9 states that prefiled anti-trans bills ahead of legislative session


Kentucky, which began its new legislative session this week, has one school bathroom bill in committee that would allow families to sue if their child encounters a trans student while using the restroom.

Other states are still drafting bills restricting gender-affirming care for trans youth, although they have yet to formally introduce the legislation. Montana lawmakers are in the process of drafting multiple such bills, and New Hampshire lawmakers are still drafting one, currently on file as LSR0071.

Topping, as well as Corinne Green, policy and legislative strategist for the Equality Federation, don’t want trans people to panic in response to the legislation ahead for 2023 and the evolution of more bills that are targeting adults.

“We are still really early in the year,” Topping said. “Who knows what happens with these bills as we move forward. The one thing that we do know is that when we have shown up in the past, when we have shown up in state capitols, which trans people and those who love us always do, we have been able to beat these bills.”

This article originally appeared in The 19th, an independent, nonprofit newsroom reporting on gender, politics and policy.


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