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I’ve loved Allbirds since I bought my first pair two years ago! Here’s my Allbirds Tree Runners review of the summertime version! Best of all, select styles are 25% off this weekend !!

Came for the sustainability, stayed for the comfort

I first heard about Allbirds a few years ago as a B corporation company making uber comfortable shoes. Founded in 2016, Allbirds created its wildly popular merino wool sneaker. Now they have an array of styles from the classics in wool to shoes made with the fibers of eucalyptus trees. I just bought my fourth pair of Allbirds: the Tree Runners!

Barrack Obama has been spotted in them, and Leonardo DiCaprio actually invested in the company!

Allbirds has sustainability at the heart of its business model with carbon “footprint” (get it !?) and material sourcing of utmost importance.

“With the Allbirds Flight Plan, our bold list of sustainability commitments, we plan to cut our footprint in half by 2025. Then reduce it to near zero by 2030. In the meantime, we’ll continue to be 100% carbon neutral and invite businesses everywhere to follow our lead. ”

If they have sustainable materials down pat, the ReRun “reuse” program is the icing on the cake. With the ReRun Program you can shop gently used Allbirds shoes (think returns, size changes, etc). At a discount you’ll find all the Allbirds favorites (even some limited edition that are no longer on the main website!)

Allbirds are perfect for sweaty feet (they’re very breathable), everyday wear (they’re machine washable!) And so, so comfortable.

Allbirds Tree Runners Review

I bought my first pair of Wool Runners a few years ago. Then I tried the Tree Dashers – the minimalist running shoe. I added a second pair of Wool Runners last year, and now I have the breathable summer sneaker – the Tree Runners! (Yes the names get quite confusing!) I think my friend Ellen wins, though, because she has over 10 pairs in her closet!

These are my go-to everyday shoes for walking Birch to school in the stroller to walking downtown to the library in the afternoon. They are insanely comfortable. You really don’t have to wear socks !!

Features & Style


As mentioned above, the Tree Runners are made from natural material: eucalyptus tree fiber responsibly sourced from FSC® Certified forests. The knit is soft and breathable – almost like mesh.


The sole is made from Brazilian sugarcane (they call it SweetFoam® – how cute!), Which is made with the world’s first carbon negative green EVA. Check out this video all about it!


And the insole where your foot lies, that’s made from castor bean oil, which emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam, and Merino wool for a moisture wicking and odor reducing insole. It’s THICK and very cushiony. You really don’t have to wear socks because the wool is so soft!


Allbirds laces are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. One old plastic bottle becomes one pair of shoelaces. Neat!


And the Tree Runners come in a bunch of fun colors. I took a HUGE risk and went with white for a change !! I haven’t owned a white shoe in decades (ha) and while they are getting dirty, I’m glad I have good techniques to clean them.

Comfort & Support: How I Wear Them

As someone with chronic foot issues, I need sturdy walking shoes anytime I’m going more than a block. The Tree Runners are very supportive and are also very easy to slip on and off. The tab in the back of the Tree Runners is thick and firm, so you can almost slip them on hands free. I often keep the laces tied and stretch them over my foot!

If you like wearing socks, you can do that! I do a lot of the time. If I’m going on a longer walk or if it’s hot and sweaty, I often add socks. Usually Bombas !! But on the shoulder seasons if I’m wearing them more for “fashion” I skip the socks.

While most of the time I wear them for walking, you can run in them! I wouldn’t recommend a 10 mile training run, but if you want to be minimalist when you travel and not pack a separate pair of sneakers just for running, these are runnable. When I went to Bald Head I ran in Allbirds for a less-than-3-mile jog. So definitely recommend as a lightweight multi-purpose travel shoe.

Lastly, I have sort of wide feet and have no trouble fitting into these! I have a friend who said she buys the men’s shoes because they fit her width the best. She appreciates that the men’s line has lots of fun colors too.

How To Clean Allbirds Tree Runners

Like almost all shoes, they will start to stink in time if you’re not wearing socks. The solution I’ve found works the best is a day covered in baking soda in the sun, a run through the washing machine, and then tea tree oil for the re-wear.

1. Spot Clean

I use some gentle dish soap to spot clean and rinse really well.

2. Machine Wash

Toss them in the wash! Remove the insoles and toss them in your machine. I usually add a few towels for some friction. (Maybe the company would advise against this?)

3. Air Dry

Place in the sun all day until they are air dried. The sun is a magical deodorizer!

4. Bonus: De-odor

If you need an extra step, a baking soda soak and some tea tree oil will help too.

My Honest Review Of Allbirds Tree Runners

I am a huge fan of all the Allbirds for their perfect blend of sustainability and a company putting planet and people before profit AND creating a super comfortable shoe that you can dress up or dress down. I wear mine with jeans and shorts, for casual events and exercise. Love that they are easy to clean and easy to wear.

Wool Runners: Best for cold weather, winter, spring and fall, going to UVA basketball games, wearing to walking and standing activities. They make Mizzles for rainy weather.

Tree Runners: Best for warmer days, walking, sports activities, and theme parks!

Tree Dashers: Best for running! The sole is really cool on these. I actually keep mine in the Peloton room and use them for weights.

While they’re definitely not the least expensive shoes on the market, I love to support companies doing all they can with sustainability and vote with my dollars.

Ellen’s Review

As mentioned, Ellen has 10+ pairs of Allbirds! Here are her thoughts on the Tree Runners:

I am an Allbirds junkie! They are the only shoes I’ve bought and worn in the past few years and I have most of the styles. The classic Tree Runners are my go to shoe! I have them in a neutral light gray and a fun light pink for summer (also surprisingly neutral!). I wear them to work, waking around town, even to dinner out with a pair of jeans or shorts. I like to wear ankle or no show socks with them if I am going to walk a ton that day, otherwise I wear them without socks. They are perfect for travel so you always have a comfy pair of shoes with you because life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes! Plus they are so light and easy to pack in a carry on suitcase. My only issue with Allbirds is that I want all the colors so I have to ignore the emails or app alerts I get!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a store, you can go try them on in person! I passed the Georgetown store from my uber in DC and almost had him pull over 🙂 I’ve tried on Ellen’s loafers and have my eye on the new sandals too!


Get 25% off select Allbirds styles this weekend !!

Which pair should I try next !?


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