ones that didn’t make our list of top choices.

Blunt Metro for $ 89: Metro is a smaller and slightly lighter version of the Blunt Coupe on top. It opens on its own (and closes manually) and provides almost the same amount of spread. The canopy rotates 360 degrees to prevent damage to the central machine. My only problem is that when you fold all the floor and shake the ceiling with a Velcro belt, it covers most of the handle, so you should hold the Metro with a damp cloth or hand strap.

Turn on a $ 23 Air Conditioning Walking Umbrella: This is strong, it catches the wind, and it covers well when it opens, falling to the ground only to the ground. It comes in very colorful colors, and one button opens and drops the fiberglass ribs. But “That’s it. Therefore. Dang. Difficult. Kuti. Close, “according to my fellow umbrella reviewer, Louryn Strampe. Completely closing this umbrella with both hands, and she got tired of it trying so much that she often just used the ground as a push-up to support the whole process. It’s a problem on the whole list.

LifeTek New Yorker Umbrella for $ 40: This is the beast of the umbrella. The 54-inch-long[12 cm]roof is wide enough for you and someone else to dry, and its fiberglass shaft and wind-resistant frame withstand both large and small winds. The handle has a rubber handle and one red button to open and enlarge the ceiling. The Teflon coating ensures that it dries quickly as the storm passes. But between her heavy handle, 1.5-lb weight, and three feet, my friend Louryn Strampe noticed that the umbrella was too heavy for her 5’1 ″ frame.

Senz Original Umbrella for $ 80: The first time I took out this umbrella, I heard someone say, “This is the best umbrella. That’s right! It looks like a kite shield, and the aerodynamic model can withstand winds of more than 60 mph. On a windy day in New York, Senz was shaken. Unfortunately, the ceiling is difficult to collapse unless you use both hands, which are not always comfortable. The narrow design also provided a bit of coverage, though it helps to wrap an open umbrella in your bag and walk around covered. and hands-free.

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